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Trans-Resveratrol Skin Patch

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Trans-Resveratrol Skin Patch

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Resveratrol – The Full Spectrum Health Molecule

In 1997 Jang et al. published a short paper in the scientific journal Science. Its title was "Cancer chemopreventive activity of resveratrol, a natural product derived from grapes". On less than four pages, the researchers from the University of Illinois at Chicago described a discovery that came as a "scientific bombshell". After all, the paper suggested that resveratrol, a previously largely ignored phytoalexin found in grapes and other food products, could be the most potent natural anti-cancer agent known to man.

Effect of resveratrol on tumorigenesis in the two-stage mouse skin model.

Figure 1: Effect of resveratrol on tumorigenesis in the two-stage mouse skin model. Six groups of 20 female CD-1 mice
(4 to 5 weeks old) were treated with high doses of a potent carcinogen alone, or in conjunction with different doses of resveratrol
for 18 weeks (Jang. 19947). The reduction in tumor incidence and the number of tumors speaks for itself.

In high enough dosages, resveratrol did not just ameliorate, but even prevented the otherwise inevitable growth of skin cancer in a rodent model of the carcinogenesis – an outstanding result that sparked the interest of hundreds of researchers world-wide.

Number of peer-reviewed studies on resveratrol that were published between January 1997 and July 2015

Figure 2: Number of peer-reviewed studies on resveratrol that were published
between January 1997 and July 2015 (Pubmed)

Until today, more than 7600 peer-reviewed scientific studies have investigated the myriad of beneficial health effects of the resveratrol molecule of which scientists once thought that it was 'just another anti-oxidant'. In that, the anti-carcinogenic effects of resveratrol are only one out of many literally 'vital' health benefits that have been observed in response and associated with the use of resveratrol in countless cell and animal studies, as well as an ever-increasing number of clinical human trials:

  • As a potent inhibitor of oxidative stress and inflammation, resveratrol has been shown to prevent, treat, or cure atherosclerosis, diabetes mellitus, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, cancer, Alzheimer's and even cancer – all diseases that are associated with radical oxygen specimen (ROS)-induced chronic inflammation, mitochondrial decay and/or DNA damage (Lagouge. 2006; Bisht. 2010; Shukla. 2011; Smoliga. 2011).

Resveratrol can be used to cure diseases, but its true strength is in prevention

Figure 3: Resveratrol can be used to cure diseases, but its true strength is in prevention.
By reducing or extinguishing chronic inflammation, resveratrol reduces the risk of a whole host
of potentially fatal inflammatory diseases.

While long-term human studies are still on their way, studies such by Ghanim et al. (2010 & 2011) prove that the underlying beneficial effects on chronic inflammation, which promote the development of the previously listed inflammatory diseases, occur in humans, as well.

  • In rodent models of diet-induced obesity, resveratrol was found to improve insulin sensitivity and lipid management, as well as to lower body weight, consistently (Lagouge. 2006). In that, it is particularly noteworthy that the metabolic improvements and the changes in body weight can occur independently. Studies such as Baur et al (2006), for example, confirm that potent improvements in glucose tolerance occur even if the amount of resveratrol that's used is way too low to trigger meaningful weight loss (Baur. 2006).

Recent human studies have confirmed Resveratrol's potent effect on blood glucose management in general an post-prandial glucose levels

Figure 4: Recent human studies have confirmed Resveratrol's potent effect on blood glucose management in
general an post-prandial glucose levels (left), as well as overall insulin sensitivity (right), impressively (Brasnyó. 2011)).

It is thus no wonder that similar beneficial effects on glucose management have been observed in humans, even though the low oral bioavailability of resveratrol is a major obstacle to its successful use in clinical trials (see discussion towards the end of this article). Nevertheless, Studies like Brasnyó et al. (2011), for example, report highly health relevant improvements in postprandial glucose levels and reductions in HOMA-IR, the classic marker of pathological insulin resistance.

  • Next to its anti-diabetic effects, resveratrol has also been found to Prevent and partly reverse the progression of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD; Shang. 2008; Bujanda. 2008; Faghihzadeh. 2015).

In their 2014 clinical human trial, Faghihzadeh et al. observed a significant reduction in the severity of steatosis

Figure 5: In their 2014 clinical human trial, Faghihzadeh et al. observed a significant reduction in the severity
of steatosis (0 = none, 4 = really severe) compared to placebo (p = 0.02) in 50 NAFLD patients who were supplemented
with either a 500-mg resveratrol capsule or a placebo capsule for 12 weeks (Faghihzadeh. 2014).

Even though, the evidence is still scarce, resveratrol is thus one of the most promising natural treatment options for people who are either suffering, or at the risk of developing NAFLD.

  • Only partly related to its beneficial effects on body weight, glucose and lipid metabolism are Resveratrol's beneficial effects on cardiovascular and endothelial health. These effects, which have recently been confirmed in clinical human trials (e.g. increases in cerebral blood flow and flow-mediated dilation; Kennedy. 2010; Wong. 2011), are most likely being mediated by resveratrol's ability to significantly increase the production of nitric oxide (Wallerath. 2002, 2005; Leikert. 2002). An effect for which resveratrol has also become also commonly used ingredient in premium quality pre-workout products and supplements that are designed to improve male and female sexual desire and performance.

  • A recently published study by Timmers et al., which proves that resveratrol exerts almost same beneficial effects on critical parameters of cellular aging as caloric restriction in human beings, provides initial evidence of the existence of similar anti-aging effects in man, as they have been observed in various animal models (Pearson. 2008; Barger. 2008).

Lifespan extension by resveratrol in various species.

Figure 6: Lifespan extension by resveratrol in various species. The ability of resveratrol to
extend organismal lifespan is conserved from yeast to mammals. HFD: high-fat diet,
SD: standard diet, N.O.: not observed. a Resveratrol supplementation reduced the
risk of death from a high-calorie diet by 31% (Bhullar. 2015)

Many scientists are yet still skeptical, and expect significant increases in life-expectancy to occur in man, just like in mice, only on high calorie diets. In view of the fact that that's exactly the way many inhabitants of the industrialized world eat, the impact of chronic resveratrol supplementation could still be huge, though. Since long-term studies to prove and quantify these effects are on their way, we may soon be able to say for sure how significant the anti-aging effects in human beings are.

  • Just like its anti-aging effects, resveratrol's potent anti-cancer effects have been fully established only in animal studies, yet. The fact that there's "still a large void in human research" (Smoliga. 2011), is yet soon going to change as pertinent clinical human trials are already on their way (Singh. 2015). In spite of the paucity of evidence, practitioners all around the world exploit the resveratrol's ability to sensitize various forms of cancer to the toxic effects of the chemotherapy (Gupta. 2011; Kim. 2014; Huang. 2014), even today.

If you take another look at this long list of benefits, you may ask yourself why nobody has yet suggested to put resveratrol into the drinking water for everyone to benefit. A good idea, but a problematic one.

The problem is: More than 99% of Orally Ingested Resveratrol Won't Make it into the Bloodstream

With a bioavailability scientist quantify as "considerably less than 1%" (Walle. 2011), more than 99% of the precious antioxidant in the average oral resveratrol supplement won't even make it into your bloodstream. The molecules are broken down or metabolized by the bacteria in your gut, the cells in your intestinal walls, or the liver, which acts as a gatekeeper between the intestines and the general blood circulation, way before they can exert any of the previously listed health benefits.


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5.0/5 from 9 ratings.
Summary rating
Amazing Product!
Great product!! This patch kept me healthy through the height of a nasty cold season, when everyone around me was as sick as a dog!! Thank you! I will keep reordering!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
After struggling with health issues because of a bowel reconstruction and half of the small intestine being removed and nothing to digest food let alone vitamins, my practitioner and I decided that I should try patches.  Since being on the patches I have seen dramatic improvement in my health and inflammation.  The saying around my house now, is "is there a patch for that" Smile  This will be a constant staple for me from now on!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
Above all the other amazing things this patch does, it has dramatically lowered estrogen. Within three weeks my gynocomastia flattened right out like a bulldozer. Very impressed.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Has keep me cold free
I have not had a cold for the last year and the only addition to my health regimen has been this patch.
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
pick me up
This patch just makes me feel good all day. The feeling is hard to describe, its not a high and its not an energy boost, the patch just makes me feel healthy.
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Healthy mind and healthy brain
I had been taking resveratrol in capsules for years for its anti oxidant properties. Parallel I have taken it as a fluid that administers resveratrol in nano-particles. Since about a year I have added patches from Ageforce adding to my growing patch assortment ever more convinced that the effects from patches beat capsules big time. There are studies out there that cite the potential to remove plaques, deposits of a protein fragment called beta-amyloid in the brain in the spaces between nerve cells and possibly the tangles comprising a protein called tau that build up inside cells. The argument to bypass the digestive is very persuasive and well I feel good about being proactive in efforts to avoid Alzenheimer disease.  
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
Great Health booster
I have been using the Resveratrol patch for nearly 2 months now and am delighted at the results. I suffer from obesity and diabetes, even though I have been active and exercised my whole life. I am losing body fat that I was unable to through diet and exercise. My diabetes symptoms have reduced and feel my overall health has improved. I still have a fair bit to go and my results didn't happen overnight but I am optimistic that gradual sustained improvement is likely with continued use. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking to improve health.
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
I recommend using Resveratrol patches
It's so much easier using the patches instead of taking several different vitamins orally, I hate that.

The patches work really work and I feel so much better since using them.
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful
I was septic all with this one but I decided to try it anyway. I was on statens to lower my ldl cholesterol since apparently we discovered that even though I workout a lot and eat very healthy I have a genetic deficit when it comes to cholesterol. I hated the way the pills made me feel and I was sick a lot from them. So I researched and researched this product and since I was already taking the high power patch I needed more help with my cholesterol. I ordered it and immediately stopped taking the statens my doctor gave me. I waited for the package to come and gave it an extra five days so I could be sure the statens where out of my system. I started with this patch and at first I didn't think it would help but kept it up. I went to my doctor after a month of using this patch and my cholesterol is down not significantly but it did go down where with the pills I was on for eight months didn't even bring it down a point I am down three points which is a great start. I believe in this patch and dare anyone who doubts this to try it what's the harm other then wasting your time to get healthy. I also have to say the customer service is great to talk to and if you have any questions or issues they will help with it no matter what. Thank you guys at age force for all your help if I could advertise for you I would. As for now anyone that asks me what the patch is I hand them the paper you sent with the patches since I made copies and it's easier to hand it over then it is to recite it especially after a workout. You guys are simply the best.
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0 of 0 people found the following review helpful

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