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About BPC-157

From A as in "astaxanthin" to Z as in "zinc,” it seems that there's a supplement for everything. Everything, that is, but active tissue repair. Yes, a healthy diet, anti-inflammatory vitamins and related compounds may help you recover from everything, ranging from the inevitable daily wear and tear of our stressful lives to a debilitating injury. However, no legally available supplement has actively promoted wound, bone and overall tissue healing. That is, until now. BPC-157 is a compound that can actually aid in active tissue repair, and, yes, you can buy BPC-157

Adding supplemental boosters to your daily health routine has been the path many people have taken. Products such as protein powder, amino acids and pre-workout compounds are just a few. Another group of supplements is peptides. Peptides are essentially a chain of amino acids that benefit the body and its functions. One such peptide is BPC-157. A lot of people seem to be interested in this compound but want to know more about the BPC peptide.

Specifically, a lot of people want to know what is BPC-157, what are the BPC-157 results, and what are BPC benefits? Well, we’re glad to say that there are a wide range of BPC-157 results as well as BPC benefits. As for the question “what is BPC-157,” read on to the next section to find out. 

BPC-157 Benefits and Uses

BPC-157 Overview

Here, we’ll be discussing everything that you need to know about this awesome peptide, including proper BPC-157 dosage, a variety of BPC-157 dosage methods, and the best place to buy BPC-157. If you already know all about this peptide, you might be glad to skip to the end where we talk about the best place to buy BPC-157. For the rest, let’s jump into this by defining the word. While this peptide is growing in popularity in athletic circles, many people have still never heard of this remarkable peptide.  It has a number of valuable benefits for many parts of the body. This article will introduce you to the basics of this peptide, its history, how it works, how to use it to repair your body, and the best place to buy BPC-157. 

Here, we’ll be discussing everything that you need to know about this awesome peptide, including proper BPC-157 dosage, a variety of BPC-157 dosage methods, and the best place to buy BPC-157.  If you already know all about this peptide, you might be glad to skip to the end where we talk about the best place to buy BPC-157. For the rest, let’s jump into this by defining the word. BPC-157 is a peptide composed of 15 amino acids, and it’s available in supplement form. What makes it unique from other peptides is that it is a gastrointestinal protective protein extraction.  This means that it helps protect the digestive tract. It is often nicknamed “Body Protective Compound” as a result.

Currently, it’s mostly been used in animal studies. Researchers have conducted short-term clinical trials in humans. But long-term trials still need to take place to establish evidence of the peptide’s benefits.  However, many of these current studies show that this peptide has benefits for other parts of the body besides the gastrointestinal tract. Research indicates that this peptide may help reduce the size of ulcers and heal any damage to intestinal walls.  It may also repair the damage to bones and joints, and help relieve symptoms of various inflammatory bowel diseases. It has shown indications of healing damaged organs, as well as contributing to the overall brain health.

Additional research is required to say with certainty that it can heal various parts of the human body. However, the current evidence that exists does show that this peptide affects angiogenesis positively. This is the process that develops the body’s blood vessels and helps heal tissue damage. When considering this peptide for yourself, be sure to keep all these factors in mind.

What is BPC-157 

So, what is BPC-157, exactly, and what are the BPC-157 results?

Peptides are plentiful and have been shown to benefit a person’s health, fitness and well-being. One of the newer peptides on the market is called BPC-157. Put simply, it’s a peptide. For many, that doesn’t mean much. Many are still wondering “what is BPC-157?”  So, to be more specific, BPC stands for body protective compound, and studies have shown that the BPC peptide does just that. The BPC peptide is actually derived from the gastric liquids found in the stomach.

BPC-157 Peptide Definition

To further answer the question “what is BPC-157,” let’s go over the actual definition of the word.

The BPC peptide is a pentadecapeptide. A peptide is a compound of two or more amino acids linked in a chain. Amino acids have been found to have many health benefits, including immune system function and muscle building, among others.  The BPC-157 peptide is a compound of 15 amino acids, and it is naturally occurring in the body through gastric juice.  You’re likely still wondering about the BPC-157 results. Now that we’ve discussed the BPC peptide a little, let’s talk about the BPC-157 benefits that you can expect. 

BPC-157 Benefits you can expectWhat is BPC-157 Used For

Now that we’ve discussed the question “what is BPC-157,” let’s talk about some of the many BPC benefits. Research has shown that there are significant biological BPC benefits.  In other words, BPC benefits the body by helping it heal. It was originally developed to help heal inflammatory bowel disease and gastric ulcers.  This makes sense since it comes from the stomach. This is not just a supplement for people with stomach issues. There are many other positive BPC-157 results that a lot of people could use, so let’s talk about more BPC benefits.

Other studies show that BPC benefits the healing of torn or damaged muscles, tendon to bone healing and general protection for our organs. This is yet one more of the many BPC-157 results that almost anyone could benefit from at some point. Many people have successfully used this peptide to heal bleeding ulcers caused from NSAID overuse, adding yet another to the list of BPC benefits.  These BPC-157 results can be very helpful to athletes or even the average person who just has daily aches or an injury. Overuse of your body can cause muscle, tendon and ligament issues that affect our everyday life. As you can see, there are a wide range of BPC benefits. 

The addition of BPC-157 can help heal the sore knees, pulled hamstring or sprained ankle. The most common and effective way to administer this peptide is by injection or through a transdermal application.

BPC-157 PeptideHow it Works

This peptide has been researched since 1991. As research progresses, even more benefits of this peptide are being discovered.  So far, research indicates that this compound can help heal damaged muscles, tendons, intestines, bones, and teeth.  It also helps repair damage done by NSAIDs to the digestive tract, a serious worry for many. 

Some trials have used injected BPC-157, whether under the skin or into muscle tissue. This peptide helps heal wounds as it interacts with the Nitric Oxide system and builds up blood vessels and protects endothelial tissues.  It also targets the genes that form collagen. It can heal short bowel syndrome. It may also ease other conditions causing diarrhea, bowel inflammation, gut pain, and constipation. 

These conditions are often difficult to treat and can even cause far more serious conditions if allowed to progress. This peptide’s role in healing these conditions could play an important part in preventing complications down the road.

Side Effects

So far, there are no established side effects from using BPC-157. So far, indications are that it is safe for human use. Some people have reported mild sickness and nausea.  This is generally held to be the body getting used to the peptide. Mild reactions like nausea tend to happen with higher doses and generally last only a few hours. These symptoms are much less common with lower doses.  Often, those experiencing side effects can lower their dosage and the side effects dissipate. Once the body adjusts to the dosage, it may be possible to increase doses over time to avoid nausea.

BPC-157 is a naturally occurring anti-ulcer agent

Initially described in the early 1990s (Sikiric 1993), Pentadecapeptide BPC 157 has been identified as an endogenous antiulcer peptidergic agent. In other words: BPC-157 is small peptide (only 15 amino acids) that occurs naturally in our gastric juice, where its main function seems to be to kickstart and accelerate the renewal and repair of the constantly assaulted lining of our intestinal tract.

From a mechanistic point of view, BPC-157 works by promoting key growth factors and modulating the nitric oxide pathway – it is thus not the simply vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) analog it is often misrepresented as.  Rather than acting like VEGF it will promote the complex physiological processes that occur during wound healing and tissue regeneration and repair - both inside and outside of the gastrointestinal tract, where VEGF and related growth factors as they are promoted by BPC-157 has been shown to

  • Buy Peptides Onlinepromote the regeneration of the cells of the intestinal wall (intestinal health | Sikiric 2018)

  • promote and accelerate muscle, tendon and bone healing (sports and other tissue and bone injuries | Brcic 2009, Krivic 2008, Sebecic 1999)

  • trigger the repair and replacement of atherosclerotic endothelial cells (cardiovascular health | Sikiric 2018)

  • promote, optimize and accelerate wound healing (skin health and organ damage | Huang 2015; Stupnisek 2015)

  • prevent and reverse lesions of the intestinal tract, liver, and even brain as they can occur in response to the (ab-)use of certain pain medications (general organ health | Drmic 2018) and the cardiovascular side effects of anti-psychotics (heart health | Strinic 2017)

  • heal (stress-induced) ulcers and fistulas as they are increasingly common due to our stressful (this refers to "stress" as general oxidative stress) lifestyles (GI health and beyond | Szabo 2017; Grgic 2016)

  • serve as a remedy for a plethora of central nervous system disorders that originate in the gut by (a) the local repair of the intestinal lining and (b) direct neuroprotective effects in the brain (brain & CNS health | Sikiric 2016)

No wonder Sikiric et al. decided to call the protein they discovered in the early 90s a "B.P.C.", i.e. a "Body Protecting Compound", a compound that has hitherto gathered significant attention only within the athletic community – and that despite the fact that its ability to battle muscular (Brcic 2009) or tendon injuries (cf. Krivic 2008) is one of the least important health benefits of BPC. For people with Crohn's disease, IBS and other intestinal pathologies, for example, BPC-157 could literally be a life-saver - for everyone else a potentially health-promoting health-insurance, which acts on signaling pathways that have been implicated in heart and vascular health (Wada 2017) and seem to play a role in the etiology of vascular dementia, Alzheimer's (Mateo 2007; Garcia 2014) and general organ health.

In all fairness it must be said, however, that VEGF and co share one important quality with better known growth factors like IGF1: in some unfortunate contexts, they entail the risk of stimulating growth where you don't want it. Indiscriminately injecting copious amounts of straight VEGF is thus not an option. Using BPC-157 to promote its natural production, on the other hand, is an option – an option with a plethora of potential health benefits (see illustration):

Buy Peptides

Despite the lack of corresponding RCTs, the complex health benefits that have been associated with BPC-157 and several of the growth factors that are released in response to it clearly allude to something. 

Those that buy BPC-157 for acute injury treatment are not taking full advantage of this unique peptide. Additionally, those that take BPC-157 oral supplements might not be taking full advantage of the compound. More on that later. To learn even more about BPC-157, click here!

BPC-157 Dosage Options

Whether you decide to use a BPC-157 oral supplement, a patch, or an injection, it’s important to understand your ideal BPC-157 dosage.  Like many other supplements, the right BPC-157 dosage is unique for every individual. At the moment, more research needs to be done on BPC-157 in humans. That is why the dosage is based on animal studies

Most studies have been conducted using injection rather than oral BPC-157 supplements or patches. When it came to rats, for example, a dose of 10 mcg/kg was effective. This is approximately the same as 1.6 mcg/kg.  This means that a 150lb person should take about 110 mcg. Respectively, a 200lb person should take 145 mcg, and a 250lb person should take approximately 180 mcg. AgeForce BPC-157 skin patches contain 1 mL (1,000 mcg) of BPC-157. Our patches are designed to be worn during your daily routine. Over the course of your day, AgeForce BPC-157 releases .5 mL (500 mcg) of this beneficial peptide. 

Therefore, customers that use these peptide patches no longer need injections, and they still receive all of the benefits of this powerful peptide. Plus, these patches get into you system much more quickly than BPC-157 oral supplements. That is why many have found the AgeForce BPC-157 skin patch to be a life-changing supplement. It’s widely considered to be the best place to buy BPC-157 online, and it’s not hard to see why. 

To learn more about BPC-157 supplement options, check out BPC-157 Benefits & Uses: The Complete Guide.  Unlike BPC-157 oral supplements, it’s fast-acting for near-instant effects. Unlike the injection method, patches are virtually painless. Plus, Ageforce offers a superior product with a higher, more effective dosage than most competitors. With the proper dosage, you might be see a wide range of BPC benefits. 

However, misusing this compound can negatively impact your BPC-157 results.  BPC-157 does not share two central limitations that complicate the use of other secretagogues for medical purposes. BPC-157 is orally bioavailable (Sikiric 2018) and effective even at relatively low concentrations.  A 2009 study by Brcic et al. that was published in the Journal of Physiological Pharmacology found that there was a profound acceleration of the healing process when it came to crushed muscles, transected muscles, and tendons in rodents that received as little as 10 µg of BPC-157. That amount that translates to only 5.4 µg of BPC-157 per kg body mass in humans.

Brcic's study is not the only one in which scientists observed impressive tissue healing in response to the oral administration of BPC-157. The problem, however, is that each of these studies simulated the oral administration of the agent by injecting the peptide into the peritoneum (body cavity)

Why's that a problem? 

Well, while it is unquestionably a more convenient and reliable alternative to regular means of oral drug administration, we cannot say for sure if injecting it into the inter-peritoneal cavity affects the bioavailability and pharmacology of BPC-157 differently than washing it down with water and/or food. However, the potential is certainly there. That’s why a lot of the people that choose to buy BPC-157 decide to buy BPC-157 in the form of patch.  Those that use BPC-157 oral supplements might not be getting the most out of the compound. To learn more about BPC-157 dosage, check out What is the Right BPC-157 Dosage?

Ways to Use 

Now that we’ve discussed BPC-157 dosage, let’s talk more about this peptide and the wide variety of ways to use it. There are three primary ways to administer your BPC-157 dosage, which include BPC-157 oral sprays, patches, and injections. 

The first BPC-157 dosage method is via injection. For those injecting the peptide, the least painful and easiest method is subcutaneous. The closer the injection is to an injury or source of pain, the more effective it is likely to be.  This peptide can also be injected intramuscularly (directly into muscle tissue). This tends to be much more painful than subcutaneous injections but does allow the peptide to begin working more quickly.  If using injections, be sure to always use an alcohol swab to clean the skin and only use syringes and needles once before disposing of them. Many people are unwilling or unable to inject themselves with this peptide for a variety of reasons. 

Thankfully, there a couple of other BPC-157 dosage options to choose from.

This peptide comes in the form of a BPC-157 oral spray. It is recommended that you hold the BPC-157 oral spray inside your mouth for one to two minutes before swallowing. While the BPC-157 oral spray isn’t painful like injections, it isn’t as effective or fast-acting, as it has to travel through your digestive system before it can enter your bloodstream.

Finally, this peptide can also be taken in the form of a skin patch. Patches are simply put on the skin and left in place throughout normal daily activities.  Most prefer the patch over the BPC-157 oral spray and injections, as it’s less painful than an injection and more convenient and fast-acting than the BPC-157 oral spray.  The patch is perhaps the most convenient method for many people and allows the body to absorb the BPC-157 dosages over extended periods of time.

Why you should choose transdermal time-release patches

Here's where AgeForce unique patch technology comes in. Having been developed to transport much larger peptides across the skin barrier, the new AgeForce BPC-157 Patches will progressively release your daily BPC-157 dosage into the circulation.  By placing the patch on or next to an injured muscle, tendon, or other damaged tissues, the patches also have a certain tissue-specificity that would otherwise be seen only with injectable peptides.  In other words, those that buy BPC-157 patches get more use from it than those that take BPC-157 oral supplements. 

Patch application can be general or site specific. Depending on where you place the patch, you can focus on either the systemic or local effects of BPC-157.  When placed directly on or close to an injury such as a torn hamstring, the injured tissue will benefit particularly from the regenerative capacity of the patch.  If you place the patch on the upper arm, the shoulders, or other common application areas where the skin is relatively thin, BPC-157 will exert its organ-protective, pro-regenerative effects throughout your entire body.

Those that buy BPC-157 patches have the advantage of being able to apply them to a specific area, while those that buy BPC-157 oral supplements do not.  If you plan to buy BPC-157 patches and use them continuously, it is important to remember that BPC-157 shares the same U-shaped dose-benefit ratio you may know from other growth factor releasing peptides.  Accordingly, we cannot recommend that you apply several patches at a time, exceding the recommended BPC-157 dosage. This is not because there's any proven evidence of harm. Rather, it’s because we don't have sufficient safety data yet. Moreover, with a BPC-157 dosage of 1mg per patch, our new BPC-157 patch already contains a significantly higher amount of the potent tissue regenerator than you'd need to initiate the repair processes. That’s one of the reasons that Ageforce is the best place to buy BPC-157 patches. 

Those that buy BPC-157 patches from Ageforce get an optimally effective BPC-157 dosage in a single patch, while the same can not always be said for those that use BPC-157 oral supplements.  It is important to note that our unique time-release technology allows the BPC-157 level in your blood and tissue to remain pretty stable over a 24 hour period, thus reducing the risk of side effects due to acute overdosing. In other words, those that buy BPC-157 patches get a kind of extended release version of the compound that’s potentially safer and lasts longer than BPC-157 oral supplements.  However, it will still optimize all of the physiological processes that critically depend on VEGF and related growth factors, from general organ and vascular health to muscle recovery and bone, tendon, and ligament healing.

Those that buy BPC-157 patches from Ageforce will get the benefits of injectable BPC-157 without the hassle of having to inject it, all by applying a single small patch to your skin. To buy BPC-157 patches, just click here, and you’ll be immediately redirected to the product page.  To learn everything else that there is to know about this peptide, check out BPC-157 Benefits & Uses: The Complete Guide.

BPC-157 Reviews

Many people use this peptide to experience the BPC-157 results for themselves, but, specifically, BPC-157 users choose it for a variety of different reasons.  There are a wide range of BPC-157 results that can benefit a wide range of people. Its healing properties are good for all types of situations. In addition, people are using it for ulcers, irritable bowel syndrome, and to counteract the symptoms of Crohn’s disease.

Many customers use BPC-157 to combat the muscle fatigue and speed up recovery times between workouts. These customers are very happy with how quickly they are able to recover from their workouts, letting them engage in other activities and more frequent training. Other customers use it because BPC-157 results in quicker healing after muscle and tendon injuries. Several customers have had success in avoiding surgery by using BPC-157 patches to hasten healing. Sometimes, BPC-157 is used in conjunction with physical therapy or exercise. 

While some customers started out with BPC-157 injections, they agree that the patches are more comfortable, cheaper, and nearly as effective. BPC for Crohn's or ulcersSome customers use BPC-157 patches to limit the symptoms of Crohn’s disease. These customers are finding that BPC-157 reduces or eliminates their symptoms as quickly as the second day of using the patches.  Continued use of the patch simply improves symptoms even more or eliminates them completely. This is a cheaper and safer way to manage symptoms compared to the medication alternatives.

Customers who suffer from ulcers are also finding success with BPC-157. These customers have suffered from ulcers for some time, taking medications that have side effects to keep the ulcer and symptoms under control.  However, with BPC-157 the ulcers actually heal, eliminating symptoms and the need for other medications that cause side effects. If you are in a position in which you are suffering from muscle fatigue or injury, tendon injury, ulcers, digestive problems, or other healing-resistant injuries and conditions, BPC-157 could be a viable option.  If you are still on the fence, try just a one month supply of the supplement patches to see what your results will be.

Using BPC-157 Today

At this point, you may be wondering why you have not heard much about BPC-157 oral sprays and skin patches before now. In fact, most readers probably haven’t heard of this peptide at all.  It certainly seems odd at first, considering how beneficial the right BPC-157 dosage can seemingly be.  Even if it weren’t for the BPC-157 oral spray and skin patches and even it were only available via injection, you’d think more people would know about such a beneficial compound. However, when you look closer, its obscurity makes perfect sense. 

This peptide cannot be patented, so pharmaceutical companies aren’t really interested in making BPC-157 oral sprays, shots, patches, and other BPC-157 dosage options.  Due to big pharma’s lack of interest, no one’s marketing this peptide well enough to make its existence common knowledge.  Great companies have certainly tried, but pharmaceutical companies basically have a monopoly on all things medicinal, and those that are interested in selling it just don’t have the same resources.  Since it’s basically not being marketed at all, many doctors are unaware of its existence. Additionally, this peptide is not regulated by the FDA, so it is not technically allowed to be sold for use by people.  However, it can be purchased, and soon we’ll discuss the best place to buy BPC-157. Regardless, this is a natural gastric juice peptide, and research shows that it has many benefits. 

The BPC-157 dosage’s many benefits make sense, as the peptide is already being produced to some degree by the human body. It’s logical that a compound produced by your body plays a vital and beneficial role within said body.  Furthermore, it’s very unlikely that a proper BPC-157 dosage would harm anyone, considering the compound is already in every human’s circulation. Additionally, over almost 30 years of research, there are no instances of negative side effects.  So far, sports governing bodies such as USADA and WADA have not yet banned the use of BPC-157.  Unless this changes, athletes can use this compound and take advantage of its many beneficial properties, whether they choose to do so with a BPC-157 oral spray or a patch.  However, the lack of long-term human studies using this peptide means that these governing bodies may prohibit it sometime in the future.

In any case, an appropriate BPC-157 dosage is quite safe and currently has no established side effects from short-term clinical trials.  This applies to BPC-157 oral sprays as well as skin patches and injections. Otherwise, we’d be more hesitant providing information on how to buy it. On that note, we’ll talk about the best place to buy BPC-157 very shortly. If you suffer from certain conditions, consider it a supplementary treatment to the medical care you are already receiving.  Make sure to consult with your doctor and keep them updated on any supplements you take, including your daily BPC-157 dosage, whether you’re using a patch, BPC-157 oral spray, or even injections.  Doctors can best treat patients when they have a full medical history, even if certain factors seem inconsequential.

Ageforce’s Body Protecting Compound Patches

AgeForce’s body protecting compound patches offer you the healing power of BPC-157 oral spray or injections but with the convenience of a patch.  With our skin patch, there is no need for injections or flavored BPC-157 oral sprays. Never use a BPC-157 oral spray again if you don’t want to. It’s no longer necessary! The BPC-157 oral supplement is outdated tech, and Ageforce’s patch is cutting edge. 

If BPC-157 oral supplements are outdate, that pretty much makes injections primitive technology. You don’t need either! One is terribly slow and the other is a needle. When you buy BPC-157 patches, you just put the skin patch on and go about your daily routine.  The patch is faster, more convenient, and easier to use. The patch releases a daily dose of 500 mcg throughout the day, giving you the advantages of a slow release and a sizable dosage. 

Again, this is the best place to buy BPC-157, and you even get it in an easy-to-use, pain-free, patch application. If you came here looking for the best place to buy BPC-157, look no further! 

The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated the statements on this resource education page. Natural ingredients mentioned are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. No nutrient claims are made. All content is shared as educational information and is not meant to be construed as medical advice, nor should any content be used to self-diagnose or treat any medical condition; the material on this page does not take the place of professional care provided by a physician. The information on this page is fully referenced from source material published from studies and clinical trials available online.


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BPC-157 for Crohn's
I have Crohn’s and I read that BPC-157 may help to moderate Crohn’s symptoms, so I placed a 30-day order. I just placed a new 180-day order because I got relief by the time I used the second patch. I’m really impressed! Also, I called and spoke to a very well informed and polite person when I called the company to learn more about them.
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This is the first time I have used Age Force, I Have been using this patch just over 2 weeks and I am absolutely amazed by how quickly I am recovering from training, not only that little aches I have picked up over the years of training have disappeared, I can only attribute this to BPC-157 patch as that is all I've changed, with these effects being noticed I would have a safe bet the internal goodness off BPC-157 we can't measure is taking place to, excellent product, Age force has certainly won my custom and loyalty.
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Helped my ulcers!
I have always had problems with ulcers due to my stressful occupation. This patch has helped me very much!
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This really works, it healed my knee
Ok I had Maniscus tear and Ortho said sergury needed. Of course he is going to say that that's how he gets his money. I decided to take other route, cose I can always go do the sergury if Notting workes. So I did Stem Cell 4k for that alone.. that helped very little, I guess needs more then one shot, so I did lots of Class 4 laser Therapy and that got me off Cratches .. but then a guy at the Gym told me to try bpc157 but injections, I hate needles, lucky I found these guys, boy am I great full, 10 days I used those patches, It maturely healed my knee.. I do MMA this think saved me.. thank you for this great product. I did the research later, and to find out that my own old Countryman discovered this great healing compound back in Serbia Smile. No wonder they (doctors) don't tell you about this, they would be out of 75% of their business.
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Very Good Product!
Just wanted to say that I think your product is very good.

Although not as effective as injecting BP 157 , which I have done for chronic golfers elbow, it really
has helped me out during a flare after a martial arts injury.

I had concerns over the molecular weight and whether it could actually penetrate via a transdermal but it certainly seems to be working although at a slower pace and not as effective as a subcutaneous local injection.

Also your pricing is amazing which raised an eyebrow!

It really has made me consider teething your other patches.
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Easy to Use!
I changed from injections to this time release patch and I should have done it a long time ago. Your patch is wonderful. So easy to use and the price is right!
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It works!
A few months ago, a friend of mine with serious digestive system issues told me how this patch moderated his symptoms dramatically. I have been using your BPC-157 patch for a few weeks and I can tell you it works!
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This patch is awesome!
This patch is awesome! I ordered it to reduce my arthritis pain and it works! Now I’m going to try the Fat Burner patches because AgeForce has demonstrated that they are a credible company.
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Steve BPC-157 patches
I tried the patches, after a doctor suggested BPC-157. I didn't want to do injectables, so when I found these patches I was skeptical, but hopeful. I'd damaged the nerves in the bottom of my feet from years of being barefoot on concrete in my studio, walking on rock reef and cobble to surf, etc. For 5 months I was trying to keep weight off of the balls of my feet, causing hip pain also. After many nights awaking up with pain, I tried the patches and they worked amazingly. I've used them on my knee, feet, hip, and shoulder... and great results every time. I began sharing them with friends, as they told me about chronic pains, and the patches worked for them, too. Very, very happy with them, and living relatively pain free.
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Turbo Charged My Healing
WOW, I got the new BPC-157 patch a week ago and I am truly amazed! I recently had knee tendon surgery and I know for a fact that this patch is turbo charging the healing process for me.
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