TB-500 for Muscle Growth & Bodybuilding – What We Know

Growing your muscles is not an overnight process. It will take a lot of effort and adjusting your lifestyle. Apart from working out regularly, you should also modify your nutrition. Thousands of bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts throughout the world use supplement to accelerate muscle growth.

Many of them are trying TB-500 for muscle growth, and reports are mostly positive. As a peptide, this compound contributes to achieving the desired appearance at a faster rate. In this article, we are investigating the role of TB-500 in the entire process. Let’s find out if its mechanism of action can contribute to growing your muscles and improving how your body looks!

What Is TB-500?

TB-500 is a synthetic peptide. It is a protein fragment, and its structure features a short chain of amino acids. You might also find TB-500 under the name thymosin beta 4, which is a compound that the human body naturally produces.

It is interesting to note that TB-500 has been around for decades since it was discovered in the 1960s. However, it seems that it reached a peak of popularity over the last several years.

TB-500 features anti-inflammatory properties, and it also helps in tissue regeneration and hair growth. Among other potential effects, growing your muscles could occur at a higher pace with this peptide.

The Connection of TB-500 and Muscle Growth

Thymosin beta 4 is a peptide with numerous alleged benefits, and muscle growth is among them. How can this compound contribute to growing your muscles? The working process of this substance has been the focus of various scientific research.

According to a study published in 2017, TB4 is capable of promoting directional migration of HUVECs, which is short for human umbilical vein endothelial cells. [1] The researchers focused on analyzing how thymosin beta 4 communicates with G-actin and can that contribute to migrating, proliferating, and differentiating cells throughout the human body.

The study concludes that TB4 has properties of being a chemical attractant for endothelial cells. The researchers tested various cells, and coronary artery ones responded to TB4. This compound supported the migration rate to the affected area of cell monolayer that required healing. The authors conducted more in-vivo experiments to prove that TB4 is capable of boosting cell migration.

The results showed that thymosin beta 4 could play an important role in boosting angiogenesis. The scientists explain this is a process of forming new blood vessels from the vasculature already present. [2] That is important because angiogenesis plays an important role in muscle growth. By forming new blood vessels, it accelerates muscle growth and building. As a result, you notice your muscles are developing at a higher pace than usual.

The idea is obvious – thymosin beta 4 participates in promoting cell migration. Thanks to the overall cell growth, the muscles develop, too. That means TB4 is capable of playing a role in muscle building.

Thymosin Beta 4 and Its Cardioprotective Properties

You will often find mentions that TB4 plays a role in cardiac repair and cardio health prevention. The heart is one of the three vertebrate muscles, and reports indicate thymosin beta 4 plays a role in supporting its function.

A study published in 2016 focused on the effects of TB-500 on cardiac function. [3] The reports showed that this compound helps to preserve cardiac function in cases of cardiac ischemic injury. The study also indicates that TB4 treatment decreases infarct volume. Once again, this ties back to the fact that thymosin beta 4 can boost angiogenesis.

Another research published in the Current Pharmaceutical Design in 2012 focused on the role that TB4 has in cardiac repair. [4] The results indicate that therapy based on proteins could have a positive effect on repairing the cardiac muscle. The same research pinpoints that the properties of TB4 aimed at decreasing inflammation and regenerating tissues can also help with muscle repair and building.

Antioxidant Characteristics of TB-500

Oxidative stress is the biggest enemy of cells throughout the human body. That is why protecting cells from foreign invaders becomes the primary focus of anyone looking to stick to a healthy lifestyle. The research conducted in the United States focused on how thymosin beta 4 can contribute to preventing oxidative stress. [5]

The authors started with the idea that TB4 is a protein that can contribute to fighting inflammation, healing wounds, and differentiating and proliferating cells. They focused on rats during the study, and the idea was to expose the animals to oxidative stress. A portion of the participants received thymosin beta 4, while the other group didn’t. The results indicated that TB4 is capable of preventing oxidative stress.

That is important because it helps to avoid inflammation. Inflammation is what might keep you away from the gym for a while, and regular workout is essential for muscle growth. By reducing the effect of oxidative stress on your body, TB-500 secures optimal conditions for building your muscles.

How to Consume TB-500 for Best Muscle Growth Results

The recommendations on TB-500 dosages vary depending on the person and the chosen method of consuming this compound. You can go with classic injections, but you might find them a hassle after a while. However, it is essential to consume TB-500 regularly to experience its potential benefits.

That is why AgeForce developed unique TB-500 transdermal patches. These patches are applied directly to the skin, which only takes a couple of seconds. It minimizes the effort on your part, and that is very convenient, especially when you are short on time. Skin patches also come with improved absorption. They secure a gradual release over time so that your body can use the most out of every dose.

If you are looking for ways to accelerate muscle growth, TB-500 can be the right addition to your regime. Since it grows muscles at a higher pace, you will see results from working out quickly. That should motivate you to push harder and continue working on your body until you achieve the desired appearance.

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