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Customer Reviews

Real Customers – Real Reviews

Customer Reviews

Most visitors to our website have never heard about our company Phase4 Pharmaceutical, let alone our AgeForce® transdermal patch supplements. So we thought a good way to establish credibility is to post what our customers have to say about us.

Send Us Your Review – If you have used one or more of our products, or if you have had occasion to call or email us, we would welcome your review. Just use this link to send us your review.

Navigating Customer Reviews: We’ve broken out just a few of the customer reviews we receive into categories. Just click on any of the links below to read the reviews in any category that may be of interest to you.

Customer Service

AgeForce's customer service has been great!  I work all over the world and my shipping address is constantly changing.  I've had issues with many online vendors, but Customer Service has helped to make sure all shipments have arrived on time and to the proper address. Warren – Kansas City, Kansas USA

It is amazing how the customer service representatives get in touch with you promptly for any kind of inquiry. Such cordial and efficient service! Yair – Queens, New York USA

What I really like is the friendly and easy going customer service and the fact that they are very patient and understanding. My budget is tight and I can't afford to use all of the patches I would like to but they ate very flexible in letting me switch patches to try new ones. This is an awesome opportunity for me to take my time and work the supplements that are best for me. Clyde – Red Feather Lakes, Colorado USA

Not only are the AgeForce products at the forefront of supplement technology but also their customer service is beyond reproach! Never before have I received such exceptional customer service from a supplement company and wouldn't hesitate to buy again and have already recommended them to my friends! Scott – Kirkliston, United Kingdom

Your customer service is incredible! Carl – Plano, Texas USA

Second to none, your Customer Service is the best in the business. Thanks so much for all you people do. Dave – Ogden, Utah USA

The service level was first-class as the response was prompt and precise. The patience and time offered in responding to my many queries due to my initial skepticism of the product itself particularly transdermal delivery was appreciated. Beng - Singapore

Easy to deal with I sent them an email outlining My problem I had, i recieved a return email the next morning Problem was solved no dramas Can't get better than that! Colin – Bayswater, Australia

The turnaround time from order to receipt is quicker than anything else I've used. Charles – Danvers, Massachusetts USA

Courteous, prompt and professional! You guys are setting the standard for service and product quality. Gil – Odenton, Maryland USA

Great customer service and fast and reliable shipping. Ageforce has really put together an All Star team! Ronnie – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA

I personally have found the team at ageforce.com to be of the highest calibre, not only do they provide a fantastic product that actually does work effectively. Their after sales service is second to none. I feel confident in recommending to anyone the service provided by Steve and his team, they are there to assist during all facets of the transaction and I have found that nothing is too difficult for them to attend to. Great Job Steve and the team, your attention to detail allows people all around the world to purchase goods online from you with confidence. Peter – Rockingham, Australia

Sempre fui muito bem atendido pelo vendedor Steve.O atendimento da empresa AGEFORCE é espetacular, o vendedor é muito honesto, entrega perfeita.1000% the best! Fabio – Piracidaba/Sao Paulo, Brasil

Customer service is so great!! I am working with Steve and his team. They are the best! Rowena – La Puente, California USA

Customer service is awesome! Tom –Daytona Beach, Florida USA

My experience with the customer service aspect of Phase4 Pharmascueticals has been quite positive to say the least. I have them ready to correct mistakes when they rarely happen and response time is absolutely quick. I truly appreciate the no hassle attitude of efficiency they have provided to me. David – Yukon, Oklahoma USA

The customer service at AgeForce is very good, and they can help you if you have any questions about their products. I am a completely satisfied customer. Thank You AgeForce! Gregory – Pash, Washington USA

I am very pleased at the help and professionalism of AgeForce’s customer service. Emerson – Edinburg, Pennsylvania USA

What great customer service!  Working late hours to correct my complicated orders and always following up.  I feel like I can always get a hold of you.  Swen – Chico, California USA

I want to say thank you again on how you handled this situation.  Who ever is your employer is truly lucky to have such a knowledgeable person handling their customer service issues.  I have worked in customer service for years, and now know that we are in the presence of a pro. Daniel – Novato, California USA

Not only are the AgeForce products at the forefront of supplement technology but their customer service is beyond reproach! Never before have I received such exceptional customer service from a supplement company and wouldn't hesitate to buy from them again and have already recommended them to my friends! Thanks for you help! Scott – Kirkliston, United Kingdom

I just wanted to let you know the Ageforce products arrived today and I would like to thank you for the brilliant service, you and the company have provided . It really is top notch well done. I look forward to hear you being interviewed on Super Human Radio in the near future. I will highly recommend your products and service to family and friends . Mark – East Victoria, Australia

Customer Service is very good.  I particularly like the responsiveness via email.  I have been able to adjust my orders, cancel them as needed by email.  This was very important to me.  When I can afford to use the products again, I will be happy to, as the customer service flexibility allows for conveniently trying the products.  Jody – Guthrie, Oklahoma USA

Excellent -no problems   - no hassles and delivered on time :-) I'll be ordering again soon! Don – Fitchburg, Wisconsin USA

No complaints whatsoever, prompt response and always so cordial.  Love you guys! Chantal – Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

Always helpful, cancelled patches or switched no questions asked, combined shipping on multiple patches. Gordon – Montclair, New Jersey USA

Whenever I find the need to talk to customer service it's always a positive experience. Money is tight right now but I'll be back soon! Olin - Baltimore, Maryland USA

Multi-Patch & General Reviews

I am a 47-year-old lifetime drug free and a strength athlete. I have been fortunate enough to win meets at the highest level in the SPF, WNPF, APA/WPA, NASA, etc. I have also been lucky enough to do well in strongman and Olympic lifting. I operate a private gym in Mt. Juliet, TN where several strong lifters and great athletes train. My best competitive lifts in powerlifting are 1,040 squat, 700 bench press, 700 deadlift and 2,400 total. I have been the #1 master superheavyweight a couple of times for the year per PLUSA top masters list and currently in the top 50 all-time with the 1,040 squat.  I love the Age Force patches and here is what I currently use. At night, prior to bed, I use the CoQ10+Omega-3, B-Complex, Fat Burner, 10-hour Energy, and Nitric Oxide patches. During my workouts, I like the B-complex, Amino acid and Energy patch. My energy levels are good each morning and that is crucial for me as I train at 5:00-5:30 AM Monday through Friday and do cardio sessions over the weekend. My weight is down to below 320 now as well. The patches are quick and easy for me to use and they aren't a bother while I'm sleeping. This has been a great addition to my supplement regimen. Thanks, Age Force! Wade – Mt. Juliet, Tennessee USA

My wife and I love the patches and appreciate the tremendous customer service since we started taking the patches earlier this year.  The positive benefits have been:  Cognitive improvement, better skin/hair, more overall energy, better recovery and sleep at night, less inflammation and less muscle/back pain.  They are significantly better than taking supplements orally. We currently receive the following patches via autoship:

  • CoQ10/Omega-3
  • B-Complex
  • DHEA/Pregnenalone
  • Amino Acid Complex Patch

Thanks again and keep up the good work AgeForce! Dan – Concord, California USA

I've used both the Testo/100 and the Weight Loss patch. Both patches worked far beyond my expectations. I could feel and see both patches working with in days of the use. I'm highly impressed with ease and performance of both patches. I highly recommend the patches for anyone looking for results! Robbie – Blacksburg, Virginia USA

I have tried both, the Testo/100 Testosterone booster and the HGH PowerPatch... First I want to remark it is safe to stack both of them, I mean use them a the same time. Being brief, after 2 months of consecutive use nowadays I'm noticing better muscle development (I workout 4 times a week) and I feel I am healing from any kind of injuries very fast. Also, weird thing, my sexual arousal is at its peak all the time as in my eighteen! I'm experiencing this since 3 weeks ago. Yair – Queens, New York USA

Your AgeForce patch supplements have become a big part of my life. Just an FYI I just got back from Illinois helping my Dad move into a smaller house and setting him up with in-home health care, and I had an opportunity to see some old friends from my past I was told I looked 20 years younger and attribute my appearance in part to your amazing products! Jeff – Lake Forest, California USA

I am a 48 year old male using the homeopathic ExtraStrength hgh patch, and the HGH PowerPatch every 8 day just to combat the effects of old age in males, effects such as low libido, lack of energy,vweight gain, greying hair etc. Well the effects are fantastic in every respect. It's not an instant fix more long term but you will notice some difference within a few weeks. I have tried many things to combat male menopause but this combo is by far the best! Give them a go you won't regret it! Ade – Hereford, United Kingdom

I am now 62yrs old and I have been wearing various patches for several years. Through experience, I have found all of them to be worth while; those over a long term, like DHEA or HGH, and those over a short term, especially Creatine + Beta Alamine which I use for work place energy and physical stamina to keep going at a high energy level. I do recommend these various patches to what ever your physical needs maybe. I have found the new patches of Vitamine B Complex and Amino Acid Ratios to be quite effective along with Q10 & Omega-3 Fatty Acids. In short, these various patches and my daily meditations provide the natural elements to a healthy lifestyle and productivity. David – Yukon, Oklahoma USA

Not really had much of a reason (For Customer Service) recently but when I did have a problem in the beginning with a issue it was easily resolved. I've been using one of your patches now coming up on a year. I see no changes in myself as u claimed there would be. So I guess my opinion is that the patch really does not work. I love the convience of the patch,Just put on and Wa La. Also I see improvement from the patches I use.  William – Columbus, Ohio USA

The customer service form Ageforce is second to none. Emails, questions, order changes are responded to promptly and nothing is too much trouble for them. Even cancelling orders is no issue and is acted on and there is no hard sell. The team lead by Steve and the company in general seem very legitimate and good people. I have been using HGH power patch, Testo100, fat burner and have tired various other patches also. They all seem work to some degree. Recently I have been using the B Complex and seem to have energy all day long and feel it is having a positive effect on my immune system. Mark – Melb, Australia

The team from Ageforce is very helpful and quick to respond to any enquiry. I find the patches an easy way to receive the many benefits available from supplementing correct eating habits. The HGH patches are my personal favorite, however do not expect overnight changes stay with it for the long haul and you will enjoy the benefits. Peter – Warnbro, Australia

Customer Service was very patient and helpful in answering my questions and helping to fix a mistake had made in my initial order. I’m just 3 weeks into using the patches but so far can say they are easy to apply and they do seem to have helped my sleep.  Too soon to say more about other anti-aging results that I am hoping for.  Stay tuned! Jim – Irvine, California USA

They are very helpful and they will answer any question. Ade – Hereford, United Kingdom

I’m pleased to be able to cancel my monthly AutoShip order. Not because I’m not satisfied, but because I’ve lost 15 pounds in the last 3-months. That was my goal when I placed my order. Like so many others, I have tried lots of supplements and been disappointed. So I thank you for finally offering a weight loss supplement that works, and I’ll be sure to tell my friends about AgeForce. Corey – Spokane, WA

HGH PowerPatch®

I've been using the HGH PowerPatch for a few months now and I have shown great improvement in both overall strength and in the transformation of my body.  Obviously, there is no such thing as a miracle supplement that will improve you without putting your time in at the gym, but this definitely allows you to maximize your gains. Warren - Kansas City, Kansas USA

PowerPatch® HGH - its an absolutely Awesome product! It enhanced the results from my high intensity workouts, helped make my muscle gains exceptional, noticeable and consistent. At my age (57) that is a testament to a solid product! Don – Fitchburg, Wisconsin USA

I just wanted to say how great I have been feeling lately. After using the patches on and off for about a month, I decided to really go all in and been following the 5 on 2 off religiously for about 2 months now.  I just wanted to comment on how incredibly resistant the patches are to coming off. Normally I put my patch on in the morning after I shower and wear it all day right up to my workout around 7 or so, but the other day, I took a day off work to go surfing.  Put my patch on in the morning like I normally do and did some work around the house and headed to the beach.  Forgetting I still had the patch on I surfed for about 4 hours and went home.  Went to shower and realized the patch WAS STILL THERE! Incredible! Kris – Belford, New Jersey USA

Power patches,  I started training for overall health and fitness about a year ago. My body fat and muscle mass plateaued.  After using the power patches my gains in muscle and decrease in body fat were significant all without changing diet and routines. Jolen – Peoria, Arizona USA

I can only attest to my own experience with using the HGH Power patch, the logic of using a trans-dermal delivery system appealed to me and also the possibility it could provide enough somatotropin to actually be effective however it was something I needed to confirm for myself. So far I have only applied 2 patches (one each at 5 day intervals) in accordance with the instructions supplied. I find my body seems to be reacting positively to the trans-dermal supply, pumps in the gym seem to be greater, power levels have increased and fat loss seems to have improved, especially round the crucial (for long-term health) belly region. Is this just a temporary improvement based on my own mental belief that the product should be assisting me? Well I am willing to give this a longer trial and have committed to also trying the Testo/100 formula in combination with the HGH. Stay tuned I too want to see the results.  Peter – Warnbro, Australia

I used to buy the HGH shots and had to keep them in the refrigerator, remember to do it every morning, buying syrenges, etc.I was a bit skeptical about the patch for obviously the shots where the strongest one could get. But I am so amazed because I put one every five days and forget about it and of course the price is so much less, but the results: AMAZING! Chantal – Playas del Coco, Costa Rica

I have used the PowerPatch for over 18 months and I am very happy with the results as well as the excellent customer service from AgeForce. The Super HGH patch has increased my lean muscle mass, energy,and stamina. Thank you AgeForce! Lyn – Salinas, California USA

I’m 52 years old , work out regularly and in great shape for my age, stats are 6 ft tall weight at 200 lbs with waist at 32 inches and good muscle definition, but as im getting older my joints and legs were starting to hurt from age related issues and from working out so I read about the HGH patches here .Was reluctant at first to try them because a year earlier I had purchased one of those liquid dropper bottles of an HGH product from another lets just say nameless companies and tried it out and did not feel or see any relieve at all. But the ageforce patches piqued my curiousity so I thought hmmm at least give it a shot so I did and that was over a year ago and within 2 days mys legs and joints were feeling really great, really so much better so ive been a loyal monthly customer on not only that product but I also decided to try out the Testosterone patch and am impressed with it also so im reporting here that with those products im planning on being a customer for life, keep up the good work there ageforce people! George – Seymour, Tennessee USA

Past 2 months I've be using HGH Power Patch patches, Now I workout 5-6 days of week Before after 3 days I feel like doing nothing have to force myself. Besides the strength & endurance increase for me I recuperate faster. Since at my age 65 it takes longer. Not no more thks to the HGH Power Patches. Richard – Los Angeles, California USA

The HGH Power Patch is really helping me in achieving my goal of weight loss. It's given me more energy to hit the gym more often. I've been taking this product for three months and I do sleep better. Now that I'm back in the gym, my personal trainer has commited on how much better I've been doing in my workouts. She use to kick my butt big time. Now it's not as bad.She don't know about my secret weapon (wink)...My wife has even said my overall appearance is much better. This is a great product. I will continue to use it in hope's that it can only get better. Michael – Mobile, Alabama USA

Hgh power patch, Loved the way i spept when i had the patch on, I had less aches and pains when long term use was used. thinking of starting using the power patch again. Dave – Ogden, Utah USA

Very simple to use, and definitely increased my recovery ability allowing me to work out more often and hit each new work-out feeling 100%.  A nice side benefit was a better night's sleep! Tony – Houston, Texas USA

The power patches I used during training for marathons helped my endurance and increased my lean muscle mass.  Also my recovery time was far less than in past events. Scott – Peoria, Arizona USA

Excellent product. I have never felt better than I did while taking the HGH Power Patch. LuAnn – Nutley, New Jersey USA

It took a while but I started to notice I was sleeping better, I don't  take as long to fall asleep nor do I wake up through out the night, following that I wake up with alertness, unlike before it took about an hour of dragging myself around trying to get motivated. I also noticed my energy level increasing daily, the feeling of being young again . My skin was not as dry. I gained about 5 lbs of muscle, it's hard to tell because I also slimed down a couple of inches on my waist-line. By far the best money I have spent on any supplement. Wade – Evansburg, Canada

HGH patches are great! I sleep really good when using them and my recovery time from working out is cut in half. Tom – Daytona Beach, Florida USA

Growth Hormone (PowerPatch) It is working good but I use it for post traumatic recovery and I am happy with result. I would recommend it also for people who trying to gain muscle mass. Thank you very much. Serguei – Toronto, Canada

Fat Burning Weight Loss

Thanks for your outstanding customers service! It’s not often that a real person answers a company’s phone help line, and even more impressive is that the person I spoke with had the knowledge to really help! I just got my first month’s supply of weight loss fat burner patches and I’m looking forward to loosing weight permanently with them. Victoria – Chicago, IL 4/17/2015

My biggest frustration with losing weight with diets and, or supplements, has been that like most people, I gain most or all of the weight lost back. When I visited your website and read about your Fat Burner Weight Loss patch, I was most interested in your claims that 7-Keto DHEA inhibits the storage of new body fat. That to me was “the promised land”! OK, let’s fast forward 6-months since I started using the patch. I’ve lost 18 pounds. In the beginning I really watched my diet. The last 3-months I am eating more and I am astounded to say I have not gained back any of the 18 pounds lost. Not only is this patch great for losing weight, with the 7-Keto DHEA in the formula; it’s the real deal for ongoing weight management! Clair – New York, NY 4/12/2015

I’ve been using your patches for weight management now for almost a year. I wanted to let you know that when you added Hoodia to the formula they became even more effective for me. I’m one of those people that get up in the middle of the night to visit the refrigerator, so the Hoodia appetite suppressant really helped keep me out of the kitchen late at night. June – Colorado Springs, CO 4/5/2015

I read a few favorable forum posts on AnobolicMinds about your patches, so I thought I would give the Fat Burner Weight Loss patches a trial. I placed a 30-day order and I just placed a 90-day order! Your website was really informative and the patches did exactly what you say about them. Slow, steady weight loss. I don’t sleep to well, so I’m going to give the Melatonin patches a shot! Victor – Miami, FL 3/30/2015

My girlfriend and I took advantage of your New Year’s BOGO sale and ordered your Fat Burner patches. We’ve both let ourselves go and our New Year’s resolution was to loose weight and get back into regular exercise routines. When are you having another BOGO sale? These patches are fantastic! We both lost weight every month! Dale & Sarah – Oakland, CA 3/26/2015

Well, I guess you could call me a gym rat. I work out 4-5 times a week with free weights and resistance machines. I don’t have much body fat, with the exception of that deep abdominal fat. (No matter how many crunches I do!) A friend of mine told me about your fat burner patches so I ordered a 90-day supply to give them a fair trial. It didn’t take 90-days for me to see real positive results. Deep abdominal fat is the toughest fat to loose and your patch is working! Ian – Cleveland, OH 3/13/2015

I’m a personal trainer and for me, and my clients, body fat, and how to lose it is a very important issue! I’ve used your HGH PowerPatch for a few months now and the results I’ve had gave me the confidence to try your Fat Burner patches. OK, fast forward 6-weeks and you can count me as a believer! This patch burns body fat! Feel free to use my email any way you see fit to do so. Rene – Houston, TX 3/4/2015

Thanks for sending out the replacement order so quickly. The mistake with my address was mine, and I really appreciate how your company said “no problem” and sent the replacement order. I can’t wait to try the patches and I will tell friends you’re a legit company, unlike some other online companies I’ve had issues with. Thomas – Philadelphia, PA 2/26/2015

I noticed that you eliminated T2 from your formula, so I called your help line and was told that the US-FDA listed T2 as a banned formula ingredient in dietary supplements. The fact that you reacted so quickly gives me confidence in your company. Nick – New York, NY 2/17/2015

I’ve tried oral Hoodia supplements, but they didn’t dull my appetite. I called and spoke to a nice person in your R&D department and he explained that the liver blocks most of the Hoodia taken orally, and as the patch delivers Hoodia directly to the bloodstream it works. I’ve been using the patches for almost a month, and I’m here to tell you that the Hoodia in your formula works! I definitely notice the difference. Toby – Jacksonville, FL 2/7/2015

Every diet supplement I’ve tried speeded me up like 4-cups of coffee, but not yours. I put the patch on before I go to sleep and take it off in the morning, like you suggested. I sleep great and I’ve lost 2-pounds in the first 3-weeks. Brendan – El Paso, TX 1/29/2015

OMG! I’m finally loosing my stomach fat! This patch rocks! Cynthia – Portland, OR 1/14/2015

I’ll make this short and sweet….5-pounds the first month, 3 pounds the second month, and 4 pounds so far this month! Lucile –Mesa, AZ 1/8/2015

I had to email you guys. Do you have any idea how many different diet pills and diets I’ve tried to lose weight? I wish I had a dollar for each one! You can post my email on your website because the AgeForce patch works! I’m on my 3rd monthly AutoShip and it’s 17 pounds and counting. Alfred – Las Vegas, NEV 12/29/2014

With all the diet supplements to choose from, I selected yours because of the patch delivery system. The science sounded compelling. Wow, am I glad I did! I am losing weight slowly but consistently without changing my diet or exercise routine. Clayton – Fresno, CA 12/24/2014

I must confess I’m a bit of a couch potato. That being said, I’ve lost 5 pounds so far with your patches. Susan – Omaha, NEB 12/14/2014

Finally, a weight loss supplement that works! Brett – Minneapolis, MN 12/4/2014

Finally a weight loss supplement that helps you lose weight! Your patches are amazing! I bet you got lots of orders from Louisville, KY because I’ve told all my friends about these patches. I’m keeping to my regular diet and jogging 4 times a week. The only change I’ve made to my routine is that I’m using the patches every other day as you suggest. It’s been two months and I’ve lost 12 pounds. Now I’m going to order your Melatonin patches to help me sleep. Thanks AgeForce! Barbara, Louisville, KY 3/23/2014

Wow! What can I say? 6 pounds lost my first month of the 90-day supply I purchased. Jerry – Vacaville, CA 3/23/2014

I am a very jaded consumer having tried dozens of diets and dozens of different weight loss supplements over the years. I took a leap of faith when I placed my 30-day supply order for your patches. I have just placed a 180-day order. Does that tell you how satisfied I am? Angie – Irving, TX 3/20/2014

I lost 14 pounds the first 2-months using the patches. I got a little cocky the 3rd month and stopped watching what I was eating. Normally that would have caused me to gain a few pounds, but I didn’t gain anything. That must be what you guys refer to as the ongoing weight management thing with 7-Keto DHEA that keeps new body fat from being stored. Anyway, I’m back to my good eating habits and looking forward to more weight loss. Archie – Mission, TN 3/19/ 2014

These patches are magic! All of my friends are asking me how I lost so much weight! 3 or 4 pounds a month for the first 3 months. I just placed another order with you guys. Ricardo – Tulsa, OK 3/15/2014

You must have some secret magic stuff in these patches. I’m a bodybuilder and I’ve tried a dozen fat burners in the last few years with mostly poor results. As of today, everyone in my gym knows that the AgeForce fat burner works! Thanks for a great supplement. Rubin – Oregon City, OR 3/15/2014

The thing that first gave me the confidence to order from you is that you do everything in the United States. I’ve read about the poor, and sometimes, dangerous supplements that come from the Far East. I’m really pleased with the Fat burner patches and also the DHEA patches I ordered. Both patches are living up to the claims you make for them. Jane – Lenox, MA 3/12/2014

I think the fact that your weight loss formula is delivered transdermally is the reason it works so well. I have bought oral supplements with T2 and 7-Keto DHEA before to lose weight and they didn’t work very well. Your patches have made me a true believer in transdermal supplement delivery. Craig – San Mateo, CA 3/11/2014

I guess you could say I’m obese. This past year I’ve been doing my homework on weight loss surgery, which was my last hope. I thought I would try your patches because a friend of mine, who is not obese, lost a few pounds with them and suggested I give them a try. I ordered a one month supply in January, and another one month supply in February, and now again this month. I could not be happier! So far I’ve lost 15 pounds and while I’m still 50 pounds overweight, I’m finally making some progress. I’ll keep you updated each month, but so far I could not be more pleased with results. Joseph – New York, NY 3/10/2014

Congratulations once again AgeForce! I’ve been using your Testosterone Booster patches for over a year and thought I would try your weight loss patch because I’ve gained a few pounds since I’ve had back problems that have kept me from working out regularly. The patches work! I only lost a pound the first month but I’ve lost another 3 pounds this month. I’m starting to get back into the gym, but I still plan to use the patches. Leslie – Bradenton, FL 3/8/2014

To all involved with the fat burner weight loss patches: At the age of 55 you would think it near impossible to lose 40 lbs. let along regain the shape I once had at a young age. I would like to say thank you for a product that really works. I feel better than ever and I will never quit using the age force patches. I was so heavy (197) that walking on my treadmill caused my knees and feet to swell and ache so I quit. I will resume my exercise program now and I' am sure more weight will come off quicker and I know I can move a lot easier without pain. I was verging on having to resort to high blood pressure medication but my blood pressure is normal I have more energy and I think more clearly. Your product is a Godsend. Only good things have resulted from the use of these products. Why else would I continue to use them? Simple I am heading off the bad things that result from being overweight and slowing down the aging process. I look like I did at 30 and I could not have done it without these patches. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Sincerely. Tammy – Petal, Mississippi

I’ve been weight training and stone lifting for 25 years. I am a self-made lifter who owes all of his learning through self study, practice, and building all kinds of equipment to get to the next level of my training success. My deep background allows me to train people in a way that’s dedicated to physical and mental success. I am in the process of training a fellow lifter named Dennis who wanted to lose a few pounds and get more physically fit. Dennis has been on a very intense training regimen comprised of many modalities to achieve his physical and mental goals. We are using the AgeForce Weight Loss Fat Burner patches every other day. Dennis has lost twenty five pounds in ten weeks! We plan on losing twenty more pounds in the next six weeks.! The AgeForce Weight Loss Fat Burner patch is the real deal! Eric – Albany, NY

I've been using supplements since 1985, authored 3 books on the subject and formulate supplements for other companies. In little more than 3 weeks on the Age Force fat burner patch, I lost almost 5lbs of scale weight and nearly a quarter inch off my waist. I also took my temperature 90 minutes after putting the patch on. An increase of almost 2 degrees fahrenheit was observed. You just can't fudge a thermometer reading like that. Credit to Age Force where it's due. This patch is a smart investment, alongside a solid diet and exercise program. Rob – Hadley, MA

Your Customer Service should be a model for all of the other companies selling products or services online. Thank you for the time you spent with me yesterday. You answered every question I had (and I had a lot of them!) honestly and professionally. I placed my order for the patches after we spoke and I am looking forward to trying them. Jodie – Monmouth, NJ

5 pounds in my first month! That may not sound like a lot, but it’s the first 5 pounds I have been able to lose in the last 10-years! I love this patch! Kelly – Mt Vernon, NY

I thought I would email you a 1-year update with the AgeForce Weight Loss Fat Burner patches…I have lost 24 pounds and that is, of course, great! But to me, the most important thing I have to tell you is that even when I don’t get my normal exercise, or when I eat a little more than I should be eating, I am not gaining weight. I recently read about the ability of the 7 Keto DHEA in the patch making it harder to store new body fat. Well guess what? It works! These patches are not just great for losing weight; they are working for me for my ongoing weight control. Lee – Tulsa, OK

As a person that has tried dozens of “miracle” weight loss supplements and diets, I placed my order for your patches with a great deal of skepticism. After 90-days and a loss of 16 pounds, I am a true believer in AgeForce. I am so convinced about your company and your science, that I ordered the multi vitamin and the B complex vitamins also. Edwin – Reno, NV

When I got my first order I looked at these 18 postage stamp size band aids and thought I was getting ripped off! To my surprise and great satisfaction I am 9 pounds lighter after my first two months of AutoShip. How cool is that! Ally- Ocean City, MD

Thanks for pointing out the Harvard study about taking your last meal earlier in the day. I had been eating my dinner around 8 PM and when I got the patches I saw your suggestion, based on the study, to eat dinner as early as possible. I work at home so it was easy for me to make the change and now I don’t know if the 3 pounds I lost my first month are from eating earlier or your patches? Either way, I’ll keep with the program and see how it goes. Trudy – San Francisco, CA

I have to email you a picture of my stomach before I go to sleep. I have 6 AgeForce patches lined up and my husband is always making fun of me. I could care less about his wise cracks because I know (and so does he) how much I am benefiting from the patches I use. I’ve lost 17 pounds in the last few months, and my exercise (Jogging and Yoga) routines are better then they were 10-years ago. All of my friends comment on how young I look and I tell all of them about AgeForce. You guys are fantastic! Beatrice – Chicago, IL

10 pounds in 9 weeks! AgeForce is Da Bomb! Archie – Spokane, WA

I was very impressed with the fact that everything your company does is in the United States with US FDA certified sources and vendors. I can’t believe how many times we are all reading about problems with food, drugs, and supplements from other countries.

I can’t believe it and anyone that orders this Fat Burner patch should be prepared to be amazed! I’m in the gym 5-days a week and between free weights and my cardio workouts, I have a lot less body fat then most. But once I hit my forties I started to develop deep abdominal body fat and for the last 4-years I’ve tried over a dozen so-called fat burners. None of them worked very well and a couple of months ago, a friend of mine that I work out with sometimes told me about the AgeForce fat burner patches and the success he has had with them. I visited your website and placed a 90-day supply order. The easiest way for me to tell you how I did is that yesterday I placed my second 90-day order and I’ve already turned 4 or 5 of my friends on to your patches. Artie – Kings Point, NY

I’m not sure if I’m eating less and exercising more, or if it’s your Weight Loss patches? But either way, slow and steady weight loss in the first two months (7 pounds) is enough to keep me on the monthly AutoShip program, which by the way, is really convenient. Victoria – Tacoma, WA

I put this little patch on every other night and get on my scale once or twice a week. It’s like magic! My friends all ask me my how I lost 20 pounds in the last 6-months? I tell them this little patch! Please don’t take offence when I use the word “Magic”. I’ve spoke to your people in the research department that answer the CS phone and I know that there is a lot of very advanced science involved. Ria – Hartford, CT

It Works! OMG, I must have tried 50 guranteed weight loss supplements over the years. They all failed to deliver on their promises. So I figured what the heck, let’s go for another one. Now 17 pounds later, after a little over 2-months, I am a true believer in AgeForce! I’ve told all my friends and co-workers about the Fat Burning patch and I hope you have lots of new customers from my recommendations. BTW, I don’t exercise regularly, and I didn’t diet. I just tried to eat healthy! Judy – Dallas, Texas USA

Hard to say how much is my exercise routine or my good eating habits, but in the last 3-months, I have lost 7 pounds and most of it is that hard to lose deep belly fat! My guess….It’s the two fat burning peptides in the patch. Jackson – Indianapolis, Indiana USA

Everyone wants to know how I did it! I have lost 14 pounds in the last 7-weeks and I hope to reach my weight loss goal next month! These fat burning patches are awesome! Thank you so much for a weight loss supplement that finally works! Mitchell – Fort Worth, Texas USA

Good diet combined with the weight loss patch and Power patch was resulted in a very dramatic change in my weight / physique. I have lost 16 kgs in 12 months and my level of leanness and muscularity is pretty mind blowing! Liam – Johannesburg, South Africa

You must be selling a million of these patches, and God bless you, because they work! When I placed my first 30-day order I knew I was rolling the dice! When I lost 6 pounds the first month I sent you a new 6-month order! Tony – Portland, Oregon USA

The weight loss/fat loss patch definitely works as advertised. Worth every penny!  Please keep up the forward-thinking innovation. Gil – Odenton, Maryland USA

Since I started using the Fat Burning Weight Loss patch I have lost 15lbs.  This is the 3rd month of use and I am still losing weight. Randall – Franklin Square, New York USA

You were right to say that the T 2 in the patch might cause some extra perspiration. But what a small price to pay for the 8 pounds I’ve lost so far! Justin – Virginia Beach, Virginia USA

I have used AgeForce patches over the last couple of years and have found them to deliver as advertised. My latest patch the Fat Burning with T2 is excellent. When used at night, great night sleep (I am a terrible sleeper) is an added benefit. I lost 1.5 inches in the flanks area and it is truly a hard place for me to shed. Robert – Dana Point, Californina – USA

If I told anyone that I have not changed my diet and my fitness routine, and that I have lost 22 pounds in the last 3 months, would they believe me? Well it’s a fact! After listening to Carl Lanore on SuperHumanRadio, I took a shot and placed a monthly Autoship order. I know Carl doesn’t promote anything he doesn’t believe in, so I figured there must be something to this transdermal patch. He was right and now I am a very happy camper! BTW, I place another order for the Melatonin patch (I have trouble sleeping) and can’t wait to see how that one works. Rick – Bakersfield, California USA

I purchased a 30 day supply of the Fat Burning Patch. It's incredibly easy to apply and remove. I lost a few pounds and could have lost more if I wasn't on vacation, eating plenty of junk food during the 30 days. During the period, i was unable to do any cardio due to a knee operation, and again, I probably would have lost more had I been able to do cardio. Richard – Flushing, New York USA

I have been using the Fat Burning Patch for two months and can see some slow but positive results! I put it on the inside of my elbow about twice a week and leave it on for about 10-12 hours. I haven't changed my diet or exercise habits but have seen stubborn pounds dropping. So I will continue using the patch until I reach my desired weight. These patches really do work...just be patient though! Paulette – Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio USA

The fat burner patches works pretty good. Slowly but surely my body fat percentage has dropped from 18% to 14%. I’ve lost mostly belly fat and I am slowly starting to see my stomach muscles again. I also use the Testo/100 patches, along with the HGH patches and the B complex patches. I’m eating dinner earlier as recommend, and working out. AgeForce patches have helped to give me a whole new appearance. My body age has been measured 33, but I am 49 and very happy! Lars – Esbjerg V, Denmark


After a few nights of using the patch I noticed that I was getting the best sleep I had gotten in a very long time.  I had a lot more energy to get me through my day and my girlfriend noticed an increase in my libido.  A great product and a must have in your supplement arsenal! Jacob – Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania USA

The DHEA one was great! Definitely could tell a difference on it. Would recommend that one and would try it again. Crystal – Weirton, West Virginia USA

I put the patch on this afternoon and can already feel the difference! Vince – Saint Clair Shores, Michigan USA

This is the first supplement that I can honestly say I had instant gratifications from! I put my first patch on about 30-minutes before I went to the gym and WOW! As soon as I got home I placed orders for the HGH PowerPatch and the Creatine patches. Now after 4-months these patches are all part of my daily fitness and health routine and results for me are incredible. I have exceeded all of my fitness goals and keep setting new ones. Bruce - Henderson, Nevada USA

This patch has helped me in several ways: First my endurance and energy have elevated big-time since I started using the patch. I also find that my libido has also improved. Finally, my recovery time between my exercise sessions seems to have gotten much faster. I am 44 years old and faster recovery has been an issue. Thanks for a great supplement! Ricardo - Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

I now believe that direct to bloodstream delivery of supplements is the way to go! I had been taking a very high quality DHEA supplement orally from a company with a great reputation. After hearing about AgeForce on a SuperHumanRadio podcast. Carl is a big fan of AgeForce and I have great respect for his opinions. So I placed a 30-day order for the DHEA patches. I can report that they are super easy to use and beyond great in performance. I am very much in tune with my body and I log my workout performance carefully. The gains that I have made since I started using the AgeForce DHEA patches (5-months) are very, very, impressive! Thanks Carl, and Thanks AgeForce! Denise - Aurora, Colorado

USA I’m not sure whether to give credit to the DHEA & Pregnenolone patches or the Creatine patches I have been using for the last year? What I can say is that using these two patches in combination has ramped up my workouts like no other supplements have in the past. I work with a personal trainer and she finally placed her orders for these patches after seeing first hand how I have improved. Rene - Glendale, Arizona USA

Bravo to AgeForce! These DHEA patches with Pregnenolone are fantastic! Spence - London, United Kingdom

Anyone that works out or loves to exercise has to give these DHEA patches a trial. They work for me and for two of my fellow gym friends. Arnie - Baton Rouge, Louisiana USA

Your DHEA patches are terrific! I felt improvement the first week I used them and I continue to use them after 4 months with the highest level of satisfaction! Jose - Saint Paul, Minnesota USA

It must be the combination of DHEA and Pregnenolone that makes this supplement so fantastic! Or then again, it may be the transdermal delivery of the formula directly to the bloodstream. Whatever it is, this patch is outstanding! You can feel your body respond within minutes after putting the patch on. I mean it! You can feel the formula going to work as it enters your bloodstream! Howard - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania USA

I’ve been using DHEA for a few years and though I would try your patch after reading about the advantages of patches versus swallowing supplements. All I can say is I’m sorry I didn’t try your patch sooner. I’ve been using the DHEA patch for 6-months and it is so easy to use and so much better than my old DHEA supplement. Dale - Fremont, California USA

10-Hour Energy

Just wanted you to know that the 10-hour energy patch is a winner. No surge like a stimulant, but for me something of an attitude adjustment that just gives me the basic energy to continue when commonly I wilt. That is a quality of life shift and much appreciated. Robert – Mt Vernon, Iowa USA

The energy patches are FANTASTIC and have said so on many forums! Michael – North Augusta, South Carolina USA

This is the first supplement that I can honestly say I had instant gratifications from! I put my first patch on about 30-minutes before I went to the gym and WOW! As soon as I got home I placed orders for the HGH PowerPatch and the Creatine patches. Now after 4-months these patches are all part of my daily fitness and health routine and results for me are incredible. I have exceeded all of my fitness goals and keep setting new ones. Bruce - Henderson, Nevada USA

I hold several world Power Lifting records for 60-years or older. I’m very careful about the supplements I use, and I will tell anyone that the AgeForce energy patches are FANTASTIC and have said so on many forums! Michael – North Augusta, South Carolina USA

From the first patch I loved it! No more energy drinks for me! Burton - Norfolk, Virginia USA

AgeForce you have a flat out winner with this new energy patch. Rose Marie – Garland, Texas USA

I was amazed! I never tried any of the energy drinks so I can’t compare them to the 10-hour patch! But I can tell you that I feel supercharged all day without any jittery feeling and without crashing when I take the patch off. On weekends I only keep the patch on for about 4 hours. It is one great product! Bart – Glendale, Arizona USA

Talk about instant energy! I work long hours in a very intense job. I also like to party hard and that is not a great combination with work. So there are plenty of times that I need something to help me keep my focus and energy levels where they need to be. The few times I tried energy drinks, or shots, as they call them, they seemed ok but I felt like I had several cups of coffee. Hyper if you know what I mean. With the AgeForce patch I have incredible energy, focus and an overall upbeat feeling, with absolutely no negative side effects. It is one great product! Jennifer – Boston, Massachusetts USA

I was worried about using the patch and then getting a good night’s sleep. It turned out that I didn’t have to worry. I take the patch off late afternoon and by bedtime I sleep like a baby. Benny – Spokane, Washington USA

This patch is the BOMB! Ricky – Des Moines, Iowa USA

Thanks for the free patches with the first order. I gave them to my mother and we are both raving about this energy patch to everyone we know. Ursula – Yonkers, New York USA

I play in a few leagues in the evenings during the week and after a hard day’s work (I’m in construction) I’m exhausted. But no more! Your 10-hour energy patch is great! I only keep it on for a couple of hours after I finish work and I’m good to go in my leagues. Tommy – Port Saint Lucie, Florida USA

I just used my first 4 Patches and I just placed an order for a 6-month supply. Does that tell you anything Mate? Trevor – Sidney, Australia

My friend, who uses 4 of your patches, told me about your company, so I thought the best way to check you out was to try the Energy patch. Well I did and it blows away the energy drink I was using. It gives me a higher quality of energy with no side effects. I’m thinking about the Testo/100 patch now as I’m 62 years old and Testosterone is an issue for me. Victor – Pembroke Pines, Florida USA


I was a ex-semi pro boxer and have tried a lot of products over the years. I am 35yrs old now and did a lot of research on the HGH sprays,pills and patches before I started taking the HGH power patch along with the Testo/100 patch about 3 weeks ago. I can say that I know when something is working in my body and these 2 products are doing wonders for me. I have gained muscle while lowering my body fat in this short time along with my strength going up. I have also notice that I am not getting near as sore after workouts which tell me these products are helping with the recovery time as well. I have had sleep issues over the years and can tell a difference in more deeper sleep now. I would recommend these products to anyone that is serious about changing there body's appearance and over all health. Craig – Atlanta, Georgia USA

I've been cycling on and off the Testo patch for a few months. I get more reps and can drive greater intensity on each rep when using the Testo patch. At 55 years old I'm able to remain competitive with the twenty-somethings using the Testo patches. Charles – Danvers, Massachusetts USA

I just wanted to tell you guys how well the Testo/100 patch worked for me.  I noticed an immediate increase in libido and stamina.  I saw strength gains in my workouts and some stubborn areas of fat are beginning to go away. And that is happening WITHOUT a change in diet.  AWESOME!  I feel great!  The aggressiveness, the good kind, I had in my 20's is coming back as well.  All of this and I've only been using the patch for 7 full weeks!!  The best thing of all is that I've not had ANY side affects.  I've only had side BENEFITS!  I literally can not wait to try the HGH product and the other products as well. Thank you guys for making such an outstanding product and for actually delivering on what you claimed the product could do.  I couldn't be more pleased! Paul – Burns, Tennessee USA

Before using Testo/100 patch, I had been using DAA products and other popular Testosterone-boosting products; achieved mixed results. Having heard about patch from SuperHumanRadio, I decide to give it a shot to personally experience what is the hype of this transdermal patch. I followed the use of the patch as directed by Ageforce and was amazed by the result. Results are not instantaneous but I was able to feel increase strength in my workouts if you use it consistently. Right now I swear by it. Beng - Singapore

Your presentation on the podcast was very persuasive.  I've been using the Testo100 patches for the past month and have started to feel some subtle changes.  And although for the age of 56, I have a high total T of over 1,000, my free and available T is quite low.  So, I was a bit anxious about encouraging my system to pr more T, but I am feeling more energy, more desire to get back to my exercise routines that have been slacking the past few months.  I have also noticed an increase in libido. Thanks for the products.  I hope these patches will help me show greater gains for my efforts in the gym and my HIIT workouts. Tom – Odenton, Maryland USA

I feel much more energy and a brighter mood! Robert – Mount Vernon, Iowa USA

I’m a personal trainer and at the age of 54, I found my energy levels and must confess, my libido not where I would like them to be. About a year ago, I head about AgeForce from one of my clients (More about that later) and placed an order for the Testo/100 Testosterone Booster patches. Now a year later I can honestly say that this patch does everything the company claims for it and more! My blood work shows my Testosterone is at levels associated with a man in his twenties, and that is just the way I feel! The client that put me on to AgeForce uses their PowerPatches and their Creatine and Nitric Oxide booster patches. His progress in the gym has been incredible. Kevin – Bridgeport, Connecticut USA

I won’t get into any X-rated details, but your Testosterone Booster patches worked for me. It did take a couple of months though. I almost gave up, but after speaking with your product support line, I didn’t quit and I am so happy I didn’t. My wife loves you guys! Emanuel – Honolulu, Hawaii USA

I ordered the Testo/100 patches to boost my libido. They worked and another benefit I got was a tremendous increase in my energy levels. Terry – Colorado Springs, Colorado USA

I use the Testo/100 patches in combination with your HGH PowerPatches. The first year’s results have been outstanding! My fitness goals have been achieved and I’m working on new ones. My health is excellent and I credit the absence of any colds, sore throats, or other stuff to a stronger immune system. You have a customer for life! Solomon – Chicago, Illinois USA

Testo/100 patches have helped my sex-life big-time! I got back into the dating scene after being married for 30-years and I knew at the age of 58, I needed help. My friend told me about your company, and I’ve been using the Testosterone booster patches now for almost 2-years. I cannot say enough about them. Roger – El Paso, Texas USA

Amino Acid

Amino acid patch is far superior than most powders on the market today. It's ability to alleviate soreness and recovery are one of a kind. I highly reccomend if your are high level athlete to take your abilities to the next level. Ronnie – Ft. Lauderdale, Florida USA

I listened to Carl on SuperHumanRadio talk about the trend with top athletes changing the way they get their amino acid supplementation by injections. I’ve been using oral stacks for years and the concept of injectable amino acids got my attention. I did lots of research and found out that because such a large percentage of any oral amino acid dosage was destroyed in the stomach, that a very small dosage by injection was all you needed. I’m not great with injections so when my online research got me to the AgeForce website I knew right away that transdermal patches could work for me. Well, 6-months later I can tell one and all how fantastic the AgeForce patches are. I now use 5 of them! Burton – Dayton, Ohio USA

I took advantage of your new product introduction a long time ago, with the 2 for 1 offer, and my Autoship comes like clockwork every 60-days. The Amino Acid patches are a very important part of my fitness routine. Joyce – Charlotte, North Carolina USA

Anyone that doesn’t believe that Amino Acid supplementation builds lean muscle mass should speak to me. I got tired of taking my old supplement stacks a year ago and switched to the AgeForce patch. You would not believe my before and after pictures. Henry – Oceanside, California USA

I have been using your Amino Acid patches now for several months and I also use your COq10/Omega-3 patches. I feel a lot more energy and my jogging distances and times have improved a lot! Marcy – Knoxville, Tennessee USA

I had reconstructive knee surgery a few months ago and my doctor suggested that I take an amino acid supplement to help more the healing process along. My son uses a couple of your patches and he told me about your company. I bought the Amino Acid patches and while I can’t tell if they have helped me heal faster, I can tell you that I feel great and seem to have more energy! Rodney – Warren, Michigan USA

This is a very good patch! Hester – McAllen, Texas USA

I use the Amino Acid patch along with the COq10+Omega-3 and the B-complex patches. I find that the patches all work for me and I have never felt in better health! Sandy – Lakewood, New Jersey USA

If you know anything about dietary supplements you know that Amino Acids are the basic building blocks of protein. I workout hard 5 times a week and my lean muscle mass has increased every year for the last 3-years. I started using the Amino Acid patches along with the DHEA/Pregnenolone patches a year ago. My muscle mass and percentage of body fat are proof positive that the AgeForce patches work! Gregory – Hayward, California USA


The melatonin patches work wonderfully, helped me to set my sleep schedule and get to bed/fall asleep when I needed to instead of staying up all night. You have to be trying to fall asleep they won't knock you out if you’re up and about doing things. Jesse – Houston, Texas USA

The Melatonin Patch has worked very well for me. I have had chronic insomnia for years, and nothing has helped except prescription sleeping pills. Believe me, I have tried everything. I apply the Melatonin Patch 1 hour before I go to bed, and it has made falling asleep so much easier. Since it is time released, I can fall back asleep if I wake up during the night. I highly recommend this product!! Gregory – Lynden, Washington USA

The Melatonin/GABA patches offer a incrediblely simplist means to get a restful nights sleep without any side effects.Approximately 1 hour before sleep I apply the patch and within minutes I sense a more relaxed sensation along with an occasional yawn.Upon awakening I feel more rested and remember more of my dreams with more details. The patches have enhanced my sleep helping me to awake feeling more refreshed and ready to go.I would encourage everyone who may need help getting a better quality of sleep try these patches and see for themselves the true value without any side effects. Stu – New Milford, New Jersey USA

Melatonin patch is great! The sustained release is excellent; no waking up in the middle of the night, no lethargy in the morning. Other products hit too hard and often gave me vivid disturbing nightmares - the patch never does, that is why I have stayed with it since my first order. Gordon – Montclair, New Jersey USA

Just put one of these babies on and sweet dreams! Susan – Lowell, Massachusetts USA

ExtraStrength HGH

I've been using the Extra Strength HGH Patches for about six months. I've noticed some good effects: I'm training with an 88lb kettle-ball, it’s easier to get out of bed in the morning (I remember vaulting out at the invitation from my wife to go to breakfast one morning it totally shocked me), I work a twelve hour shift and no longer take caffeine pills to get me through the shift (I get up at 3am on work days). That is just a start. Thank you Age Force. Clyde – Red Feather Lakes, Colorado USA

The ExtraStrength HGH patches work great at helping sleep through the night, something that’s usually troubling for me. They make my skin look tighter and fresher in the morning, also I feel like I wake up more pumped, and while I’m not really using them for fat loss I do notice that I look leaner when I use them. Tucker – Los Angeles, California USA

I have been using hg since I was 30 year old.  During that time I was using a spray.  Now we are using patches which is better because I just put it on my skin every night before I sleep. All those years, I have using the hgh, I never never developed an abdominal fat, I always so slim and my metabolism is very high because the energy it gives to my body getting me involve in yoga and good diet.  I have a very balance emotions which helping me beat my everyday stress.  Sexually, it is still the same as is when you were young.  The magic of these formulation is so awesome that people at my age looking more older 10 years.  People thought I am just in my early 30's.  This is the reason I guess.  It makes me a different person...I never get sick, healthy mental state, no depression.  Figure conscious, I became very spiritual and yes sexually healthy.  I have using it for 17 years!!! And i will still using it as long as my purse allows me to! Rowena – La Puente, California USA

I've been using this patch since it was put on the market, and I can See & Feel this HGH ExtraStrength patch WORKING This will be the only patch I will ever use. Thanks For Making It Better. Olin – Baltimore, Maryland USA

I’m 73 years young and I thought my best days might have been behind me. When I placed my order for the ExtraStrength HGH patch 4-years ago, I had my fingers crossed for good results. I had read countless articles about HGH and I felt that your patch was the most advanced way to try HGH supplementation. OK, sorry to bore you with a long review, but I cannot tell you how much I have benefited from the ExtraStrength patches in just a couple of words. My doctor did blood texting for HGH (IGF-1) when I started and I have regular testing done every year. My IGF-1 is at the levels of a 40-year old, and I look and feel like a 40-year old! The ExtraStrength HGH patches have been nothing short of spectacular and the fact that you have upgraded the formula at no extra cost 3 times in the last 4 years is wonderful. Thank you! Lloyd – Los Angeles, California USA

A friend of mine told me about the ExtraStrength HGH patches. Actually, I made a comment to her about a year ago, saying how great she looked and asked her if she had a face-lift. She told me that she had been using the ExtraStrength patches for a couple of years and that it helped here in many ways. Her skin and her hair color were two of the benefits she raved about. I ordered the patch with your AutoShip option and I can tell you first hand that the benefits of HGH are for real! I have more energy, I sleep better, and my friends tell me I look great! Judith – Provo, Utah USA

3 years now and counting! This patch is awesome! I just ordered the Melatonin patches and can’t wait to try them. Dale – Green Bay, Wisconsin USA

The ExtraStrength HGH patches have been part of my supplement regiment for 8 months and I am really satisfied with results. Nothing happened for the first month and then things really started to kick-in for me. Anyone that orders this patch has to be patient. It is not instant gratification. But well worth the wait! Clark – Davenport, Iowa USA

I couldn’t decide whether to order the PowerPatch or the ExtraStrength patches. I called Customer Support and the person I spoke to asked me several questions about my health and life style before they recommended the ExtraStrength patches. I’ve used the patch for over a year now and I believe I have benefited in countless ways. Great customer support and a great product! Rene – Paris, France

What I like the most about my ExtraStrength patches is the better quality of sleep I now enjoy. A good night’s sleep for me was always a problem. I have been using the ExtraStrength patches for about 2-years now and I sleep like a baby! Dirk – New York, New York USA

Creatine + Beta Alanine

I'm currently using the Creatine + Beta Alanine patches. Since using these I have noticed a big difference In my training and general well being I was very surprised with what I felt, I also use the HGH PowerPatches and I have been recommending these to everyone Even my trainer has noticed a massive difference!

If you workout you have to have this patch. I’ve turned all my friends in our gym on to it. Gordon – Chicago, Illinois USA

Never again will I mix up a Creatine drink! I did my homework about transdermal delivery and also what happens to supplements when they sit in the stomach acid bath for so long. Anyone that does some reading will come to believe as I do, that the best way to get you Creatine is direct to bloodstream delivery. This patch is so easy to use. I put one on before I head to the gym and keep it on for a few hours after my workout. Absolutely great! Maureen – Salem, Oregon USA

Everyone knows that Creatine is the most popular fitness supplement. What everyone doesn’t know, and should know, is that the AgeForce Creatine patches are the best way to get Creatine stored in your muscles. Archer – Vancouver, Washington USA

I love this patch! Let me repeat that…I love this patch! Lonny – Lancaster, California USA

My personal trainer has been using the AgeForce Creatine patches for a year and he told me and his other clients that they might consider using it. I ordered the patch and I’ve used it for about 2-months now and my workouts have really been better! Francis – Cleveland, Ohio USA

I will be using this patch as long as I can afford it! Hopefully forever! Curtis – Los Angeles, California USA

The combination of Creatine and Beta Alanine is a flat out winner! I have been using this patch along with the DHEA/Pregnenolone patch for 6-months and it blows my mind! Anthony – Eugene, Oregon USA


If you don’t want more energy, don’t buy this patch! I’ve been using the B-12 patch and now the new B-complex patches for several months and they are fantastic! Peri – Shreveport, Louisiana USA

When you changed the patch over to a complete B-complex patch you had my business! I ordered a 6-month supply of the new B-complex patches about 6-weeks ago and my order was delivered right away. What could be easier? I put a patch on before I go to sleep and take it off in the morning when I wake up! I’m getting all of my B vitamins and loving it! Trudy – Yonkers, New York USA

I love that you guys have spared no expense with the B-complex patches. The fact that you have the superior and more expensive forms of B vitamins is very important to me. This patch blows away any other B complex supplement. Carlos – San Juan, Puerto Rico USA

I pay a great deal of attention to studies about dietary supplements, and the fact that you use Hydroxy Cobalamin and P5P in your patch made my decision to switch from my oral B complex supplement a very easy one. Your B complex formula sets a very high bar for others to try to reach. Bradley – London, United Kingdom

Not many people know just how important B9 is. When I read that you use the Methylfolate form of B9 I was very impressed. That’s just one several great components in you wonderful formula. Charles – Sydney, Australia

I had been taking B vitamin injections for several years. When I visited your website I decided to stop (They are quite expensive) and give your patches a trial. I ordered a 90-day supply and as I am just about finished with the 90-day supply, I just placed a new order for a monthly Autoship. The patches are great! It may be wishful thinking but I feel more energy and overall benefit from them than I did with my injections. Bruce – Baltimore, Maryland USA

I think that the 8-hour time-release function of the patch allows my system to more fully absorb the B vitamins. I love the patch and wish that you would develop a “Multi” vitamin patch. Let me know if you do that. Clark - Overland Park, Kansas US

COq10 + Omega-3

I like the Coenzyme Q10 patch. I feel a lot better since using it. Margaret – Phoenix, Arizona USA

I love getting both of these great supplements in one easy to use patch. Jillian – Toronto, Canada

What convinced me to try your COq10 patches was that you use the Ubiquinol form of Q10. Most people don’t realize just how superior it is. I have been using the patches now for 5-months and they are everything I had hoped for and more! Tracy – Wilmington, North Carolina USA

I have Huntington’s disease and I have found that your patch really does moderate my symptoms. Thomas – Downey, California USA

I will let you know in about 10-years if this patch helps with Anti-Aging? I can tell you that it is so easy to use and that I am going to also order the B-complex patches soon. Erica – Portland, Oregon USA

I use 5 of your patches including the COq10 + Omega-3. I wish you could see just how young I look for my 74 years. Thank you AgeForce! Alfred – Redding, California USA

My doctor suggested that I consider an Omega-3 supplement. I emailed her a link to your website and she told me that she liked what she read about the Omega-3 along with the COq10 patch. So I placed an order last month and I’ve been using the patch for a couple of weeks now. To early to tell you much more other than the order came quickly and the patch is beyond easy to use. Kelly – Chandler, Arizona USA

What a great combination of supplements. This patch is Da Bomb! Larry – New York, New York, USA

I don’t know if I am just exercising more consistently or if it’s a placebo effect, but I feel much better and I have a lot more energy after using this patch for the last 2-months. Sammy – Modesto, California USA

I was very impressed with the way you formulate your Omega-3 fattty acid formula. I have a friend in the supplement business here in the EU and he told me that 99% of the Omega-3 supplements are sub-par. Reading about your formula convinced me to place my order a few months ago, and I am more than satisfied. Otto – Hamburg, Germany

Nitric Oxide Booster

What a pump! Awesome! Charlie – Dallas, Texas USA

I put a patch on before I leave for the gym and I’m good to go! I know I am getting more blood flow to my muscles and my workout results prove that to me. Vernon – Tallahassee, Florida USA

There are hundreds of NO boosters out there, but the fact that your formula also had a post recovery sold me. I love the patch! Jill – Naperville, Illinois USA

Most people use NO boosters for the “Pump”. But those of us who know about the benefits of extra blood flow to the muscle groups use NO boosters to increase our athletic performance, I have found your patch to deliver on it’s promises and then some! It is by far, the most effective NO booster I have ever used. William – Manchester, United Kingdom

I just got you 6 new customers for this patch! My boys in the gym are all amazed at how my workouts are going! I use the NO patch and the HGH PowerPatch. I have been using both of them for about a year and they are both incredible. Thinking about adding the DHEA patch next. I’ll be giving your Customer number a call to discuss. Anthony – Lubbock, Texas USA

I use the Nitric Oxide Booster every time I workout. The pump is sensational as are my workouts. Gene – Troy, New York USA

What do you put in this patch? Never mind I know because you spell it out on your formula page. It is one great patch! I have to believe that in the next 10-years that patches will make pills obsolete! Terrence – Akron, Ohio USA

Awesome! Zachary – New York, New York USA

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