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Energy Skin Patch
10-Hour Sustained Time-Release Energy

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Energy Skin Patch

18 Patches - 30-Day Supply

Learn About Our 10-Hour Energy Patch

Energy Formula

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Twice the energy at half the price!

We think that 10-hours of sustained energy makes more sense than 5-hours, for most people’s life styles and daily schedules at work or at home. That’s why our time-release patches have been formulated to deliver a consistent sustained energy boost during your daily routine. And, if you do the math, each daily 10-Hour Energy Patch costs half as much as the leading brand. That’s why we say: “Twice the energy at half the price!”

Our AgeForce® 10-Hour Energy Patch formula is loaded with safe natural ingredients, including 24 vitamins, 15 amino acids, and Omega-3, 6, and 9 fatty acids, along with antioxidants, all working together to generate consistent sustained energy levels. Please use any of the links in this section to access our awesome 10-Hour Energy Patch formula and read about the features and benefits of each of the eight formula ingredients that constitute our energy formula complex.

You’ll experience instant energy with no digestive time lag! When you swallow any oral energy booster there is a delay before you experience any energy boost. This is because the formula in oral energy boosters must first be digested in the stomach before the nutrients in the formula can be absorbed into the bloodstream. Compare that to our 10-Hour Energy Patch with direct to bloodstream delivery, that begins to increase your energy levels as soon as you apply the patch! Instant gratification? You bet!

It’s Energy Plus! – The nutrients in our 10-Hour Energy Patch formula may deliver so many other important benefits:

  • Safe and natural antidepressant by elevating Serotonin levels
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Memory alertness
  • Reduce mental fatigue and increase stamina
  • Effective Anti Oxidant
  • Elevate libido and sexual Performance
  • Elevate sports and workout/exercise performance and shorten recovery time
  • Moderates symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Sleep Apnea, Migraine and Tension Headaches, Fibromyalgia

A safe natural sustained energy boost for so may of the things you do every day:

  • Workouts and or Exercise
  • Long hours on the job
  • Running a household and raising kids
  • Enhance sports performance
  • Preparing for exams

Running a householdlong hours on the jobenhanced sports performancepreparing for exams

So Convenient To Use: Why bother to carry bottles or pills, when you can just apply a 10-Hour Energy Patch in the morning? If you don’t want a full 10-hour energy boost, that’s no problem. Just remove the energy patch whenever you want and your energy levels will return to normal within a few minutes.

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4.8/5 from 5 ratings.
Summary rating
These patches are the real deal. I used to work night shift (7pm to 3am) and I could ALWAYS tell the difference when I DIDNT where these patches...when I wear the patches, I get through my shift with no problems but when I DONT wear the patches, I’m reaching for an energy drink halfway through my shift. These patches work
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Energy Patch Review
I like the fact that this patch has ingredients which are more natural and rather than give you a quick spike in energy as say a cup of coffee or an energy drink does, it gives a more steady release of energy over a longer period of time. They come in handy for those occasions when I'm feeling more fatigued than the usual and I require focus for the long haul to push through various activities.
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Energy patch review
I got the energy patches a few months ago. I used a few off and on and then stopped to do a detox. When I returned to using them I could feel the subtle energy boost without any jitters or nausea or headaches. I've been very pleased with them. 
I've tried a number of patches and find that they work so much better if you are able to detox your body and help it heal some so that it can properly absorb the nutrients. If you haven't seen results perhaps try to detox first . I hope this helps someone out there looking for better health.
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10 hour energy patch
I have been using these for some months now, with really good results. They give you a good steady release of energy through the day, unlike some products which give you an unnatural 'spike.' There are no unpleasant side effects either. Highly recommended!
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10 Hr Energy Patch
I was going to a walk in clinic and getting my weekly B12 shot, but after finding these I no longer do that. It is so much more inexpensive.  They give me all the extra boost I need to make it thru my 8 hr work day and a 4 hr. Night class. Thanks Age Force for making my life easier!!!
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