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What Lack of Sleep Does To Your Health

What a lack of sleep does to your healthOften times the hardest thing in life to attain is something that should come naturally. I’m talking about getting the correct amount of sleep each night. This is definitely the age of getting things done at a fast pace. This can be good for work or accomplishing a task, but the lack of sleep this causes can have a deadly effect on our lives.

In order to provide a better insight of the effects that too little or too much sleep may have, Swedish scientists conducted an experiment on 1463 men born in 1943. The main focus of the study was how sleep affects our cardiovascular health. The researchers performed physical exams on everyone involved. The men also filled out a form stating how much sleep they got each night, exercise routine and if they smoked or not. After the data was recorded, the men were divided into groups as follows, 5 or less hours of sleep, 6 hours of sleep, 7-8 hours of sleep and over 8 hours of sleep. 7-8 hours is considered the normal amount of sleep time. 21 years later the researchers visited with as many men who were still alive and recorded how many experienced stroke, heart failure or heart attacks. The men’s info showed that those who slept the least amount at age 50 were 2 times more likely to have a cardiovascular issue by age 71 versus those men who slept 7-8 hours. This showed true even with other risk and health factors taken into consideration. This study definitely shows that lack of sleep can and does have an impact on quality of life and life expectancy. This doesn’t mean that all people who don’t sleep enough will have heart problems but sleep is a huge factor that affects overall health. Adding a health booster such as Melatonin in a transdermal skin patch form can help relax your mind and body resulting in the much needed Zzzz’s your body needs.

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