Fruits or Vegetables - Which is better for Weight Loss?

Fruits or Vegetables - Which is betterfor weight loss?Finding the best eating plan to achieve your goals of looking & feeling healthy may not be as easy as you think. When people think of diet food, we think vegetables, fruits, lean protein and maybe some flavorless foods as well. Have you ever wondered what is best for weight loss, fruits or vegetables? Well, both of them do but one turns out to be more beneficial than the other.

Making fruits and vegetables staples for a healthy diet is one of the best ways to kick start your weight loss. Non-starchy veggies like kale and broccoli help you drop the pounds but according to new research, apples, berries and pears are at the top of the list of weight loss foods. In order to discern which healthy foods subtract pounds on the scale, a study of 133,000 American men and women were tracked from 1986-2010. Every 4 Year’s the participants filled out a diet and lifestyle questionnaire. This helped adjust for junk food intake, smoking, sitting on the couch and how much fruits & vegetables were consumed. When it came to apples, pears and berries, each serving helped the person drop over 1 pound. Most vegetables only showed about ¼ pound lost with the exception of tofu & cauliflower that showed 1.5-2 pounds less on the scale. However, potatoes showed a ¾ pound increase in weight and corn bumped it up 2 pounds. The common factor between the best fruit and vegetables was fiber. The higher the fiber content the more stable blood sugar levels remained.

Even though this was a very large group of people and factors such as race and economic status was not taken into account, the results definitely show fruits should be your first choice for weight loss. In the end, common sense and self control are the beginning factors that will determine how successful you will be at staying healthy.

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