The Possible Causes and Solutions of Shoulder Inflammation

There are numerous chronic and acute causes of inflammation, but having it in a joint like the shoulder is often unbearable. Shoulder inflammation is one of the most painful problems a person can deal with because it seems like the heat and pain never go away. The shoulder is one of the single most significant joints in the entire body because little arm movement can be done without this ball and socket rotating. Usually the first people to notice the pain are those who need to use their arms often or who are frequent exercisers because the inflammation will make movement difficult.

When someone experiences shoulder information, there can be a variety of causes and solutions. Most of them have to do with issues deep in the muscle that require care to fix. However, the best solutions are simple ones and will vary depending on the causes seen below.

Shoulder inflammation can cause unbearable pain.

Causes of Inflammation


A major source of inflammation is the development of arthritis in the shoulder. Arthritis is a painful condition caused by the breakdown of bone cartilage or an autoimmune disorder that starts to degrade the lining around the joints. This breakdown irritates the surrounding muscle, causing pain.


Bursitis is a common injury among athletes, especially runners, weight lifters, and football players. However, anyone can suffer from it. When someone has bursitis, they have overused and irritated the tissue inside of the bursa, which causes inflammation in the surrounding muscle.


Tendonitis is when a tendon is inflamed. A tendon is a series of thick, fibrous cords that connect muscles and bones. Tendonitis is most commonly caused by frequent, repeated motion and is once again common in athletes. However, it also affects regular individuals. Some of the sports most at risk for tendonitis include tennis, basketball, and baseball since people are required to make the same motions over and over.

Torn Rotator Cuff

The rotator cuff is a significant grouping of four tendons in the shoulder that attach bone to muscle. One of the most seen causes of shoulder inflammation is when this rotator cuff gets torn, especially when someone tries to lift something too heavy or overstretches their shoulder.


A sprain refers to when someone tears the soft tissue of their muscle. This happens quite frequently and can take a long time to heal. The tearing often is the source of pain and inflammation since the muscle is still in use and the body is struggling to repair itself.


No matter what the cause of shoulder inflammation is, hope is not lost. There are several treatments that can be employed to ensure the heat and pain disappear, leaving you happy, healthy, and ready to continue your life.

One of the first treatments is taking BCP-157, which is a Pentadecapeptide or Body Protection Compound believed to improve tendon healthy and recovery following an injury. The ingestion or injection of BCP-157 is a great way to not only treat muscle inflammation but to also help prevent future injuries by strengthening the tendons and other nearby muscles. The BCP-157 Body Protection Compound patch will deliver the necessary amount of this unique substance to reduce inflammation in targeted areas and ensure you are ready to get back out in the world.

Other Treatment Options

Another way to treat specific shoulder inflammation is through the use of anti-inflammatory medications and shoulder patches that soothe the target area. The non-NSAID Inflammation Skin Patch is perfect because it delivers enough medication and natural ingredients to reduce pain and swelling on specific areas like the shoulder.

If you are someone who exercises a lot or are constantly on the go, then the best way to reduce inflammation can actually be simple rest and the application of ice packs on a regular basis. This gives the shoulder muscle a chance to heal without requiring any medication.

If patches, natural remedies, and simple rest don’t do the trick, it might be time to take chronic shoulder inflammation more seriously. A visit to the doctor will be necessary. They might recommend steroid injections to help build and fortify the muscle in the area. In severe cases, they could even suggest surgery to repair the muscle and makes sure it functions properly.

Whatever the case may be, it’s important not to let shoulder inflammation get you down. There are solutions out there that will keep you healthy and in your prime for years to come.



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