Sermorelin VS MK 677 – How These Growth Hormones Compare

As we get older, the production of the growth hormone by our body decreases. That makes it harder for fitness enthusiasts and athletes to achieve the desired appearance or accelerate injury recovery. It explains why many are looking for an alternative that could boost the production of the growth hormone.

Among the many substances available, we are comparing sermorelin VS MK 677 in this article. These two compounds both work on promoting the secretion of GH, but which one is the right choice for you? Here is what the scientific research says, and what you should know about these substances!

What Is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin Molecule

Sermorelin is a growth hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH) analog. It is a peptide that the professionals use to diagnose the deficiency of the growth hormone in the human body.

The structure of the sermorelin involves 29 amino acids, which makes it a polypeptide. These amino acids are a GHRH fragment that is fully-functional despite being the shortest in its category of compounds.

The primary purpose of sermorelin’s working process is to promote growth hormone production in the human organism. By mimicking GHRH and binding to specific receptors, the compound works on boosting GH secretion.

Sermorelin is also found under the name trifluoroacetate salt. [1] Not many studies related to this compound are available. Although its main characteristic is to assist in diagnosing the deficiency of the human growth hormone, there is scientific evidence it could also help in treating it. Here are the studies we found about this substance!

Research Study 1 – Can Sermorelin Help in Managing Adult Growth Hormone Insufficiency?

A study on sermorelin was published in the Clinical Interventions in Aging in 2006. [2] The idea that researchers had is that this compound can assist in managing low levels of growth hormone in adults. According to the research, sermorelin might be a viable alternative in dealing with GH deficiency. Since the activity of GHRH decreases over time, this compound could help to maintain optimal levels of the growth hormone.

The authors argue that sermorelin is capable of boosting growth hormone production in adults, and that is why some previous studies didn’t show promising results in treating GH deficiency in children.

Research Study 2 – Growth Hormone Restoration and Sermorelin

Another article that we found speaks about the capabilities of sermorelin to assist in treating low levels of GH in adults. [3] The authors suggest this is how the substance can help in promoting youthful appearance and energy, as well as maintaining body composition.

As humans age, the production of the growth hormone in their bodies decreases. The authors of the article suggest that sermorelin is a safer option than GH injections, and it doesn’t require using a needle.

Is MK 677 a Better Choice Than Sermorelin?

MK677 Molecule

MK 677 is a compound that mimics ghrelin, which is a hormone that boosts GH production. Its working mechanism is reasonably simple – it binds to ghrelin receptors to support the secretion of GH, but also IGF-1.

Ibutamoren is another name for this substance, and here is what the research has to say when it comes to its alleged benefits.

Research Study 1 – Improving Workout Performance

An important factor in achieving the desired body appearance is going through intense training sessions. If you are going to endure those workouts, you need all the help you can get. The research conducted in China in 2003 focused on whether ibutamoren can assist in enduring demanding exercises. [4]

The study was animal-based since the authors analyzed mice who received MK 677 and were put to endurance tests after the treatment. The researchers used loading swimming time as a test to confirm exercise capabilities. The animals that received ibutamoren showed better performance during the test. Additionally, other measurements showed they had a higher level of hemoglobin and even slightly increased body weight.

Research Study 2 – Boosting Injury Recovery After Burns

Researchers have been focused on the effect of the growth hormone in injury recovery for decades. We revealed a study that was particularly interesting in the Annals of Surgery. [5] The authors analyzed children who suffered cutaneous burns and had at least a fifth of their body under burns. They decided to administer growth hormone as part of the treatment.

The therapy lasted for eight days, and the results showed reduced healing time in those who received GH. That supports the claim that the growth hormone is capable of accelerating injury recovery. It is not only about burns and other wounds, but also fractures and other injuries that are common for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Research Study 3 – How MK 677 Affects Lean Body Mass

Achieving the desired weight and body shape is not easy. You might have multiple tasks, including increasing lean mass and muscles, but shedding excessive fat. That is where MK 677 can come into play since this compound promotes GH secretion.

According to a trial from 2008, ibutamoren can assist in boosting fat-free mass in adults. [6] A total of 65 adults participated in the study, and the results showed an increase in lean body mass.

Another reason why this study is important is the confirmation that MK 677 is safe when used in the long run. The participants used it for an entire year, and the compound didn’t have any adverse side effects. That is important for those looking for a safe way to experience the benefits of growth hormone boosters.

Sermorelin VS MK 677 – Which Is Better for You?

You will find that the main purpose of these two compounds is the same – boosting the levels of the growth hormone in the human organism. Sermorelin is a substance that can help to deal with GH deficiency, but you can’t find many scientific studies on this topic. While the ones that exist showed promising results, large-scale trials seem like a necessity.

It might be because of the lack of research, but sermorelin has never been popular among the users looking for ways to boost growth hormone production. Unlike that, MK 677 is a widespread and accessible choice for anyone looking to experience benefits from increasing GH secretion. Users might expect to shorten recovery time, boost muscle size, and improve body composition.

If you are looking to try MK 677, consider going with the skin patch formula designed by AgeForce. The unique patch that this company patented features timed release, which secures a steady flow of the compound into your bloodstream, and that results in improved absorption.

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