Summer Skin Health

Protect your skin in the summer sunWith Summer in full bloom and the sunshine blazing hot, staying hydrated and cool are only a couple of precautions to take for personal health. Protecting your skin from dangerous ultraviolet rays is a must in order to decrease the possibility of skin cancer, wrinkles and sunburn. The best way to eliminate the bad effects of sunlight would be to stay covered or remain indoors as much as possible. Since this is not an option for most people, wearing sunscreen is the best way to protect yourself. Many studies have shown that the typical sunscreen creams don’t protect as much as they claim.

A more recent study divided 16 fair skinned people into two groups. The first group endured one single exposure of ultraviolet rays to a specific area that was treated with a various thickness of sunscreen. The second group received UV rays 5 consecutive days to mimic normal exposure. After the lights were turned off, biopsies of the exposed skin showed substantial DNA damage to group number 2. Even though group number 1 used sunscreen, the tests showed damage to the skin unless the cream was applied very liberally. Using some type of sunscreen is common sense and is a must especially in very sunny climates. Staying out of the sun is the only sure fire way to eliminate a possible skin problem caused from sun exposure. However if you want to reduce the look of wrinkles, using a transdermal skin patch such as the HGH Power Patch will help you look and feel your best. In the end you must take care of your skin with healthy foods, plenty of water, protection from the sun and daily exercise.

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