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maintain healthy skin hair and musclestrengthen immune system functionsexercise

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5.0/5 from 6 ratings.
Summary rating
AgeForce B Complex Time Release Transdermal Patches
These are great! My kids love these and wear them every day. Unlike the old days, when they avoided swallowing their vitamin pills they happily comply with my requests to take their vitamin B patches. Thank you AgeForce.
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B complex and Power patch
I am in my 50's and very active teaching 2-3 bootcamp classes per day.
I have been using the power -patch for several months and have noticed I recover quickly from the vigorous workouts and sleep more soundly.
Since I was so pleased with the power patch I decided to try the B-complex!
Wow! It is amazing. I have tons of energy and have only been using it for 2 days.  Great company with top quality products you won't find anywhere else.
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B vitamins
I am using the vitamin B patches since I cut back on eating meat.

I have found my energy levels have increased along with feeling more relaxed.
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Best B-complex Vitamins
i am a Professional Herbalist , i got these B-Complex Vitamins for my Wife - after all Capsules fail ( both Herbs and Supplements )
All i can say - if you want Something to Work it must reach the blood ( those patches WORK ) do spend a cent on capsules ,
my Wife said - Before and After taking the patches - Amazing Difference - without the patchs its like running on low battery ...
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B complex
Awesome 5 stars
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Puts a jolt in your step
I am a firm believer in these patches.  I have been using them for about a year now and have seen many great results.  I have more energy and my hair and nails seem to be growing at astonishing rates.
I love the convenience of the patches.  I just wish they were clear or you could compound them.
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