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About Testosterone Supplements for Older Men, Younger Men, & Women

TestosteroneWhat Is Testosterone:  Simply stated, testosterone is a steroid hormone that is found in all living things to include: birds, reptiles, and, of course, mammals. Testosterone is primarily secreted by male testes and female ovaries. However a small amount is also secreted by the adrenal glands.

Stronger, Bigger Muscles, You Bet! Testosterone enhances muscle development and increases strength and endurance because it directly facilitates muscle protein synthesis. So Muscle fibers get bigger and repair faster.

TestosteroneWhy Is Testosterone So Important: Testosterone is the principal male sex hormone. In men, Testosterone is crucial to the development of reproductive tissues that comprise the testis, prostate, and maintaining normal levels of libido. Testosterone also promotes increased muscle and bone mass, and the growth of body-hair. Testosterone is essential for health, well-being and the prevention of osteoporosis. Men produce approximately 10 times more testosterone than women. Testosterone is anabolic, which means that it builds up bone and muscle mass. Increases in Testosterone levels will increase energy and mental acuity.

testosteroneWhy You Need To Boost Testosterone Levels: Testosterone levels decrease in the later decades of adult life. Therefore it becomes advisable for men and women to use supplements to boost testosterone levels as they age. Patch supplements are a safe way to stop the decline in Testosterone and to safely increase them to youthful levels.testosterone

Recent Studies For Elderly Men: Studies show that maintaining normal Testosterone levels in older men will help to maintain cardiovascular health, decrease body fat, increase lean muscle mass, lower total cholesterol, and help with glycemic control.

AgeForce TestosteroneHey….What about Women? As previously stated, women only produce 1/10th of the Testosterone that men do. Women however, are much more sensitive to increases in Testosterone than are men. Women can benefit from moderate increases in natural Testosterone levels and because such increases have proven to increase bone density, and elevate libido, natural moderate boosting of Testosterone levels should be considered by mature/older women. For women that have robust physical fitness routines, benefits such as: increased strength, energy and muscle development, are all great benefits that women can expect from modest Testosterone level increases.


By: Stephen Lapidus

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