Using Aspirin to Prevent Cardiovascular Health Issues

Baby aspirin for preventative heart maintenanceMore than half of elderly adults in the United States take a low dose aspirin on a daily basis. This is a good preventative medicine if you suffer from a vascular condition, but a recent study shows that taking a low dose aspirin won’t do much good at preventing a cardiovascular event.

More than 19,000 people were studied over 5 years as to the benefits of a daily low dose (81mg) aspirin to prevent strokes and heart attacks. The researchers found there was no benefit for otherwise healthy people. In fact, aspirin increased the risk of bleeding in the brain and digestive tract. The people who were studied were between the ages of 65-70 with no cardiovascular health issues. Half were given low dose aspirin while the other half were given a placebo. After the almost 5 years of follow up, the people in the aspirin group died at a higher rate from various causes compared to the placebo group. Although the majority of deaths were cancer related, the data was studied closely because aspirin has claimed to help prevent certain types such as colorectal cancer. This doesn’t mean that older people with no cardiovascular issues should stop taking aspirin. If you feel like you would benefit from a daily aspirin you should talk with your doctor. Life and risk factors such as diet, smoking, weight and body fat, blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes history will all be factored in to the decision whether low dose aspirin is a good fit for each person.

Before you jump on the daily aspirin bandwagon, make sure you are doing all you can naturally to improve your health. This includes eating a sensible diet, getting the correct amount of sleep, exercising on a daily basis and controlling stress in your life. Following these basic guidelines will keep you healthy, but sometimes we need to supplement our lives in order to live to the fullest.

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