High Fiber Foods May Improve Lung Health

High Fiber FoodEating a healthy diet rich in protein, carbohydrates and quality fats goes hand in hand with consistent exercise. Implementing these two basic ways of life can keep you feeling your best. With all the fancy workouts and diets, the one weak link can be your lungs. Since we need oxygen everyday, having healthy lungs is a must. Unfortunately, doing anything to directly benefit the lungs is not that easy since there aren’t many options. The best way to boost lung health is by quitting smoking if that is an issue. Even those who don’t smoke can develop a problem called COPD or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This is a worldwide problem that can severely limit the efficiency of your lungs.

In order to study the lungs and ways to boost lung health, a researcher at the University of Nebraska Medical Center set up a program to survey data from over 1,900 people aged 40-70. Each person answered questions about their diet and lifestyle including a physical exam.

The researchers wanted to see how a high fiber diet affects lung health. We all know that eating high fiber foods such as grains, fruits & veggies has definite health benefits. Fiber helps control weight, regulates bowel movements, reduces diabetes & heart issues and lowers cholesterol. Once all the information was taken, the group was divided into 2 sections. One group ate 17.5 grams of fiber per day and the other group ate 10.75 grams of fiber per day. After all of the data was adjusted for age, weight, demographics and starting health conditions, the group who consumed more fiber had much better lung function. 63 percent of the high fiber showed normal lung activity compared to only 50 percent of the low fiber group. Even though more research is needed, this study shows that eating a high fiber diet can help boost health from the way we look to how well we can breathe. Whether you have lung problems or not, eating plenty of fiber will boost your daily health and well-being during all activities.

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