TB-500 for Hair Growth – All the Research Examined

If you take a look at yourself in the mirror, there is an obvious change compared to several months or years ago. You are dealing with hair loss, and it is time to consider doing something to reverse or minimize it. Is it true that you can use TB-500 for hair growth?

Thymosin beta 4 (TB-500) is a peptide that the human organism produces naturally. Boosting its levels might secure various benefits, including promoting hair growth. Let’s take a look if there is evidence supporting this claim!

What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss could be both permanent and temporary. [1] Its symptoms might include losing hair on the entire body or facing pattern baldness with patchy bald spots on your scalp.

Here are the most common causes of hair loss:

  • Genetics – if you have a history of hair loss in your family, you are at increased risk for developing pattern baldness. The risk increases as you get older.
  • Medical conditions – ringworm is a scalp infection that causes hair loss, and some conditions like alopecia areata cause losing hair in patches.
  • Hormonal changes – women can experience these during pregnancy, after the birth of the child, and during menopause. Since thyroid issues can affect hormones, that can also be the reason behind hair loss.
  • Drugs and medications – OTC drugs and medications used for various treatments might have hair loss as a side effect.

Trauma and radiation treatment are among other reasons why you might be losing your hair. Re-growing your hair could involve changing some habits. For example, ponytails and braids should be avoided since they promote hair loss. Additionally, you might need to adjust the hair care routine and steer clear of medications that might lead to losing your hair. Finally, you can consider using TB-500 to boost the hair regrowth process.

Does the Science Support TB-500 for Hair Growth?

Scientists have been interested in the role this peptide has in hair growth for decades. In 2003, the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology published an interesting article in its journal [2] The article speaks how thymosin beta 4 plays a role in hair growth by activating stem cells of hair follicles. The authors pinpoint the research done on mice and rats confirms TB-500 can participate in boosting hair growth.

The researchers isolated keratinocytes from rats, and thymosin beta 4 increased their differentiation and migration. The scientists assume this peptide plays a role in the crucial stage of the hair growth cycle to promote stem cell migration.

Another study conducted on mice was published in 2015. [3] A team of Chinese scientists focused on whether TB-500 is capable of promoting hair growth in mice. The authors divided the animals into two groups – one who had a large quantity of thymosin beta 4 in their organism and the other who was lacking this peptide. They depilated all mice and observed the hair growth process.

The results showed animals who had more TB4 grew their hair back quicker than those in the other group. The authors reveal a bigger number of hair shafts and the tendency that follicles have to group together. The research concluded that TB-500 is capable of utilizing its influence on VEGF to modify AKT, ERK, and P38 signalization. The result is an increased hair growth speed when the presence of this peptide is high.

Why TB-500 Is Important for Hair Growth

In 2003, a team of US researchers from the United States analyzed how TB-500 affects hair growth. [4] According to their conclusion, thymosin beta 4 is capable of promoting the development of stem cells in follicles, but also their differentiation and migration. It is believed this is the mechanism of action that TB4 has in boosting hair growth.

The scientists focused on the capability that TB-500 has to accelerate skin wound healing. However, they also assessed hair growth in rats during the period of seven days. The researchers administered a topical solution containing TB4 and observed the results. Rats who received this treatment showed a significant change in the number of hair follicles. The results indicated that animals who were administered TB-500 had their hair growth accelerated by two times.

The researchers continued to analyze this connection. They stopped treating rats with thymosin beta 4, and their active follicle number returned to initial levels. Once they continued the treatment, hair growth accelerated again.

The authors then moved on to observing mice. A portion of them received TB4 treatment, and others were used as a control group. The results were encouraging since mice who were administered peptide exhibited hair growth at a noticeably higher rate. The scientists discovered that cells that expressed thymosin beta 4 were found in hair matric, root sheath, and bulb section in the anagen phase. The researchers concluded TB-500 might participate in differentiating stem cells, which subsequently promotes the hair growth process.

Other Studies on TB-500

A study published in the Molecular Genetics and Genomics publication in 2016 explains how thymosin beta 4 participates in the hair growth process. [5] The researchers also used rats and mice to shed light on the working process of TB4.

The approach was similar to other trials – the authors depilated the rats and then examined the skin histologically. The conclusions were not that different from other trials. The results indicate TB-500 participates in the production of MMP-2 and VEGF by utilizing pathways that boost blood vessel production close to hair follicles. The researchers indicate this proves TB4 can play a role in treating hair growth issues in humans.

Hair growth was the topic of an all-around analysis of animal studies focused on thymosin beta 4. [6] The researchers mentioned the positive effect TB4 might have on hair growth published in multiple studies. They also focused on the potential effectiveness of this peptide in accelerating wound healing and tissue recovery.

What Is the Easiest Way to Use TB-500?

If you are dealing with hair loss issues and looking for ways to help with hair regrowth, thymosin beta 4 might be capable of helping. AgeForce developed a unique TB-500 formula manufactured as transdermal patches.

Get Ageforce TB500 transdermal patches here!

You apply these patches directly to your skin, which means there is no pill swallowing. The formula has a gradual release, which secures high absorption by the organism. Thanks to that, you can experience the generous potential of TB-500 for various purposes.




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