Relief For Lyme Disease

Relief for lyme diseaseLyme disease is a bacterial infection passed on by the bite of a deer tick. The variety of symptoms include achy joints, fever, headache, and fatigue. The standard protocol of treatment includes a course of antibiotics. Unfortunately, after taking the medication many people still suffer from lasting effects from the bite. Some experts claim this is called Chronic Lyme Disease or CLD. This can and does affect people for years or even the rest of their lives. It is very often a serious health issue that causes migratory joint pain, poor mental function and sleep problems. Most doctors don’t even know if this is an autoimmune or nervous system response caused by the infection or if CLD is its own ongoing infection. Many people who have contracted Lyme disease have also been shown to have other co infections caused by parasites. These symptoms are often mistaken for chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. Because of how this disease mimics others, a wide range of antibiotics are prescribed which can cause a host of other problems as well. Some people have less or worse symptoms of the disease which is more than likely because everybody is different and our nervous systems act slightly different in the face of infections. Either way the disease and the ongoing after effects are real and very debilitating to live with.

Fortunately there are many ways to help with the issues. Helping the body to strengthen itself with herbs is a great way to improve the symptoms. Adding Vitamin B-12, Co Q10, chromium, folate, Omega-3 fatty acids, and Rhodiola Rosea can boost energy and help the body’s cells repair itself. These supplements are most effective in a transdermal skin patch form in order to bypass the stomach acid break down and the first pass through the liver. Lyme disease is an awful ailment to live with but supplementing with natural herbs and vitamins can give you relief for an improved quality of life.

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