Try Cardio Plus Weights To Stay Healthy

Try cardio plus weights to stay healthyBeing overweight or just out of shape is hard enough on its own, but finding an exercise program paired with a good eating plan can feel downright impossible at times.

Where to start and what to start with is a very scary place to be for many people. The upside to all of this is, a rocket scientist is not needed to get you in great shape and feeling your best. Weight loss along with cardio and weight training are the three main ingredients for a better you. Cardio, or aerobic exercise gets you going and causes your heart to pump oxygen throughout your body. Resistance training or weight training is another great addition to help boost memory ,improve balance, strengthen muscles and bones while burning calories. If you put these two types of exercises together, the results can be amazing.

Recently a study involving 160 older obese adults was performed. Researchers were trying to pinpoint which exercises would preserve the most muscle and bone mass, lose weight and reduce frailty. Participants engaged in cardio, weights, or a combination of both. After 6 months of training and recording results, the findings were amazing. While everyone who exercised boosted health in some way, the combination group made the biggest strides toward a happy and healthy life. Strength was increased significantly in the combination group and body weight decreased by 9 percent. Lean muscle mass decreased the least in the combo group as well. This shows that performing cardio plus a resistance training program to your day will keep you strong, lean and focused. These changes not only help you in the gym or during your home exercise routine, they give you the ammunition you need to live a healthy and fruitful life for years to come.

Staying Healthy with Digestive Problems

Staying Healthy with Digestive ProblemsOur digestive system is a powerful working piece of machinery. If you are one of the more fortunate, you don’t even give it a second thought. Eat food, it does its thing and waste comes out. Unfortunately, not everyone is so lucky. Many issues can pop up in your digestive life that can cause real problems for everyday eating.

One of the most common is acid reflux. Whether you ate too much food or that greasy cheeseburger is not agreeing with you, heartburn can be a real hassle. Most times watching the types of food you eat can eliminate acid problems. However, a more serious problem called GERD, a more chronic type of acid reflux issue, can be more difficult to control. IBS or irritable bowel syndrome is another more serious type of digestive issue. This can often begin in our teens and is twice as likely to affect women versus men. This can cause nausea, cramps, constipation, and diarrhea. The good thing is IBS can be controlled with lifestyle changes and medications.

The best place to start is with a healthy clean diet. Making sure you consume plenty of fruits and vegetables along with quality grains, lean protein, such as chicken & fish. If at all possible avoid high fat food, processed foods and junk food. These can all trigger very bad symptoms of GERD or IBS. Pay attention to how your body is feeling and what your body needs versus what you think you want. Maintaining a consistent diet of healthy foods will keep digestive discomfort at bay. Adding quality transdermal skin patches for that extra boost of vitamins, omega fatty acids and sleep are also just a few things that will keep you on the “feel good” track of life. Health and fitness doesn’t have to be an obstacle. With a little common sense, daily exercise, good food and supplemental health boosters, living a quality life can be as easy as making the right decisions.

Three Easy Ways to Stay in Shape

Three Easy Ways to Stay in ShapeFor most of you who are not serious athletes but still want to be fit, feel good and wear your favorite clothes, going to the gym to workout can be rather intimidating. Seeing the rows of treadmills, steppers and weight machines can make you want to run back home and hide on the couch. Fortunately, many of the best types of exercises for your overall health don’t even require you going to the gym. These ways of getting fit can and will do amazing things for your well being. They will improve strength,keep weight under control, boost memory and improve balance all while making you happy and look great. Regardless of your age or fitness level, these few exercises can get you in shape and help to ward off illnesses and disease.

  1. Walking is super simple to do and it packs a punch against poor health. Walking keeps you trim, lowers blood pressure and improves your mood. Lace up a good pair of shoes and hit the road!

  2. Swimming should probably be known as the perfect workout. Water supports your body and painful joints but let’s you move freely while getting in shape. This is also a great mental health booster and overall muscle toner.

  3. Strength training is not just about getting huge. Don’t believe all the gossip and hearsay. Weight training burns a large amount of calories while strengthening muscles and bones. Balance is improved along with focus and flexibility.

These are only a few of the most common and effective ways to start your journey to better health. It does’t take fancy machines and trendy clothes to get the job done. You just need a little know-how, want-to and determination to reach a lifelong goal of health and well-being.

Intermittent Fasting Can Help Prevent Alzheimer's

Intermittent Fasting can help prevent Alzheimer'sWatching what you eat and counting calories is a good idea for anyone who is health conscious. Diets can benefit people in a number of ways. They can obviously help you lose weight. They also improve eating habits while helping to focus on better and more nutritious foods.

However, one type of diet could help you battle the war on aging and promote better brain health. This type of diet is called intermittent fasting. You can drastically reduce the amount of food you consume for short periods of time. When it comes to patients that abide by the rules of intermitent fasting, Alzheimer’s symptoms drop and patients feel a boost to their health.

While many studies conducted with animals clearly show the benefits of intermittent fasting, Alzheimer’s patients may be the ones to benefit the most. According to the National Institute of Aging, mice with this type of diet saw substantially improved heart health and a decrease in symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease. Fasting in this way improves cognition by way of learning and improved memory along with protecting nerve cells from degeneration. While scientists agree that more human studies need to be performed before we can understand all of the health benefits that come with intermittent fasting, Alzheimer’s patients already seem to be benefiting in a pretty substantial way.

According to one participant, the results from a type of fasting called “Prolon” are very noticeable. He claimed to feel more productive and focused throughout the day. There are 3 main types of fasting in this manner.

The 5:2 plan is the first. This lets you eat normally five days per week and eat less than 600 calories the remaining two days.

Alternating days is the next. This is just as it sounds. One day you eat regular the next you eat less than 600 calories then repeat.

Daily time restriction is the third, and this type of fasting allows you to eat normally between noon and 8pm. When it comes to fasting, Alzheimer’s patients could benefit by using any of these three methodsl.

As with any eating plan, consistency is the key to success. Reducing your food intake can cause a binge eating effect which defeats the whole purpose. If you have a history of Alzheimer’s, giving this diet a try may benefit you a lot more than just a number on a scale.

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