Exercise is One of the Best Remedies for Low Testosterone

Exercise is a great way to prevent Low TestosteroneKeeping your body healthy and feeling your best is at the top of most people’s wish list. Unfortunately, age is the biggest robber of health and youthfulness. Everyone knows that women experience changes as they reach a certain age. This is known as menopause. However, men go through the same type of change as they age and experience many of the same symptoms. Male menopause or andropause is a gradual loss of the hormone testosterone. Typically called “Low T”, this is most common in older men over the age of 60. As men hit age 40 testosterone reduces by 3 percent each year and by age 80 test levels are less than half of what they were as a young man. The side effects of low testosterone are weight gain, muscle loss, insomnia, brittle bones, anger and even depression. As if just getting older wasn’t enough, low T also causes sexual function problems as well. Time will naturally reduce test levels, but stress, nutrition, genetics, and medications all have a huge effect on how much testosterone the male body produces. The most common fix for this issue is testosterone replacement therapy (TRT). This is the act of injecting synthetic testosterone into the body to achieve healthy levels of the hormone. This is a lifelong commitment and comes with risk factors and dedication. Before you run out to the clinic for a vial of testosterone, try some other ways to boost your levels naturally.

Exercise is the best remedy for many things that ail us and low T is no exception. Lifting weights and using your large muscles help boost test levels and make you feel better. Eating healthy veggies and clean proteins will also boost performance and health. Adding exercise and diet to a good nights sleep, and you are on your way to a better performing “you”. If you still find yourself lagging behind, adding a supplemental health booster such as a transdermal skin patch to boost testosterone, improve sleep, reduce inflammation or to lose weight will have definitely positive effects on your whole body and outlook on life.

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