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Creatine with Beta-Alanine

creatine suupports muscles

Creatine supports awesome muscular output, but first it has to get into your muscle groups! Creatine works! That’s why for 50-years it has been and continues to be the world’s best selling fitness supplement. But Creatine has to be delivered to your main muscle groups to work, and swallowing Creatine is not The Ageforce creatine patch makes other supplements obsoletea good way to make that happen, here’s why: When you swallow any Creatine supplement, no matter how good the formula quality may be, the oral Creatine dosage gets diluted 3 ways before it enters your bloodstream.

  1. Powerful digestive acid in the stomach begins to degrade Creatine.
  2. Bacteria in the intestines continues to degrade the Creatine that survives the digestive acid bath in the stomach.
  3. Liver First-Pass, the ultimate bloodsteam gate-keeper metablolizes most of the surviving Creatine before it can enter the bloodstream

Our Creatine patch with its Beta-Alanine booster delivers the right dose of Creatine directly to your bloodstream over the 8-hour time-release function of the patch! This is the way to get pharmaceutical quality Creatine stored in your muscle groups!

Train harder with creatine supplementation with beta alanineConsidered by many to be the most athletic performance supplement in the world, Creatine is a naturally occurring amino acid form of arginine, glycine and methionine by the liver, kidneys and pancreas. As a amino acidssupplement, creatine has been proven to be effective for athletes who require short bursts of energy production such as weightlifters, wrestlers, and many track and field athletes such as sprinters, for example. But you don’t have to be an athlete to benefit from this powerhouse Creatine patch. The addition of beta-alanine to our Creatine supplement helps decrease fatigue by buffering the lactic acid build up. By combining carefully measured time-release dosage of Beta-Alanine with Creatine in the same time-release transdermal patch, we have brought about a new era of Creatine enhancement for elite and recreational athletes. Creatine's use is permitted by National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the International Olympic Committee and it is used by athletes worldwide since first being recognized for its performance enhancement qualities in the 1992 Olympics, and then supported by countless studies and clinical trials.

Creatine and beta-alanine supplementation has been shown to:

  • From cycling to running to bodybuilding, creatine supplements will helpIncrease energy output and fuller looking muscles
  • Reduce fatigue and lactic acid buildup
  • Lower serum homocysteine levels (elevated homecysteine levels have been correlated to numerous neurologic conditions such as dementia, Alzheimer's disease, poor memory, neuropathy, and other psychiatric disorders.
  • Significantly improve performance in cognitive and memory tests in vegetarian individuals involved in double-blind placebo-controlled crossover trials.

Take advantage of the anabolic effects of creatine combined with beta alanine today! Intensify your training performance, increase enzymatic production within cells and maximize muscle volumization with AgeForce® creatine supplements combined with Beta Alanine.

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4.5/5 from 8 ratings.
Summary rating
Best supplements ever!
I have been using patches from Age Force for over ten years now. I have always been happy with the benefits and with the spectacular customer service.
This patch really maximizes my workout efforts when Im lifting in the gym. I have recently ran out and realized what a difference they have been making. I combine these with the HGH power patch and WOW!! I can't say enough good things about these.
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Creatine patches work
I have been using creatine powder since i was 16 , i have to say these patches blow the powder away , I circuit train intensely 4 days a week , and ride 20 mile mountain bike ride once a week , i am not even sore in the mornings anymore, so now i am stepping up my circuit training even more thank you ageforce for great products , have not been disappointed in the least thus far , 4 patches in , all great , no sure how you get 5 grams of creatine in one little patch, but they work
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Creatine review
Fifty dollars a month for creatine patch is too much . It's not an expensive product normally , in normal form. You can get now PH acid regulated creatine ( all absorbed by stomach)  for 29 dollars and it lasts for a few months / I buy HGH from here but not creatine.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
Easier than drinking it.
I love creatine and beta alanine so why not use a patch. Makes life so much easier. No loading and I just go lift some heavy ass weights.  Anybody that does not want to drink one of these kind of products  this will be a great alternative for you .
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Great product!
I like all the patches I use, they all work great and are very convenient. Add Creatine to the list of all the great AgeForce products. I get all the benefits of oral Creatine with this simple to use patch. Well done AgeForce!
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Very convenient
I have always used powdered creatine but sometimes get stomach issues. The creatine patch takes that away but i still get the great results and have that pumped creatine feel. Great product and so much easier than powdered creatine!
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A Creatine Beliver
I work out and, or exercise 5 times a week, and I keep very good records of my free weight and resistance machine sessions. I had been taking a creatine supplement orally for 5-years, but when I found the AgeForce Creatine patch I thought i would give it a 90-day trial. Well guess what? Since I started using the Creatine patch I am crushing my free weights and resistance machine goals!
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Creatine, the patch that never lets you down
I have been taking creatine in powder form for years. This because of its known properties to increase in muscle mass. What has additionally been a driver was the fact  that creatine continues to deliver results even when you are not working out. Point in case was a study involving elderly people that did little or no exercise yet experienced firmer muscles. Additionally creatine is known to provide benefits in endurance in competitive sports. I need all the help I can get playing soccer with my sons who now out run me. But hey in dribbling I am still the better man.  Persuaded by Ageforce that anything that passes through the gastric tract will have diminished effect as a result, I added Creatine patches to my supplement routine alongside a growing number of other patches including anti-inflammation and resveratrol. And the creatine patches are like a twin barrel gun. There is beta-analine! When taken beta-analine converts into carnosine, and this helps to increase strength and muscle growth. Frankly I have on an off wondered if I should discontinue the powered creatine because I doubted the results. But now, my faith in creatine has been fully restored by Ageforce patches.
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