There Are Many Benefits To Using A Creatine Supplement

The many benefits of a creatine supplementWhen starting an exercise or fitness program it is crucial that you feed your body with the nutrients needed to sustain energy, muscle growth and fat burning. Eating a proper diet of protein, carbohydrates and fats will give you all of the nutrients mentioned. However, supplementing your diet with extra boosters to increase exercise ability and health is also a great way to meet your goals. One of the simplest and most cost effective additions is Creatine.

Creatine is a natural supplement found in beef, fish, eggs and dairy products. Since many people may not eat certain foods that contain Creatine, adding a supplemental form such as a transdermal skin patch will assure you get all of the benefits Creatine has to offer. Creatine is one of the best and safest muscle and strength building supplements on the market.

Here are just a few of the tried and true benefits of Creatine.

  1. Creatine improves high-intensity exercise regardless of your fitness level by up to 15 percent. This means strength, endurance, lean muscle mass and recovery are all improved with the use of Creatine.

  2. Creatine boosts muscle energy by helping form new ATP molecules in your cells. These cells are broken down during exercise and Creatine boosts the formation of new cells to keep your tank full of energy!

  3. Creatine is the most effective supplement for adding lean muscle mass. It helps to add new muscle fiber growth which in turn helps to burn more fat. Lean muscle and less fat. Win win!

  4. Creatine has been shown to improve mental and neurological health by increasing the levels of phosphocreatine in the brain. Studies have shown that Alzheimer’s disease, Epilepsy, Ischemic stroke and brain and spinal cord injuries have all had positive benefits from Creatine supplementation.

As one of the most available and safest supplements, Creatine can benefit almost everyone whether you exercise or not. If you are at a plateau in your fitness routine or just want to become healthier, give Creatine a try. Your mind and body will benefit in many ways.

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