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Essential Amino Acids – The Body's Building Blocks

Today Fitness & Nutrition Experts & World-Class Athletes Get Amino Acids Delivered Directly To Their Bloodstream

amino acidsblood flowMixing powdered drinks and swallowing loads of amino acid and, or protein supplements is so old school! Indigestion, gas, and most important, the small surviving percentage of any orally ingested dosage, no matter how good the formula is, has over the last 10-years prompted fitness and nutrition experts and world class athletes to find a better way to supplement protein and amino acids. The “better way” is micro-dosing amino acids with either transdermal patch delivery or intramuscular injections, thus bypassing the three barriers that make oral delivery so inefficient, namely; powerful digestive acid, bacteria in the intestines, and the ultimate gatekeeper to the bloodstream, liver first-pass.


Jogging for excerciseAn Amino Acid supplement like no other! After 3-years of research and development in our laboratories, it is with great pride that we offer an Amino Acid supplement patch that sets a new standard for performance, quality, and efficient nutrient delivery! In short, we believe that this new patch makes all oral Amino Acid supplements and injectable Amino Acids obsolete!

Essential Amino Acids promote protein synthesis, optimal workout and exercise performance, speed wound or injury healing and muscular recovery, improve immune system mental functions, and aid in reversing age-related muscle wasting.

Jogging for excerciseJogging for excerciseIn the last few years, some health & fitness conscience individuals and hard training athletes have turned to Essential Amino Acid “injections”! Our new Essential Amin Acid Complex patch builds on, and improved the science of injectable amino acids, and as important, our time-release transdermal patch delivery is much more affordable and so much easier and more convenient to use.

Essential Amino Acid ComplexOur Essential Amino Acid Complex patch includes 8 “Essential Amino Acids” plus Tyrosine. * But that’s only part of the story! Hundreds of dietary supplement companies offer oral amino acid supplements. They are, for the most part, formulas with various amino acids Eat healthy for long lifecompounded together. At AgeForce® we’ve spent over 3-years of laboratory research and development to identify and select 9 specific amino acids, in very exact dosage strengths and ratios, to create a synergy that elevates the effectiveness and benefits of each of the 9 amino acids in the formula. The proprietary ratio of each of the 9 amino acid’s dosage is critical to the unprecedented performance of our amino acid patch.

*An essential amino acid is one that our bodies cannot synthesize, so we must get it from certain foods we eat or from a dietary supplement. Tyrosine is a not an essential amino acid.

Just One AgeForce® Amino Acid patch, applied daily, is the same as 7,500mg taken orally! That’s because our time-release transdermal 9-amino acid formula is delivered directly into the bloodstream over an eight-hour period, unlike oral amino acid supplements, where the vast majority of the amino acid component nutrients are degraded and destroyed by the powerful digestive acids in the stomach.

amino acid incredible formulaPlease take a few minutes to read about each of the 9 specific amino acids in this incredible formula. We know you’ll be very impressed by how many health, wellness, and fitness benefits this incredible patch will provide to you.



Griffith, RichardS, et al. "Success of L-lysine therapy in frequently recurrent herpes simplex infection." Dermatology 175.4 (1987): 183-190

Wood, J. M., et al. "Senile hair graying: H2O2-mediated oxidative stress affects human hair color by blunting methionine sulfoxide repair." The FASEB Journal 23.7 (2009): 2065-2075.

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5.0/5 from 3 ratings.
Summary rating
I recently started a workout routine but wasn’t seeing much results aside from seeing more muscle definition (fat loss). It wasn’t until I started utilizing the amino acid patches that my girlfriend actually commented that I was getting “buff”...these patches WORK! I didn’t use any other protein powders. I used these in conjunction with the NO patches. I definitely recommend!!
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Easy to do at night.
I really love these little patches. I put them on at night and I don't have to think of them again until I take them off with my shower in the morning. I don't have to count pills or worry if the powder dosage is right. It's all done for me. I like that. The effects are subtle. You don't notice it doing anything until you don't wear it and realize the benefits you had when it was on.
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Great endurance!
First of all, aminos in patch form is super convenient! My endurance and recovery is excellent with this patch! Great quality and easy!
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