Benefits and Uses of CoQ10

Benefits and Uses of CoQ10CoQ10 is one of the most popular and useful compounds to boost brain and heart health. Our body naturally produces CoQ10 to help generate energy in our cells. As we age the levels in our body and the amount produced decreases about 1 percent per year after age 30. Low levels of this compound is linked to heart disease, brain issues, cancer and diabetes. However, it isn’t clear whether low levels cause these problems or these problems caused the decreased levels. Fortunately, many studies have been done on CoQ10 and its benefits, uses and reasons for low levels in the body. Some of the causes of reduced levels of CoQ10 are B-6 deficiency, certain disease, stress from aging and side effects from statin drugs. Since one of CoQ10s primary functions is energy generation, the need for this compound is huge. Free radicals from disease or even air quality interferes with the production of CoQ10. Since this compound is found in every cell of the body, especially where energy demands are the greatest, such as lungs, liver, heart and kidneys, low levels can cause a host of medical side effects.

Heart failure is one of the most common areas of concern. Some of the treatments for heart conditions actually lower CoQ10 levels. This can affect blood pressure and increase damage from free radicals. A proper diet consisting of red meat, fish, liver and veggies will help boost CoQ10 levels naturally. If your eating plan doesn’t provide enough, adding a transdermal skin patch with CoQ10 will have the same benefits. This booster uses Ubiquinol to increase CoQ10 levels and provide energy for exercise, balances cholesterol levels and helps blood pressure for quality daily living. If you notice some of the telltale signs of low CoQ10 levels, try adding a supplemental form and feel the effects of energized protection.

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