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Human Growth Hormone
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MK-677 Peptide Formula

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About MK-677
Transdermal Time-Release Patch

How This Patch Will Restore Collagen Levels And Youthful Skin
Strengthen And Repair Ligaments And Tendons And Elevate HGH Levels

Here at our AgeForce Research & Development laboratory we’ve been well-aware of both, the pervasiveness of osteoarthritis and related tendon and cartilage problems as well as the urgent need for non-pharmacological interventions to stop and reverse the degradation of collagen, cartilage tissue and, ideally, rebuild the bone cushioning that's already been lost. And finally, the need, as we age, to restore youthful HGH levels.

In the recent years, more and more people who either suffer from joint stiffness or beginning osteoarthritic pain try to address their problem by consuming dubious and often very expensive "collagen hydrolysates" that are essentially just overpriced pre-digested gelatin powder. In the acidic and proteolytic milieu of your digestive tract, these supplements are easily broken down into their amino acid constituents and often metabolized by the liver before they even find their way into your blood stream. A patch that transports the small, in many cases biologically active (=the peptide also works as a signaling molecule) peptides across the skin barrier and right into the blood stream from where they will reach their relevant destination in the cushioning between your bones and the tendon-architecture of your body.

Innovative: NEM® - Natural Eggshell Membrane Extract has anti-inflammatory regenerative peptides random collagen hydrolysates don't have and it is delivered alongside the GH boosting MK-677 peptides right into your bloodstream by our new AgeForce® MK-677 transdermal time-release patch.

Needless to say, our R&D laboratory didn't simply blend the MK-677 in our latest patch innovation with mere gelatin or random collagen hydrolysates. While those would provide the most important, albeit non-essential amino acid building blocks for collagen synthesis (glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline they lack the mandatory anti-inflammatory properties that allow the damaged cartilage to heal and strengthen your tendons and ligaments.

To facilitate these processes the "MK677 + Collagen, Cartilage and Ligament patch contains an extract from the thin membrane that protects the liquid content of the egg from its calcified shell – a patented natural eggshell membrane extract, in short NEM™.

Berberine - So, MK-677, NEM® and… what about the third compound in the patch? Berberine the major bioactive, yellow alkaloid (C20H19NO5) that has been extracted from several traditional medical plants such as goldenseal and used in traditional medicine for centuries.

This new patch will allow you to harness the rejuvenating power of the synthetic growth hormone secretagogue MK-677 aka 'Ibutamoren', we're proudly introducing the "MK-677 + Collagen, Cartilage and Ligament patch is the world's first and most effective transdermal high-dose MK677 supplement with Berberine and a unique collagen-promoting, anti-inflammatory peptide that's extracted from the thin, semi-transparent membranes that protects and contains the liquid part of the egg from and in its calcified shell. This patch will help you to eliminate fine line skin wrinkles and strengthen tendons and ligaments.

The "MK-677 + Collagen, Cartilage and Ligament Patch has also been specifically formulated to help you optimize and rejuvenate your endogenous (your body’s own) growth hormone production to benefit from the far-reaching physiological benefits of this vital polypeptide hormone and its downstream metabolites such as IGF1&2 and MGF.

One of the central problems with GH-RT seems to be that it constitutes a rather random and eventually unphysiological interference with our body's natural ability to regulate the timing and amount of growth hormone that's circulating in our blood. When it became clear that growth hormone is secreted in response to signals from a tightly controlled regulatory system in the hypothalamus, roughly 50 years after its initial discovery, scientists saw an opportunity to advance the efficacy and safety of GH replacement therapy by using growth hormone-releasing peptides (GHRP) instead of plain HGH injections – the rationale behind this indirect approach to raise patients' GH levels was to allow more room for endogenous negative feedback and other regulatory mechanisms that could reduce the risk of side effects (and/or shut-down of the natural GH production) significantly.

Scientists set out to develop GHS alternatives that would mimic the desirable effects of ghrelin without the unwanted side effects of the "hunger hormone". With MK-677, the researchers eventually came up with a safer, more effective alternative: an alternative the efficacy and safety of which is backed up by half-a-dozen of human studies.

Berberine in this patch formula is so important!

In view of the fact that berberine is primarily known for its therapeutic potential in cardiometabolic disease, you may rightly wonder why it made it into the "MK677 + Collagen & Cartilage"-Patch formula. Well,... Berberine (BBR) which is a >2000 year-old staple of traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine is the perfect complement for our innovative GH-rejuvenating patch, as it addresses both of the most commonly heard issues with high-normal growth hormone levels: insulin resistance and the putatively increasing risk of developing cancer.

Despite its longstanding use in Eastern traditional medicines, the mechanisms by which berberine helps patients with heart disease, diabetes mellitus and other inflammatory metabolic diseases have only been identified recently: the increased expression of AMPK and SIRT1 (improves glucose metabolism, helps clear senescent cells (cancer prevention), increases beta-oxidation), significant increases of LDL receptor expression (lowers 'bad' LDL cholesterol) and increasing levels of PCSK9, and PTP1B (improves the fatty acid metabolism), are only a few examples on an ever-extending list of mechanisms, of which scientists have argued for years now that it warrants that berberine finally gets the pharmacological attention it deserves.

Therapeutic potential of BBR in cardiometabolic diseases

Figure 1: Therapeutic potential of BBR in cardiometabolic diseases. Current researches support that BBR may play a therapeutic role in the treatment of cardiovascular disease (including atherosclerosis, heart failure, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, abdominal aortic aneurysm, stroke) and metabolic diseases (including nonalcoholic fatty liver, obesity, diabetes and its cardiovascular complications | from Feng 2019)

Even the most eager proponents of the use of berberine beyond the traditional medicinal practice are yet aware of the fact that its effective usage for and beyond the treatment, and more importantly, prevention of cardiometabolic, inflammatory diseases ranging from T2DM to cancer is berberine's low oral bioavailability.

MK 677 Peptide

With our patches' unique ability to gently breach the protective layer of the epidermis a single "MK677 + Collagen, Cartilage and Ligament patch will deliver a comparatively high dosage of the proven antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-diabetic compound right into your bloodstream. counter the physiological but still unwanted marginal reduction in insulin sensitivity that has been observed as a natural regulatory response to the release of free fatty acids from the fat cells that is one of the essential mechanisms by which growth hormone exerts its well-known beneficial effects on your body composition.

Berberine is a transdermally highly available agent with "pharmacological properties and multispectrum therapeutic applications" (Imenshahidi 2019) on its own; and an agent of which dozens of "clinical studies […] show that [it] can display its therapeutic activities in the treatment of different diseases including diabetes, hyperlipidemia, cancer, hypertension, stroke, metabolic syndrome, polycystic ovarian syndrome, and liver disease in human subjects" (Imenshahidi 2019).

About Growth hormone in short "GH", to many people the term probably conjures images of 6.6+ feet tall pro-basketball players. And that's not totally off: The amount of GH your body produces during your growth spurts is part of what determines how tall you're going to get. With its pleiotropic (producing more than one effect) effects on organ, bone and cartilage health, metabolism, body composition, etc. The hormone was discovered 64 years ago (1955) by Cho Hao Li at the University of Berkley is yet far more than its name and its earliest known function would suggest.

A brief glance at the individual benefits overview of physiological effect growth hormone exerts on the human body leaves no doubt: GH is not just one of the most important anabolic hormones in our bodies, it is also an important prerequisite for healthy aging.

With its anabolic, metabolic, and bone preserving effects growth hormone is interesting for anyone from the professional athlete to your grandpa or grandma for whom growth hormone replacement therapy, in short GH-RT, is so beneficial.


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Great products and thank you!
Stephen. I must say I have taken MK-677 and I have gotten that same 'low blood sugar' feeling off your patch so I know you have a very good product. I’m also using your anti-inflammatory patch and so far so good. Great products and thank you.
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Great For Healing, Sleep, and much more
Great for sleep, recovery and healing. Offers more than others on the market x 10
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Great For Healing, Sleep, and much more
A great product unlike others on the market. The product has a well-thought out time release so the hunger associated with certain oral versions is not overwhelming with added benefits of healing skin, wounds and recovering from, wounds, everyday wear and tear and any taxing physical demands. A no brainer given its formula, proper dosing, speedy delivery and wonderful customer service and reliable quality.
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MK-677 Peptide Review
There's an apocryphal quote attributed to this product "Serves me proudly," the idea is, no matter what this new product has been put forward with gusto and a an exercised creativity in creating something bigger and better; resulting in a product the customer will love and enjoy because it indeed does forever produce results and is contributed to positive results! Its a balancing act to win or lose but this product wins, hands down, and this new product will be sometime soon be in high demand and on that note the response for this new product will be a successful business pivoting toward a winning undertaking as this product rocks... and is very much needed in our world of high impact sports and our joints that daily tend to lose on a day - to - day basis. A well deserved product that I love very much. ST
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