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HGH Booster Secretagogue

An Affordable Alternative To HGH Injections

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Fact! This Patch Will Elevate Your Natural HGH As Safely And As Effectively as Expensive Injections!

For any man or woman that doesn’t want to accept the natural age-related decline of their HGH production, we’ve developed the first truly viable alternative to HGH injections! HGH Maximize will safely increase your pituitary gland’s natural HGH production to youthful levels more effectively than any HGH secretagogue available!

What Is An HGH Secretagogue? An HGH secretagogue is a peptide that binds to certain receptors in the human brain. These receptors are wired to HGH producing cells in the pituitary gland. For these cells, the binding of the secretagogue to the receptor is the signal to the pituitary gland to increase production of human growth hormone.

The First And Only Secretagogue Combination Formula: With HGH Maximize, we are the first pharmaceutical company to offer a scientifically formulated three-component growth hormone secretagogue transdermal time-release patch. This safe, yet powerful formula features next generation secretagogues, MK-677 and Ipamorelin, the currently best-researched GHRH analogue, CJC-1295, and a balanced amino acid support matrix.

This is not your Grandmother’s HGH Booster! HGH Maximize patches make any HGH secretagoge on the market today obsolete! HGH Maximize is the first non-injectable growth hormone booster that’s capable of increasing your growth hormone levels to the same extent as prescription HGH injections!

The Formula Features The Newest Secretagogues: The secret to HGH Maximize’s potency is it’s unique ingredient formula, which is built around the strongest and safest growth hormone secretagogues on the market. With CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin HGH Maximize contains two of the more recently developed second and third generation secretagogues. They are agents that have been developed specifically to have the same or an even higher potency, but significantly reduced side effects than older secretagogues like GHRP-2, GHRP-6 or hexamorelin.

The ignitersThe igniters – HGH Maximize’s powerful secretagogue base of CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin: If HGH Maximize was a GH bomb, CHC-1295 and Ipamorelin would be the bomb’s explosive trigger. When these powerful peptides are released into the bloodstream they interact with a special receptor in the brain and trigger the release of growth hormone from the pituitary gland.

The Scientifically Documented Benefits Of CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin To Elevate Natural HGH Levels: Over the past decade, the list of scientifically confirmed benefits of growth hormone therapy has expanded. As of now, the following benefits have been scientifically confirmed.

  • Osteo-anabolic (=bone building) effects
  • Increased muscle size and strength
  • Increased red blood cell count and subsequent improvements in exercise performance
  • Normalization of heart function and prevention of pathological changes in cardiac morphology
  • Increased muscle size and strength
  • Increased red blood cell count and subsequent improvements in exercise performance
  • Normalization of heart function and prevention of pathological changes in cardiac morphology
  • Increases in energy expenditure, fatty acid oxidation and muscular protein synthesis
  • Reductions in "bad" LDL cholesterol and improvements of the HDL/LDL ratio, which are directly associated with a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Normalization of glucose metabolism (w/ long-term treatment in GH deficiency)
  • Improvements in several measures of quality of life and psychological well-being

HGH Maximize transdermal time-release patches offer the same benefits and performance of prescription HGH injections without any of the side effects!

  • When you’re dieting, for example, HGH Maximize will not just protect you from losing muscle by increasing the synthesis of protein and reducing its breakdown. Practically speaking this means that MK-677 generated gains in muscle protein despite being on a diet. This is the awesome formula everyone is looking for, in that it enables you to lose fat and build muscle at the same time!

  • As you age, the osteo-anabolic (bone building) effects of our secretagogue induced HGH production will keep your bones from becoming brittle. It’s not the mere increase in bone mass that is important, but rather the unique ability of growth hormone secretagogues to re-ignite the bone turnover, i.e. the process that fuels the constant rejuvenation of your bones and ensures their elasticity and strength.

  • If you’re working out or just exercising, the profound HGH boost from HGH Maximize will speed up your recovery, accelerate the adaptation process and help you form new blood cells.

Whether it is any of these or another benefits of HGH such as: increased metabolic rate + protein synthesis, improvements in cholesterol profile, general health, fitness, and wellness you are aspiring to, there are two additional reasons why HGH Maximize is the only HGH secretagogue patch that will offer all of them:

The HGH Maximize’s HGH Production Multiplier CJC & Amino Acids: If the secretagogues are the igniter, CJC-1295 and HGH Maximize’s amino acid support matrix are multipliers that insure the HGH release triggered by the secretagogue matrix and selected amino acids consisting of: Arginine, lysine, ornithine keto-glutarate and GABA. – Unlike most common natural GH booster sprays or pills on the market, the HGH Maximize formula includes these four proven amino acid HGH boosters, not as its main ingredients, but as carefully chosen supplement to its secreatagogues.

CJC-1295, the GHRH analogue that potentiates the growth hormone release- Even though MK-677 and Ipamorelin would work well on their own, it takes a scientifically proven GHRH analogue like CJC-1295 to maximize and prolong the natural and secretagogue-induced growth hormone spikes in a way that makes our HGH Maximize, the first injection-grade transdermal HGH booster to offer this unique combination of secretagogue + GHRH analog, on the same level with injectable bio- identical HGH formulations! It should thus be obvious that the combination of the MK-677 and Ipamorelin with the GHRH analog CJC-1295 in HGH Maximize is the perfect combination to synergistically boost your HGH levels to previously unknown heights (and keep them there) in both, younger and older men and women.

The AgeForce® Time-Release Transdermal Patch Delivery System Makes The Difference! Unlike sprays or pills, our patches ensure the well-timed phased delivery of the rapidly acting secretagogue-base, its amino acid support and the sustained release GHRH components directly to the bloodstream.

Our Satisfaction Guarantee: No matter where or how long you keep looking, we guarantee that you won’t find another HGH secretagogue with our advanced formula and HGH boosting performance as HGH Maximize! The first injection-grade HGH secretagogue patch on the market!

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