Try Cardio Plus Weights To Stay Healthy

Try cardio plus weights to stay healthyBeing overweight or just out of shape is hard enough on its own, but finding an exercise program paired with a good eating plan can feel downright impossible at times.

Where to start and what to start with is a very scary place to be for many people. The upside to all of this is, a rocket scientist is not needed to get you in great shape and feeling your best. Weight loss along with cardio and weight training are the three main ingredients for a better you. Cardio, or aerobic exercise gets you going and causes your heart to pump oxygen throughout your body. Resistance training or weight training is another great addition to help boost memory ,improve balance, strengthen muscles and bones while burning calories. If you put these two types of exercises together, the results can be amazing.

Recently a study involving 160 older obese adults was performed. Researchers were trying to pinpoint which exercises would preserve the most muscle and bone mass, lose weight and reduce frailty. Participants engaged in cardio, weights, or a combination of both. After 6 months of training and recording results, the findings were amazing. While everyone who exercised boosted health in some way, the combination group made the biggest strides toward a happy and healthy life. Strength was increased significantly in the combination group and body weight decreased by 9 percent. Lean muscle mass decreased the least in the combo group as well. This shows that performing cardio plus a resistance training program to your day will keep you strong, lean and focused. These changes not only help you in the gym or during your home exercise routine, they give you the ammunition you need to live a healthy and fruitful life for years to come.

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