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HGH Supplements

If you're looking for an active lifestyle, you may have heard concerning the Human Growth Hormones (HGH). If you haven’t, now is the time to find out more about it. At Age Force, we have some of the most potent HGH supplements on the market.

Living a more active lifestyle will provide you with numerous long-term benefits. But staying in tune to a highly demanding program is not always easy. Your body needs constant energy to withstand the rigors of regular training schedules, and that’s not the only thing you need.

If you struggle to get in shape and achieve that dream body you’ve always wanted, you have a long road ahead of you. Such a lifestyle demands constant working, an adequately built diet plan, proper rest, and a positive state of mind. This is where our products come in.

We offer you a natural and highly useful shortcut. The Human Growth Hormone is naturally produced by our bodies, more precisely by our pituitary gland. We get enough to live a normal lifestyle, but our biological requirements grow when we begin pursuing performance. Our supplements are perfect in that case. The benefits you will be getting include:

Boosted muscle growth – The effects come directly from the increased performance and the additional production of collagen. As your muscular strength will improve, you will be able to work hard for longer. The result – boosting muscle mass considerably.

Faster and more effective weight loss – Our HGH supplements will help you trim your fat deposits better than anything else. Aside from the direct benefits coming from the elevated physical performance, the HGH will accelerate lipolysis. The body will be able to break lipids more effectively, causing your fat to melt away slowly.

Support a better cognitive functioning – Along with the benefits of adopting a more active lifestyle, our products will work wonders on your psychological functioning. Studies have shown that HGH is responsible for balancing the cognitive processes. As a result, you will experience improved mood and a more positive state of mind.

Improve sleeping patterns – Getting plenty of rest after intense physical workouts is essential if you want to improve your performance. That’s when your body will regenerate, replenish its energy reserves, and get ready for the next session. HGH is effective in restoring your sleeping schedule back to normal.

Strengthen your skeletal mass – With stronger bones you get stronger muscles and better physical resilience. Several studies showed that HGH not only supports bone formation but boosts the bone’s regenerative properties as well. This makes it a valuable addition to your supplementary diet.

Our HGH supplements and patches come with many benefits along the line. If you needed an incentive to change your lifestyle for the better drastically, this is what you need. At Age Force, we are interested in supporting you becoming healthier and stronger. The lean and powerful body you’ve always dreamed about is no longer a myth. Give our supplements a chance! Check our online store and see how they can change your life for good!

Best Human Growth Hormone For Sale

Achieving a leaner, fitter body is not by any means easy. It takes a lot of sacrifices and commitment to stay on track for even the smallest results. At Age Force, we aim to make your life easier. We believe we have a shortcut for you to take on your road to greatness – HGH supplements.

The human growth hormone is not a recent discovery. We discovered its benefits more than half a century ago, back in the 1960s. Multiple studies have confirmed over time that these are legitimate findings, and we know even more now. We have found that HGH is responsible for numerous biological effects. People harness these benefits to improve their physical and mental condition every day. Among the most effective and appreciated effects, we mention:

Lose weight more effectively – Studies have pointed out that HGH is responsible for increasing the efficiency of the fat burning mechanisms. Your body will be able to break down lipids faster than ever before. Now you will get more benefits from working out regularly and get in shape sooner.

Another plus comes from the fact that this best human growth hormone for sale is useful in fighting obesity. Patients who showed a deficiency in HGH were more prone to obesity, and supplements like ours rectified that problem. If it’s for you, find a human growth hormone for sale ASAP, but don’t click off the page just yet! The perfect human growth hormone might be closer than you think.

Get a physical boost – AgeForce has a human growth hormone for sale! Our human growth hormone patches will help you get the most out of your training sessions. Multiple studies have pointed out that HGH supports a faster muscle growth rate. At the same time, it will increase your bone density, support bone regeneration, and boost the number of red blood cells. Allowing your muscles and organs to receive more nutrients and oxygen is the key to elevating your physical performance.

Improve your mood – If you are inexperienced in the field of fitness or bodybuilding, even at amateur level, you may consider this point superfluous. In reality, your state of mind will influence your behavior. The more confident and positive you are, the faster you’ll get to the desired results because you are ready to work harder. HGH is excellent at restoring your mood and support your healthy cognitive functions.

Check out our products!

We think everyone deserves the chance at changing their lives for the better. Our goal is to help people make better choices, and we’re bound by this philosophy for years. Our HGH patches will provide you with all the benefits you need to make it happen.

Many studies have pointed out that HGH is useful in reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease or help in treating erectile dysfunction. Scientists postulate multiple other physical and psychological advantages that we should be able to confirm in the following years. It’s no doubt that the best human growth hormone supplements for sale will play a significant role in changing people’s lives.

If you're not entirely convinced, contact us for more info. Contact us by phone, e-mail, or traditional mail at the address published on our “Contact” section online. At Age Force, we aim for excellence, and we’ll do our best to make you adopt the same mindset. Come and test our products, and you won’t be disappointed!

The Benefits of a B12 Patch

B12 Patch

Vitamin B12 is one of thirteen essential vitamins, meaning that the body requires this vitamin to work properly but cannot synthesize it. You must replenish these essential nutrients frequently. B12 is necessary for the proper function and development of the brain, nerves, blood cells, and many other parts of the body. It can be found in foods such as meat, fish, and dairy products, and it can be produced in a laboratory.

We think you’ll be astonished when you learn of the many benefits of B12 and how it affects so many health issues and bodily processes. Low levels of B12 (B12 deficiency) can lead to severe conditions such as anemia, dizziness, fatigue, poor memory, confusion, and weakness.

If you think you may have insufficient Vitamin B12 read on. We’ll further define this crucial nutrient, discuss the benefits of B12 supplementation, address potential side effects, and introduce the B12 transdermal patch, a convenient and very efficient method to meet your B12 requirements.

B12 patch

What is vitamin B12?

Vitamin B12 is an essential vitamin that is required for your body to produce healthy red blood cells and DNA. The human body doesn’t make B12, so you must access it from other means. The most common dietary sources of this nutrient are B12-fortified animal products such as meat, poultry, fish, eggs, and dairy.

Most people get enough vitamin B12 from their diet, but certain things can lead to a vitamin B12 deficiency:

  • A vegetarian or vegan diet - plants don’t make vitamin B12

  • Weight loss surgery

  • Long-term use of stomach acid reducers

  • Heavy drinking

  • Intestinal conditions

  • Advanced age

  • Atrophic gastritis (thinning of the stomach lining)

  • Immune system disorders

If any of the above applies to your situation, you will want to consider supplementing your dietary intake. To optimize the absorption and bioavailability of supplemental B12, we recommend you consider the B12 transdermal patch. We’ll detail the specific benefits of transdermal technology a bit later.

A B12 patch could help prevent anemia

Pernicious anemia is a type of B12 deficiency where your body doesn't produce an adequate supply of healthy red blood cells. These cells transport oxygen throughout your body, and when you don’t have sufficient red blood cells, your body will not function properly. This condition will cause you to feel tired, weak, and short of breath.

It may help prevent osteoporosis

Studies have shown that people who have low levels of B12 are at a higher risk of developing osteoporosis (weak, porous bones subject to fractures). Commonly osteoporosis is thought to be a female issue; however, recent search indicates that low levels of B12 in men make them susceptible as well. Supplementing with a vitamin B12 patch may help restore bone health and lead to a reduced risk of bone fractures for both sexes.

A B12 patch may improve symptoms of depression

Vitamin B12 and other B vitamins play a role in producing chemicals in the brain, such as serotonin and dopamine, affecting mood, emotions, and other brain functions. Studies indicate that B12 supplementation may help improve symptoms of depression. Low levels of B12 have been correlated with double the risk of developing severe depression.

It could reduce your risk of developing macular degeneration

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is the leading cause of severe and irreversible vision loss in the aged in America. An ongoing trial at Harvard recently reported in the Archives of Internal Medicine that a daily supplement of folic acid (vitamin B9) and vitamins B6 and B12 might reduce the risk of developing AMD in women.

A B12 patch could help you have a healthy baby

A healthy pregnancy depends on a wide variety of vitamins and minerals, including B12. Vitamin B12 is essential because it helps keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy and helps make DNA, the genetic material in all cells. A B12 deficiency while pregnant is associated with increased risk for several adverse pregnancy outcomes for both mother and fetus.

B Complex patch

It might give you a boost of energy

Vitamin B12 is crucial in the process of DNA synthesis and cellular energy production. One symptom of a B12 deficiency is fatigue. For people with low levels of B12, a B12 patch may help improve energy levels. Your body will secrete any excess B12, so it can’t hurt to try a B12 patch to improve your energy levels.

A B12 patch may prevent neuron and memory loss

Low levels of vitamin B12 are associated with neuron loss, which can lead to memory loss. One study showed that a combination of vitamin B12 and omega-3 fatty acids helped reduce mental decline in people with early-stage dementia. Other studies have shown that vitamin B12 can improve memory performance. Don’t forget; a vitamin B12 patch may help prevent neuron and memory loss.

It may improve heart health

We already mentioned that elevated levels of homocysteine could increase your odds of developing macular degeneration. Elevated levels of homocysteine can also lead to heart disease. A B12 patch may lower homocysteine levels and reduce your odds of developing heart disease.

A B12 patch may help improve skin, nail, and hair health

Low levels of vitamin B12 can cause problems like hair changes, nail discoloration, hyperpigmentation, and vitiligo (the loss of skin color in patches). Given B12’s role in cell production, it’s easy to see how the B12 patch may help improve the health of your skin, hair, and nails.

Benefits of Vitamin B12

B12 patch side effects

Since B12 is a water-soluble vitamin, your body will eliminate any excess through urination. As a result, it’s nearly impossible to overdose on B12. However, you may experience some side effects with a B12 patch such as:

  • Skin rash

  • Headache

  • Acne

  • Itching

  • An increased risk of heart and kidney problems for people who have diabetic neuropathy

Per WebMD, the typical general supplemental dose of vitamin B12 is 1-25 mcg per day: The recommended dietary allowances (RDAs) of vitamin B12 are: 1.8 mcg; older children and adults, 2.4 mcg; pregnant women, 2.6 mcg; and breast-feeding women, 2.8 mcg. Because 10% to 30% of older people do not absorb food-bound vitamin B12 efficiently, those over 50 years should meet the RDA by eating foods fortified with B12 or by taking a vitamin B12 supplement. Supplementation of 25-100 mcg per day has been used to maintain vitamin B12 levels in older people.

As always, we highly recommend you consult with your medical professional before starting any new supplement regimen. Specific vitamins may have interactions with your prescription medications.

Buy a B12 patch now

Since most people don’t consume enough vitamin B12 to meet their needs, and others can’t absorb enough, no matter how much they take in, we suggest you check out our online store and consider buying the best performing AgeForce Vitamin B12 patch.

Consider that for a B12 pill or capsule to work effectively; they must pass through and survive:

• The extreme pH changes in the stomach as well as the small and large intestine

• The billions of bacteria that guard your intestines

• The gut immune barrier, which constitutes a "first line of defense" against intruders

As you can imagine, it’s quite challenging to formulate an oral supplement that can effectively survive this onslaught. How much of the original B12 do you think makes it into your bloodstream?

Generally, the "loss" of active ingredients in any supplement can range from a few percent (as in caffeine) to levels of 90% or more for resveratrol.

You’re paying good money for oral supplements that are largely destroyed by stomach acid, filtered out by your liver, or urinated out.

The benefits of a time-released patch, improved absorption, and superior bioavailability make this the best Vitamin B12 supplement. With the AgeForce transdermal patch, the B12 is available to your body’s cells without having to detour through your digestive tract, and through the liver before entering circulation.

Try our Vitamin B12 transdermal patch today! Also available is our B Complex patch which contains B12 and all the other B vitamins to optimize your health?

B12 Patch

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Mistake #1: Believing the hype that all products are basically the same. The fact is, only a few products on the market today can deliver the kind of results most customers are looking for. The vast majority of testosterone products have filler ingredients in them that cheapen their production costs and render the product virtually ineffective. Take a closer look at AgeForce’s products on the AgeForce.com website, where you can buy testosterone patches made from quality ingredients. Scroll down on the home page to click on ‘Testosterone’ and find their signature Testo/100 Skin Patch, with a 30 day supply included in the cost. Select 3 or 6 month supplies from the menu to enjoy a longer time in between refills.

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Mistake #3: Not finding out enough about testosterone before deciding to use it as a supplement. Before deciding to take any product as a supplement, it’s wise to learn as much as you can about it to determine whether the product will benefit you. The AgeForce website is set up as an information hub for anyone interested in learning more about taking testosterone for enhancing the effects of working out. Check out the AgeForce blog library where you’ll find a wealth of informative articles and interesting fitness material regarding testosterone. While there, print out any article you find to be valuable or click the ‘Email’ button to share the information with friends or family.

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AgeForce Time Release Patches are ideal for those fitness practitioners looking for a more streamlined way of taking testosterone, rather than from swallowing pills. You’ll love the freedom that comes from not having to carry bottles with you and finding a drink when it’s time to take them. Simply apply the patches as indicated and go on with your day as usual. To buy testosterone patches from AgeForce, click on their ‘All products’ link, or their ‘Formulas’ link to see individual products and their prices.

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