High Blood Pressure Can Cause Many Health Issues If Left Unattended

High blood pressure can cause many issuesMost people are conscious of their health and well-being. You may pay attention to how your clothes fit, how your skin and hair look or how fit your body looks in general. Being mindful of these things is great and it keeps you in tune with your health. However, one of the major aspects of health can go overlooked by many. I’m talking about monitoring and keeping blood pressure in the healthy range. Since high blood pressure diagnosis is based on taking your blood pressure, a problem can go undetected for years. Unfortunately most symptoms don’t pop up until it’s too late and the body has sustained some type of damage.

Normal blood pressure readings have been changed a little in the past decade but normal is 120/70-130/80 depending on age. If blood pressure is elevated and nothing is done, the body can and does suffer in a number of ways.

  1. Heart attack occurs when the flow of oxygen rich blood to the heart becomes blocked. This can damage the heart and cause immediate death.

  2. Stroke occurs when the same flow of oxygenated blood is blocked from the brain. Sudden weakness, numbness in the face and slurring of speech are a few symptoms.

  3. Eye damage is sustained when high blood pressure causes the blood vessels of the eyes to burst. Vision changes or sudden blindness are the first signs of trouble.

  4. Changes in cognition can happen over time when high blood pressure is overlooked or ignored. This can affect memory, focus, and speaking in general.

These are only a few problems that high blood pressure can cause. Eating a healthy diet, adding a supplemental booster such as a transdermal skin patch, getting daily exercise and paying attention to the warnings signs can save you from the “ silent killer” known as high blood pressure.

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