Benefits of Wearing a Lifting Belt

Benefits of a wearing a belt while liftingHow many times have you gone to the gym and seen people wearing a belt while lifting weights? Some wear them while doing heavy lifts such as squats and dead lifts. Others seem to wear them around all of the time. With all of the questions and confusion about this simple piece of equipment, here is a brief explanation of what, when, how and why about the lifting belt.

First of all the lifting belt can be made of leather, canvas or a synthetic material with a buckle or clasp to tighten. They also range from a couple inches wide to 6+ inches. A weightlifting belt does have its place and uses in the gym. They help to create more intra abdominal pressure which helps to stabilize your spine as you lift heavy weights. With such lifts mentioned before, squats and dead lifts with a weight of 85 percent of your one rep max. Spine stability is the number one health aspect to having and maintaining a strong spine, since stability supports muscles and protects joints and discs while limiting injury.

Whether using a weight belt or not, learning to control breathing and creating intra-abdominal pressure is the first step to protecting the spine. Once you decide to use a belt, fit and size is very important. The belt should fit tight enough so no fingers can fit between the belt and you, but you should be able to inhale fully. Fit the belt 1-2 inches above the hips. The belt should cover as much stomach and spine muscles as possible. If you are still having pain problems, check your technique. No piece of equipment can make up for posture, or lifting form. Using common sense while in the gym is key as well. Just because the other guy is lifting a ton doesn’t mean you must as well. Adding supplemental health boosters such as transdermal skin patches can also ensure your body is getting the right fuel to stay healthy while in the gym or in everyday life.

Tips For Burning Belly Fat

Burning belly fatIt’s common knowledge that men add some extra weight around their waistline as the years progress. When we are kids running around playing or riding our bikes kept us in pretty good condition. However, as we age real life issues take our time and possibly our slim waist and stomach. In the last 50 years he average weight of a man has increased by 24 pounds. This is the weight of 2 Thanksgiving turkeys. Fortunately this doesn’t have to be the final result. Over the years hundreds of exercises and diets have been used to fight the fat and give you that athletic youthful look. This isn’t rocket science but it may take some trial and error and research to find the formula that works best for you. If this is the problem and eliminating those love handles is the solution, here are a few ways to kick start your belly fat reduction.

  1. Consume more quality protein.

You are what you eat has been proven to be true. Eating at least 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight will help burn fat and pack on quality muscle.

  1. Exercise standing.

Exercise is an obvious fix but try standing while working out. This can burn up to 30 percent more calories than the same movement seated.

  1. Reduce carb intake.

Reducing your carbohydrate intake to only 8 percent of your daily diet can help you lose up to 7 pounds of fat in six weeks while gaining muscle.

  1. Don’t skip meals

Star your day off with a good breakfast to help avoid the mid morning crash. Good food will burn more calories and give you energy.

These few steps will certainly help slim down that waistline and show off those abs. If extra help is needed, adding a transdermal skin patch to boost fat burning can give you that jumpstart you need to keep you on the less fat track of healthy living.

Summer Skin Health

Protect your skin in the summer sunWith Summer in full bloom and the sunshine blazing hot, staying hydrated and cool are only a couple of precautions to take for personal health. Protecting your skin from dangerous ultraviolet rays is a must in order to decrease the possibility of skin cancer, wrinkles and sunburn. The best way to eliminate the bad effects of sunlight would be to stay covered or remain indoors as much as possible. Since this is not an option for most people, wearing sunscreen is the best way to protect yourself. Many studies have shown that the typical sunscreen creams don’t protect as much as they claim.

A more recent study divided 16 fair skinned people into two groups. The first group endured one single exposure of ultraviolet rays to a specific area that was treated with a various thickness of sunscreen. The second group received UV rays 5 consecutive days to mimic normal exposure. After the lights were turned off, biopsies of the exposed skin showed substantial DNA damage to group number 2. Even though group number 1 used sunscreen, the tests showed damage to the skin unless the cream was applied very liberally. Using some type of sunscreen is common sense and is a must especially in very sunny climates. Staying out of the sun is the only sure fire way to eliminate a possible skin problem caused from sun exposure. However if you want to reduce the look of wrinkles, using a transdermal skin patch such as the HGH Power Patch will help you look and feel your best. In the end you must take care of your skin with healthy foods, plenty of water, protection from the sun and daily exercise.

Easiest Calorie Burning Exercises

Calorie burning exercises

Exercising and staying healthy can be accomplished by performing any number of exercises or weight lifting. One of the easiest and most known is running. Running fast sprints or slow and steady will burn calories and keep you in great shape. However, some people get bored with just running around or using a treadmill. If you are going to put in the effort you may as well get the best results possible in the least amount of time. There are countless different exercises that are quick and even burn more calories than going for a run. Here are a few suggestions to keep things from becoming monotonous and help meet your health goals.

  1. Kettle bell swing.

A kettle bell is a round weight with a handle on top. These are some of the oldest style of weights and very effective. Swing the weight between your legs and up to eye level, this burns over 20 calories per minute. After a little practice, this will definitely be one of your go-to exercises.

  1. Rowing machine.

This is another tried and true old school machine that works. The average person can burn over 12 calories per minute. After a 30 minute workout your arms, legs, back, and shoulders will be screaming but you will be thankful with the results.

  1. Jumping rope.

Here is an exercise that is fun for all ages and simple to do. Any regular rope or professional rope will work. Moderate jumping is about 100-120 jumps per minute. This can burn 13 calories for every minute you jump. This is a great cardio workout but also helps with balance and coordination.

These are only a few simple exercises that will help you burn calories quickly and improve your life. Add a sensible diet and good sleep habits and health boosters such as transdermal skin patches and you will surpass your health and fitness goals before you know it.

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