Understanding HGH and it's Production

Understanding the Human Growth Hormone and Its Production

Most of the activities happening in the body rely on hormonal activity. Tissue growth highly depends on human growth hormone. Human growth hormone (HGH) is a protein secreted by the pituitary gland and released into the bloodstream. Athletes often use HGH supplements to increase muscle and bone mass to improve their performance. The growth hormone is a natural compound that encourages bone and tissue growth and regulation of adrenal, metabolic, and cognitive function. Some studies reveal that the growth hormone has anti-aging effects.

Production of the Human Growth Hormone

The pituitary gland secretes the human growth hormone throughout the day, but early enough before you fall asleep. The human growth hormone functions by releasing more protein into the body muscles and reducing fat, which in the long run, causes a healthy, leaner body. The body releases more growth hormone during puberty when the body is growing. [4] By the time people get to the age of 30, the human growth hormone starts declining. Over time, the production of growth hormone drops off, your body starts gaining fat easier, bones become more brittle, and muscles weaken.

However, for some individuals, the pituitary gland fails to produce enough amounts of growth hormones. Consequently, individuals develop a disorder known as growth hormone deficiency. For such individuals, they can consider biosynthesized HGH that is used to fix the condition. A doctor will administer the solution through an injection. [3] Therefore, besides the pituitary gland producing the growth hormone, you can also get it through an injection if the hormone is insufficient.

The pituitary gland secretes human growth hormone in small bursts, specifically during sleep and after exercise. Therefore, human growth hormone levels fluctuate during the day. Notably, unlike most other hormones, the growth hormone works together with other hormones, and many other compounds regulate its production.

Synthetic Production of HGH

Besides its secretion by the pituitary gland, the growth hormone is also produced synthetically in laboratories. The synthetically produced growth hormone benefits athletes and unusually short children who struggle with hormone deficiency. Approved uses of HGH in adults include muscle-wasting condition related to HIV/AIDS, short bowel syndrome, and human growth and hormone deficiency due to pituitary tumors. [5]

Functions of Growth Hormone

Here are some of the primary functions of the human growth hormone:

  • Reducing body fat through increasing muscle mass and bone density
  • Anti-aging potential
  • Early brain development
  • Liver damage repair
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Maintaining normal body metabolism and structure
  • Increasing energy levels, which makes the hormone ideal for sports players
  • Maintaining, repairing, and building healthy body tissues in organs, such as the brain
  • Improving growth in kids and teenagers
  • Regulates sugar, metabolism and boy fluids, and other heart functions
  • Used in medications that treat growth disorders in kids and hormone deficiency in adults

Regulation of Growth Hormone

The release of somatocrinin hormone regulates the formation of HGH. Somatostatin, which is secreted by the hypothalamus, also controls the growth hormone. [1] The release of the growth hormone by the pituitary gland can also be affected by several external inhibitory factors. Some of the factors that stimulate secretion of growth hormone include sex hormones like androgen and estrogen during puberty and ghrelin that links to the growth hormone secretagogue receptors. Several chemicals regulate the levels of growth hormone, including ghrelin.

Ways to Stimulate Human Growth Hormone Naturally

Low growth hormone reduces your quality of life, increases possibilities of gaining fat, and increases disease risks. Optimal levels of the growth hormone are necessary during athletic training, weight loss, and injury recovery. Notably, your lifestyle and diet choices can affect the level of growth hormone. Since you understand the importance of human growth hormone, here are ways you can increase its levels naturally.

  • High-Intensity Training

Studies reveal that high-intensity interval training that increases your heart rates strongly stimulates human growth hormone. You can produce growth hormone through cycling sprint, swimming sprint, rowing sprint, or 40-second running a sprint. To boost production of the growth hormone, make sure that the training is at a level that you are uncomfortable, cannot carry on a conversation, but you don’t faint.

  • Deep Sleep

The production of growth hormones is higher during sleep. Also, your sleep cycles affect the levels of the growth hormone. The production peaks before midnight, then a few pulses before dawn. To increase the production of HGH, you need to get quality sleep and the best sleep cycles. It would pay to sleep a few hours before midnight, and not less than an hour before midnight. Studies reveal that HGH levels start increasing after an hour of deep sleep.

  • Lose Body Fat

The amount of belly fat in your body significantly affects the production of growth hormone. People with high levels of belly fat have lower than usual HGH production and increased risks of diseases. Also, studies reveal a decline in growth hormone production for individuals with more abdominal fat. It would be best if you lost belly fat to maximize the growth hormone levels and enhance other aspects of your health.

  • Manage Insulin Levels

Insulin is associated with low levels of growth hormones. You can optimize the production of this hormone by reducing insulin levels at night. You can achieve this by watching your sugar intake, avoiding sweat drinks and eating meals at least two hours before bedtime. Nighttime snacks trigger the production of insulin that, in turn, reduces the production of growth hormone.

  • Healthy Eating

Another effective way of stimulating the production of growth hormone is eating foods that boost HGH levels. [2] A balanced diet maximizes production of HGH by maintaining the ideal body fat and insulin levels. Also, some foods are associated with increasing human growth hormones, such as mustard seeds, raspberries, eggs, nuts, grapes, and fish.


The human growth hormone, secreted in the pituitary gland, is paramount in vital metabolic functions. Like other hormones in the body, the growth hormone is affected by body fat and diet. You can stimulate the production of HGH through intense workouts, change of diet, and quality sleep. The endocrine system regulates the production of growth hormones, and it’s at its peak when you live and eat healthily.

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