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Nitric Oxide Booster Blast® BOGO

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Nitric Oxide Blast

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Nitric OxideNitric oxide increases nutrient rich blood flow to your muscles without increasing cardiac demand!

More blood flow to the muscles means more oxygen and an increase in nutrients delivered to the muscles during your workout. Trainers and athletes know that this combination helps to elevate strength, stamina, endurance, focus, and intensity during intense physical exertion and for this reason, it is a staple in the supplement regimen of any man or woman with a consistent fitness routine. Other benefits include:

  • Increase Blood flow to muscle groups without any additional cardiac demand
  • Strengthening of the immune system
  • Raise physical endurance
  • Increased focus and alertness
  • Enhanced sexual energy and aid erectile dysfunction
  • Alleviate pain associated with joint inflammation and osteoarthritis
  • Safe for men and women of all ages

You want your nitric oxide levels elevated quickly—before and during your workout! Forget about waiting 4-6 hours after taking any oral nitric oxide supplementation for it to take effect. With the AgeForce® nitric oxide patch, your NO levels can start rising immediately because our transdermal formula enters directly into your bloodstream as soon as the patch is applied! Any oral NO supplement goes to your stomach, where powerful digestive acids destroy a large percentage of the oral formula and the natural digestive cycle takes 2 to 4 hours before the surviving formula enters your bloodstream, where it has to go to elevate NO levels.

If you’re a young athlete or a more mature man or woman, nitric oxide supplementation can really help, because as one ages, you slowly loses its ability to produce nitric acid in quantities sufficient to sustain most physical activities. Even younger adults can experience the effects of lowered nitric oxide. With AgeForce® Nitric Oxide Blast anyone can experience the health and fitness benefits of increase blood-flow without an additional demand on your cardiovascular system for more productive workouts and exercise.

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