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Anti-InflammatoryJoint pain


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4.8/5 from 9 ratings.
Summary rating
It works... be ready for a detox
These patches work. It seems subtle at first but you notice it when you don't have one on. I have a lot of inflammation so I used one every morning and again at night. What I did notice was a detox effect. I had some itching that I took Benadryl for. This might have just been me,however. I am very sensitive to detoxing. 
I really noticed it when I didn't use it. I would compare it to more than just Advil or Tylenol. It is more equivalent to a narcotic. I even had nerve pain and it really helped with that.
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Anti Inflammation Patch
I have been using the Age Force Anti-Inflammation patches for about 3 1/2 months now and I must say that the stiffness that used to be chronically with me is almost completely gone. My hips, low back and feet used to ache regularly especially upon awakening. Now I don't even notice them. What a great product! Very impressed and highly recommend.
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reduced knee pain immediately!
I highly recommend this product! My knee pain from inflammation was reduced immediately. I can walk down stairs without feeling any pain at all!
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Great Inflamation Skin Patch
I'm 64 years old and I guess I have most of the aches and pains, (Maybe More) than others my age. I ordered the Inflammation Skin Patch a couple of months ago, mainly because it has all natural ingredients. I was worried that I was taking too many NASIDS every day, and from what I've read that is not a good thing.
We'll I'm here to tell you that the AgeForce inflammation skin patch is everything they claim it to be and more. So easy to use and so effective.
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4 of 4 people found the following review helpful
I love what this patch can do, it took away the ache in my knee and I'm hoping it will do a lot more.

The ingredients all have their own incredible healing powers.
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3 of 3 people found the following review helpful
This really works well
I started using this about two months ago and I have been very pleased with the pain relief from this anti-inflammatory.  Prior to this I was wasting my money on oral turmeric and wasn't seeing much results.  Now I wear one or two patches of this a day and the majority of my inflammation issues have gone away.  I will continue to use this and just placed an order for more.  It's so easy to apply and let the benefits help you.
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Fight inflammation effectively with patches
Inflammation is up there amongst the very top threats to our health. Inflammation is creeping up especially when we age, and manifests itself just about anywhere in our body. There is the chronic variety of inflammation which leads to countless ailments and afflictions and sooner or later it knocks on our doors. Chronic inflammation can lead to heart disease, stroke, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease and more............ To alleviate the effects of inflammation I have taken Omega 3 fish oil for years. I have added patches cognizant of the fact that the delivery via patches is the most effective besides injection direct into your blood circulation. Patches also ensure that the administration of the working ingredients is sustained over about eight hours. I feel that the swelling of my knees is now much less than before after I pay soccer with my kids. I am sure the patches will also do great work in other areas of my body to keep inflammation at bay.


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Mind Blowing
We switched all of the supplements we could to their patch equivalent. It was the best decision we've made!

We have had much better results over all with everything and we save a TON of money doing it.

I wasn't fully sure what to expect with the anti-inflammatory patch but within the first 24 hours of use I was having great results! My hands tend to maintain a bit of inflammation when I'm working out daily and the patch had my hands right back down to their normal boney selves within 24 hours.  

I have noticed a reduction in joint pain and also in abdominal swelling.

These patches are the real deal!!!  DON'T pass them up!!!
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2 of 2 people found the following review helpful
Long term lowering of inflammation
I have used this patch for both short term inflammation and longer term lowering of chronic inflammation. It takes some time to build up to full potency but definitely keeps inflammation down. With research showing the negative effects of low level chronic inflammation this is one patch to keep using forever.
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