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Easiest Calorie Burning Exercises

Calorie burning exercises

Exercising and staying healthy can be accomplished by performing any number of exercises or weight lifting. One of the easiest and most known is running. Running fast sprints or slow and steady will burn calories and keep you in great shape. However, some people get bored with just running around or using a treadmill. If you are going to put in the effort you may as well get the best results possible in the least amount of time. There are countless different exercises that are quick and even burn more calories than going for a run. Here are a few suggestions to keep things from becoming monotonous and help meet your health goals.

  1. Kettle bell swing.

A kettle bell is a round weight with a handle on top. These are some of the oldest style of weights and very effective. Swing the weight between your legs and up to eye level, this burns over 20 calories per minute. After a little practice, this will definitely be one of your go-to exercises.

  1. Rowing machine.

This is another tried and true old school machine that works. The average person can burn over 12 calories per minute. After a 30 minute workout your arms, legs, back, and shoulders will be screaming but you will be thankful with the results.

  1. Jumping rope.

Here is an exercise that is fun for all ages and simple to do. Any regular rope or professional rope will work. Moderate jumping is about 100-120 jumps per minute. This can burn 13 calories for every minute you jump. This is a great cardio workout but also helps with balance and coordination.

These are only a few simple exercises that will help you burn calories quickly and improve your life. Add a sensible diet and good sleep habits and health boosters such as transdermal skin patches and you will surpass your health and fitness goals before you know it.

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