What Is the Right BPC-157 Dosage?

Dan has suffered from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) for years. He has dealt with pain, cramps, frustrating bowel movements, food intolerance, and even fatigue. He is currently on prescription medication to help ease his symptoms. As a result, he has found some relief. However, Dan hopes he can have even more improvement. That is why he decides to look online and finds out about the possible benefits of BPC-157. He wonders, though, how to figure out the right BPC-157 dosage.

What BPC-157 Does

BPC-157 has been linked to improved healing of the intestinal lining. There is also evidence showing a reduction in ulcers and improvements in brain health. These animal studies are leading researchers to look at BPC-157 for human ailments. These include IBS, Crohn’s disease, and other diseases of the digestive tract. Additionally, BPC-157 may even help with shortened bowel syndrome.

BPC-157 Dosage Options

Like many other supplements, the right BPC-157 dosage is unique for every individual. At the moment, more research needs to be done on BPC-157 in humans. That is why the dosage is based on animal studies. Most studies have been conducted using injection rather than oral or transdermal application. For rats, for example, a dose of 10 mcg/kg was effective. This is approximately the same as 1.6 mcg/kg. This means that a 150lb person should take about 110 mcg. Respectively, a 200lb person should take 145 mcg, and a 250lb person should take approximately 180 mcg.

Dan’s Solution

After learning the BPC-157 dosage options, Dan started wearing the AgeForce BPC-157 skin patch each day. As a result, he has noticed that his symptoms are less intense. He also has much more ease going about his day. He can even eat foods, on occasion, that would have otherwise made him cramp and feel sick. Dan is extremely happy with his results and can barely remember his life before using BPC-157.

AgeForce BPC-157 Skin Patches

AgeForce BPC-157 skin patches contain 1 mL (1,000 mcg) of BPC-157. Our patches are designed to be worn during your daily routine. Over the course of your day, AgeForce BPC-157 releases .5 mL (500 mcg) of this beneficial peptide. Therefore, our BPC-157 patch eliminates the need for injections while offering all the benefits of this powerful peptide. That is why many have found the AgeForce BPC-157 skin patch to be a life-changing supplement. Consider your options today and start down a new road to symptom relief.



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