Hunger and Weight Loss

Hunger and weight lossOnce you lose weight, feeling good about yourself is one of the main goals. Unfortunately, the hardest part is actually keeping the weight off. One major reason is because your body always feels hungry.

A recent study performed by the American Physiological Society enlisted 40 overweight volunteers to follow 3 five-week long weight reduction sessions that spanned two years. These 40 subjects were guided through healthy eating habits and daily exercise routines. Blood tests were performed in order to monitor hunger and fullness hormone levels at four weeks, one year and two years. Participants also reported their own hunger and fullness feelings during these times. The good news is, all the subjects lost weight and were able to keep the majority of the weight off at the two year mark. The downside to the outcome is they all felt hungry. Researchers noted their hunger increased while their feelings of fullness dropped substantially. The exact reasons for these feelings and changes aren’t known but it may be genetically entrained in our genes.

When a person looses a lot of weight the body goes into a “survival mode” thinking you are starving. This in turn boosts the hunger hormones making you feel like you need to eat. All subjects showed an increase in hunger and fullness hormones but the hunger feelings overpowered the fullness hormones. This exact scenario is what keeps people on the “yo-yo”diet plan. Hard work and determination will take you a long way towards your weight loss goals but adding an all natural appetite suppressant can be the extra help needed to feel comfortable throughout the day while loosing weight. A weight management transdermal skin patch could be the answer to your hunger problems. Adding the patch to a sensible diet and consistent exercise routine will definitely get you headed in the right direction. Looking and feeling better is soon to follow!

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