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About This Wonderful Patch

About Female Libido - It's ComplicatedAbout Female Libido – It’s Complicated - unlike male libido, female libido is quite complex, as both mental and physical aspects play equally important roles. While specific hormones may facilitate the activation of libido and female organ function, brain chemistry can put the brakes on desire fast. A woman must be relaxed, trusting and free of anxiety and neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin must be in balance within her body. Our feminine libido patch helps you reach this balance. It has both DHEA and Oxytocin hormones, breastfeeding elevates oxytocinwhich promotes desire and a relaxed loving mood that a woman needs to connect with her passionate side. In addition herbal ingredients such as valerian, black cohosh and skullcap promote a sense of wellbeing that will allow a woman to more fully enjoy her sexual experience and reach new heights of sexual fulfillment.

If you’ve breastfed, then you’ve experienced first hand how elevated levels of Oxytocin generate powerful feelings of love, bonding. Oxytocin is the key ingredient in our Female Libido formula because it plays vital role in female sexuality in so many important ways, including trust. And, as any woman knows, “trust” is one of the most important factors in a satisfying sexual relationship.

This Combination of 8 Special Female Sex Enhancement Works Wonders! If you have difficulties becoming sexually aroused or your sexual encounters are not satisfying this patch is for you. Even if you simply want to improve on a good thing, the feminine libido patch will help. Whatever your motivation is, our advanced Female Libido Supplement can help in so many ways. We hope you will take a moment to read about our advanced Oxytocin and DHEA Female Libido formula. Here are just some of the conditions and, or experiences that the libido can help you with.

  • Elevate Female Libido
  • Improve Female Sex Drive
  • Facilitate Love, Trust, Pair Bonding And Empathy
  • Elevate Female Libido Post-Menopausal And Post Pregnancy
  • Enhance Sexual Arousal
  • Female Sexual Dysfunction (FDS)
  • Hypo Sexual Desire Disorder Or Female Impotence (HSDD)
  • Enhance Pleasurable Sexual Experience
  • Increase Overall Sexuality
  • Reduced Tension And Anxiety With Mate

benefits of transdermal delivery The Benefits of Transdermal Time-Release Patch Delivery Are Well Grounded In Science – Non-patch supplements, such as pills, capsules, sprays, and mixed powder drinks, all have the same major drawback: they must be swallowed, which subjects their formula to powerful digestive acids that destroys up to 90% of the essential ingredients before they can reach your bloodstream!   On the other hand, our Female Libido patch formula moves through the skin (transdermally) directly into the bloodstream.  The process begins as soon as the patch is applied, and over eight hours, the time-release technology releases a steady dose of formula nutrients that ensures complete bioavailability and efficient use of the formula nutrients.  You benefit from 100% of the Female Libido supplement formula instead of the 10% you'd get with other female libido booster pills, capsules, sprays, or drinks! 

The AgeForce Female Libido Supplement Patch Is Made In The USA –It’s formulated, tested, and manufactured in our United States FDA-Certified laboratories to assure quality, performance, and product safety. All of the natural ingredients used in our female libido formula are sourced and inspected from US - FDA-certified manufacturers.

Female Libido ScienceOxytocin the Love HormoneFemale Libido Science And 8 Herbal Ingredients Formulated Together – To truly appreciate the 10 multi-function benefits of our Female Libido patch, we’ve posted not only the complete formula ingredients, but a comprehensive description of what each ingredient does and how taken together, the 10 ingredients work naturally to elevate female libido and reduce anxiety and elevate trust, all of which are so important to a satisfactory experience. Our Research & Development laboratory has created a formula that builds on the clinical trials and peer review studies of Oxytocin and DHEA and the real-world benefits of the 8 other herbal ingredients.

Primary Ingredients: Oxytocin and DHEA

  • Oxytocin – The “Love” Hormone - A number of studies have found that Oxytocin will promote and enhance Love, Trust, Bonding, Friendly behavior. Hugging, kissing, and other intimacies all stimulate natural production of the Oxytocin hormone. Oxytocin is also released in childbirth and breastfeeding. So Oxytocin is basic and essential to support female libido, arousal, and female sex enhancement. The AgeForce® Feminine Libido Patch has a very precise dosage of Oxytocin that is delivered directly to the bloodstream over 8-continuous hours. Continuous 8-hour time-release delivery ensures that you are always ready for that special planned or unexpected time!
  • DHEA - DHEA is an androgen, and the natural decline of androgens in women as they age often results in low libido. This is especially true for women during menopausal years. But after childbirth, or at any age, lower levels of DHEA will cause women to lose intensity of their sex drive, make sexual arousal difficult, and inhibit and, or reduce sexual satisfaction and pleasure. So with this field of scientific knowledge, we have made DHEA supplementation a key component in our Female Libido Patch formula.

Additional Herbal Ingredients: Guto Cola, Damiana, Black Cohosh, Valerian, Skullcap, Oat Straw, Ginger, Ashwaganda

Customer Reviews - We do not monitor or control the content of reviews but reserve the right to remove what are, in our sole opinion, clearly false statements, spam or other injurious materials that are brought to our attention. We do not adopt or endorse any review statement.
4.3/5 from 4 ratings.
Summary rating
Not impressed
Expected more. I felt nothing different. Thought about wearing two patches but decided to try something else as these are rather expensive to keep experimenting with. Love the idea just did not seem to work.
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1 of 1 people found the following review helpful
I am 52 and had a histerectomy when I was 29. Recently started dating and had so much pain during intercourse that I was even bleeding. The doctor gave me an estrogen cream which worked but not so well especially sensitive wise and was not happy about the estrogen part. 
Since I had been using other patches already I thought I'd give it a try and pow! Wow! Boom! Yeah!  In less than a week, didn't need any gels or creams, my mood, sensitivity, readiness, everything was back. OMG!
All I can say is the name is very specific, if low libido is your issue, here is your solution. Point!
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
How Wonderful
I was skeptical, but as I am already using two other patches from AgeForce, I had the confidence in the company to try these. I can only say to other women like me to give them a trial. They are natural and they are truly wonderful!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Feminine Libido
My girlfriend has been on this for 3 months and there has been a significant boost in our sex life and less conflict in our conversations.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful

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