Testosterone Replacement Therapy Costs Reviewed

Gerald is looking to increase his testosterone levels. His doctor diagnosed him with low testosterone. But he is wondering what the various testosterone replacement therapies are. Even more, he wonders what the testosterone replacement therapy costs will be. He finds out that there are many testosterone replacement options.

Lots of issues can contribute to low testosterone. Thankfully, however, there are many testosterone replacement therapies available. Some of these therapies cost more than others. But prices go over a large range. As a result, most people can find an option that suits their needs and budget.

Options for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Without a doubt, there are many options available for testosterone replacement therapy. These include receiving testosterone injections from a doctor, testosterone patches, and supplements. They also include various supplements. These are designed to improve the body’s natural production of testosterone. Different supplements and therapies can range widely in cost. They can also differ in their effectiveness for each person. This means there is no one-size-fits-all approach to raising testosterone levels.

Breaking Down Testosterone Replacement Therapy Costs

Many feel like they need to rush to the doctor for injections. But this is not necessary for many people. Undoubtedly, testosterone replacement injections can cost more than supplements. This is especially true if your health insurance plan does not cover treatments. Sometimes, however, you can boost testosterone with natural supplements. This usually also involves lifestyle improvements. Nonetheless, anyone who thinks they have symptoms of low testosterone should consult a doctor.

The cost of one mL of Depo-Testosterone hovers around $30. One mL of testosterone cypionate, the generic form, can range from $12 to $26. Patients get shots every two to four weeks. In severe cases, however, doctors may prescribe them weekly. The dosage varies for each patient. That can mean anything from $24 to well over $120 per month. Keep in mind that these ranges only cover the cost of the testosterone therapy.

Other costs include charges for office visits. During these, you receive shots and your doctor tracks your progress. In some cases, you may also have to pay the costs of blood tests. That can cost more than $1,000 without help from your insurer. The more severe your testosterone deficiency, the higher the cost is likely to be too.

Additionally, testosterone replacement therapy does not cure the causes of low testosterone. Instead, therapy raises testosterone levels to a more normal range. This also means that testosterone injections could be a lifelong ordeal.

Possible Side Effects of Testosterone Injections

Many people have benefited from testosterone injections. However, these injections are not without possible side effects. This is why it is vital to inform your doctor about any pre-existing health conditions. They can affect your treatment. Also, mention any symptoms you notice during treatments. Heart disease, sleep apnea, and high red blood cell counts might need extra monitoring. You should also avoid testosterone injections if you have prostate or breast cancer. Additionally, testosterone can increase the risk of certain health conditions. These include heart attack, stroke, liver problems, and blood clots. They can also cause worsening of pre-existing prostate tumors or an enlarged prostate.

Costs of Testosterone Supplements

Testosterone supplements may be a great alternative for people experiencing low testosterone. That is because supplements usually are much more affordable than testosterone injections. Some testosterone supplements cost less than $70 for a 30-day supply. Depending on the costs of injections and other factors, this can save some people a lot of money in the long term.

Testosterone supplements come in pill or patch form. For many people, patches are a great choice.


Eventually, Gerald decided to use a testosterone skin patch to help his low testosterone. Gerald’s testosterone supplements have helped raise his free testosterone levels. As a result, he feels more energy, has an easier time working out, and feels more balanced. His doctor checks in every few weeks to ensure he is responding well. Unfortunately, Gerald’s insurance would not cover testosterone injections. His doctor said that his testosterone was not seriously low. Gerald has saved money and seen improvement by improving his testosterone naturally.

How AgeForce Can Help You

The AgeForce Testo/100 may help increase your testosterone levels. It may also improve symptoms of testosterone deficiency. These convenient testosterone boosters can be left in place through the day. There are no injections needed. That is why Testo/100 is an easy, affordable way to boost testosterone. It is a good supplement if you are improving your levels through diet and lifestyle. Log on to AgeForce to find out more.



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