Increase HGH Naturally

Ways of Increasing Human Growth Hormone Naturally

Hormones are regulatory substances that your body produces through the bloodstream. They regulate human behavior and physiology. Hormones are ways that your body uses to regulate tissue function, growth and development, sleep, metabolism, digestion, stress, and respiration. Hormones are available in the form of proteins like the human growth hormone or chemical steroid compounds, such as estrogen and testosterone.

What is Human Growth Hormone (HGH)

The human growth hormone is an anabolic amino acid. The somatotropin cells of the pituitary gland in the brain synthesize, store and secret human growth hormone. It promotes muscle tissue and bone growth through metabolizing carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. The hormone is a vital regulator of physiological processes and immune functions.

The human growth hormone stimulates growth in height in adolescence and childhood. [5] The role of HGH in adulthood entails maintaining functions in your body, such as:

  • Strengthening bones
  • Promoting the growth of nails and more rapid hair growth
  • Keeping the body lean and reducing the accumulation of fat
  • Protecting body organs from age-related depreciation
  • Enhancing circulation
  • Maintaining healthy cholesterol levels

How HGH Functions

Different physiological stimuli, such as food intake, exercise, and sleep, encourage the release of human growth hormone from the pituitary gland. HGH, like other hormones in the body, functions by interacting with individual receptor sites on cell surfaces. The human growth hormone then activates anabolic procedures within targeted cells. [4] Different actions will happen, depending on the type of cell. For instance, growth hormone encourages cell proliferation, cell division, and cell repair in muscle cells. In liver cells, the hormone promotes Insulin Growth factor 1 (IGF-1) production, which is absorbed by several body tissues to start protein synthesis.

Factors such as diseases, immune status, medication use, abdominal fat, and nutritional status affect pituitary hormones. You can easily attribute the effects of low pituitary function to natural weakness until you undergo certain tests. Doctors diagnose for growth hormone deficiency through measuring urine or serum. Several imaging studies and tests provide a complete diagnosis of hormone deficiency. Liver diseases lead to an inappropriate increase in growth hormone levels. Several factors affect pituitary function in adults, including:

  • Injury: such as tuberculosis, tumors, traumatic brain injury, and severe loss of blood
  • Environmental exposure: such as exposure to pesticides and toxic metals
  • Medical concerns: such as chemotherapy, brain surgery, concurrent disease, and radiation therapy of the brain
  • Low levels of the sex hormone
  • Immune dysregulation: such as igG4-associated autoimmune illnesses

The decline of HGH Levels

As the years go by, and adulthood kicks in, the production of growth hormone reduces naturally. The decline means that as people age, it becomes challenging to maintain bone density and tissue density, and it becomes easier to gain weight. The human growth hormone mobilizes fat for increased energy levels and encourages lean muscle tissue. [3] The inability of your body to produce sufficient levels of HGH has adverse effects, and you need to boost its production. You don’t have to wait to feel sick for you to increase HGH production.

What Stimulates HGH Production

Several chemicals in your body promote the production of human growth hormone. Here are the leading players of HGH production:

  • Ghrelin: It is the primary hunger hormone that rises in response to low levels of blood sugar. High ghrelin levels encourage the release of human growth hormone. The stomach produces ghrelin.
  • Somatostatin: Most tissues and cells produce this chemical. It inhibits the production of HGH.
  • Growth hormone-releasing hormone: Hypothalamus produces this chemical, and it promotes distribution and secretion of human growth hormone.

Natural Methods to Increase HGH Levels

1. High-Intensity Training

Studies reveal that high-intensity training encourages the heart rate to burst above the required threshold, which stimulates the production of human growth hormone. You can consider an array of proven methods to achieve this. For instance, performing a 30-second running sprint, swimming sprint, rowing sprint, and cycling sprint with a one-minute interval between the sprints, for more than five times in an exercise boosts HGH production. However, make sure the intensity is within uncomfortable limits.

2. Deep Sleep

The levels of human growth hormone are highest when you are asleep. However, sleep cycles affect HGH levels even when you sleep. [1] The production of HGH peaks before midnight, then few weak pauses follows before the crack of dawn. It would be best if you fell asleep before midnight to increase HGH levels.

3. Lose Body Fat

Your belly fat directly affects your production of human growth hormone. People with higher belly fat levels are likely to experience impaired HGH production and increase risks of diseases. Surprisingly, belly fat affects the levels of human growth hormone production in men than women. Therefore, you ought to get rid of excess body fat around your belly to maximize growth hormone levels and maintain a healthy body.

4. Eat Enough Protein

It would help if you ate protein to build your muscles. When the body digests protein, it splits into amino acids. Amino sends signals the body when there is a need for organs, muscles, tissues and collagen repair and growth. The amino acid arginine affects the production of growth hormones. You can try foods rich in arginine, such as chicken, pork, turkey, and pumpkin seeds.

5. Avoid Eating so Much before Bedtime

The body naturally releases high HGH amounts at night. Most meals lead to increased production of insulin, particularly those with high amounts of protein and carbohydrates. Such meals increase insulin levels at night and can block the production of human growth hormone. [2] Therefore, avoid eating a lot of food, or those rich in sugar about two to three hours before bed.

6. Intermittent Fasting

The levels of human growth hormone increase after fasting for three days. The levels further increase by a significant percentage after fasting for a week. You ought to find the right balance between fasting and eating time. Intermittent fasting affects the secretion of HGH in the long-term and short-term. It reduces body fat in the long-run, which boosts the production of human growth hormone.


The pituitary gland is responsible for the production of the human growth hormone. The hormone has a vital role in repairing cells and other critical metabolic functions. The production of HGH reduces after the age of 30. You can boost the production of HGH naturally by regulating insulin levels, getting quality sleep, reducing belly fat, and eating healthy. Healthy levels of HGH are essential for normal body functions.

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