Stroke is a leading cause of serious long term disability

Stroke is a leading cause of serious long term disabilityEvery year in the United States 795,000 people suffer from some type of stroke. Unfortunately, 140,000 of the stroke victims die from the event. This is the leading cause of serious long term disability in this country. A most recent study has focused on the problems that stroke survivors deal with the most after an attack. A stroke is a medical condition in which poor blood flow to the brain results in cell death. The two main types of strokes are ischemic, due to lack of blood flow and hemorrhagic, due to bleeding. A stroke comes on quickly and can cause problems such as, inability to speak, move, loss of vision and balance issues. Although common, not many studies have focused on the physical problems caused by a stroke.

A study including 1,195 people who suffered an ischemic stroke were questioned about 100 days after their stroke. Questions about fatigue, anxiety, sleep, physical limitations and thinking skills were asked. 25 percent of the participants needed help to complete the questions. Compare to the general population, stroke survivors scored much worse on the test except in the areas of sleep and depression. As expected the area with the most problems for stroke survivors was the physical functions. 63 percent had scores substantially lower than normal. Another common problem was in social settings. 58 percent of people who suffered a stroke were less than satisfied with their social abilities in everyday activities. Even though thinking, planning and organizing, along with anything physical was hard for stroke victims, adding exercises to their daily life boosted abilities in all areas.

Everyone should be conscious of their diet and physical fitness, but those who suffered any stroke must be more focused on these areas for optimal recovery. Keeping your cardiovascular health in top shape and controlling inflammation can help drastically. Adding transdermal health boosters to your daily routine can help the healing process caused by a stroke. While brain health will always be a concern, living a healthy physical lifestyle can go a long way in preventing problems and will help recovery from a past episode as well.

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