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MelatoninMelatonin with GABA


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4.8/5 from 11 ratings.
Summary rating
Melatonin patch way better than pills
I like to use this melatonin patch at the same time as the Mag Direct patch, since magnesium is an aid to sleep as well. Taking melatonin through your skin rather than through the digestive system is a much faster way to get results each night. I do make a point of removing the melatonin patch after 8 hours or else I stay groggy in the morning when I should be getting up.
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These DEFINITELY work...they actually work TOO well. I think 5 mg is a lil too much for every day use. Left me feeling groggy 24/7 after 30 days of nightly use. I suggest blood testing before supplementing to get the beat dosage for your individual needs
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Great sleep!
This patch really helps me sleep better at night!
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Keeps getting better!
I left a comment over a year ago and the results keep getting better! The sleep is still amazing without feeling tired the next morning. The consistent use of this patch has allowed me to remove an anxiety/sleep medication from my life. My wife has been using it in the same manner with the same results. We couldn't be happier with this patch and the fact I was able to stop taking a poisonous pharmaceutical is a great bonus! Better than any melatonin pill I have ever used! A+
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Wonderful !!!!
I have been directed by many Drs to try melatonin but all oral ones gave me a stomach ache.
This patch has been a Godsend as it delivers it direct into the bloodstream.
I put it on about 1 hour before bed. It does help me sleep better!
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Have used melatonin for YEARS and it is a great help with calming and settling me down for a much needed good night sleep Smile
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Works great
These patches help you ease into sleep and doesn't leave you with a drugged groggy feeling. Since good sleep is essential to maintaining good health I highly recommend, even if you think you are getting decent sleep you will find with these patches the quality of your sleep is much better.
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Sleep like a baby
I have used many Melatonin products in the past but none works as well as these patches.  I found out the hard way when I ran out for a couple of days.  I fall asleep easily and stay asleep longer, plus so easy to use!  Keep them by my bed and put one on each night and sleep like a baby!
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dreams a plenty
This patch works, it sets a deep sleep cycle when used as instructed. My only mistake was to leave it on and went to work and half way during the morning I was yawning and feeling very calm, I remembered the patch and took it off and  in a short amount of time with coffee was back to normal.
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Melatonin Patches
My wife and myself have been using the Melatonin patches for several years now and they provide and restful and dream filled night's rest.  We both have experienced no signs of grogginess the next morning and we both highly recommend these phenomenal patches!
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