Safe, Legal Steroids for Muscle Building

When people hear the word “steroids”, they think of the many athletes that have been caught using performance-enhancing illegal steroids. However, there are legitimate uses for treatments that can help build muscle mass and tone without tapping into dangerous or illegal substances.

These treatments use other types of hormones to help stimulate muscle growth. Thus, they don’t rely on the unregulated injections that are found on many training sites.

Some of these are testosterone boosters. Others administer doses of human growth hormone to help build muscle mass. When you are looking for steroids for sale, consider these legal, regulated alternatives instead.

What Are the Substances That Help Build Muscle?

Mark is an amateur bodybuilder who is setting out to shape up for the first time. He goes to the gym five times a week. He even takes classes with a personal trainer who helps him learn how to properly build muscle. Initially, he makes good progress.

But over time, Mark’s progress begins to slow down. He’s still doing all the same exercises. However, he’s not building the muscle he wants in the timeframe he was hoping for.

His friend Allen suggests that he try taking a supplement. He also shows him a website where he can order certain compounds online. But Mark is concerned about the safety of unregulated substances and the possible side effects. Moreover, he doesn’t feel comfortable administering injections on himself.

He talks to his personal trainer to find out what other options are available to him. His trainer says he should focus on improving his levels of testosterone and human growth hormone (HGH).

Testosterone is a natural hormone that all humans have. It is much higher in men than in women. Additionally, it plays a vital role in contributing to the development of bone and muscle. It also plays an important part in sexual function and the production of sperm. High levels of testosterone are associated with a high libido. They also affect other classically male characteristics like large muscles, height, and a deep voice.

Human growth hormone, is, as the name implies, a hormone that regulates your growth. It is produced by the pituitary gland. It is also responsible for children growing taller and regulating muscle development and loss of fat. Moreover, human growth hormone is responsible for regulating metabolism and how your body processes food.

How Do These Hormones Help With Muscle Development?

Both testosterone and human growth hormone play a vital role in the development of muscle mass and tone. This is particularly helpful for athletes, though it can also be abused.

Testosterone helps develop muscles and can even be called one of the foremost causes of muscle development in the body. Young men in good health have even been known to lose fat and develop muscles by taking anabolic steroids containing testosterone supplements — without adding exercise to their regimen at all.

Significantly higher than average testosterone can help stimulate muscle growth. Testosterone is one of the main hormones regulating the development of muscles (especially during puberty). Therefore, higher levels mean better muscle development. It is really as straightforward as that.

Human growth hormone, meanwhile, is also a primary hormone in the growth and development of muscle masses. Bodybuilders often take human growth hormone supplements in the interest of stimulating faster, better growth.

Levels of human growth hormone occur in highest concentrations during childhood and the years of puberty. Thus, stimulating the ultra-fast growth and development of the early years of life. Hormone levels drop as we age. Therefore, an HGH supplement can help you return to the same sort of speedy growth you saw during your preteen years.

Human growth hormone works by causing the body to grow more muscle fibers. It also promotes the breakdown of fat storage. For this reason, HGH supplements mean building muscle and losing weight faster.

The Problem With Looking for Steroids for Sale

There’s a dangerous side to the world of bodybuilding. This is when athletes start looking for ways to supplement their hormone levels to help stimulate the production of muscles.

What’s the problem with this? Essentially, the issue lies in that most of the time, athletes are accessing supplements from unreliable sources. Websites, often based abroad, are unregulated and may sometimes send shipments of substances that do more harm than good. Even if they help with muscle growth, they may also have dangerous side effects, such as causing erratic blood sugar levels.

Another issue with seeking steroids for sale online is that you must do this without the guidance of a medical professional. Some steroids for sale are also designed to be administered via injection. This is a good way to cause a serious infection, especially if you are working in an unsterile environment.

Taking unregulated steroids in pill form can also be dangerous. Therefore, make sure you are always taking the right dose to avoid illness or more serious long-term side effects. For this reason, it is best to make sure you are taking any supplements under the guidance of a healthcare professional.

So, What’s the Best Way to Take Hormonal Supplements for Muscle Building?

Building muscle effectively must be a combination of the proper exercises and a healthy diet. Regulated hormonal supplements in the proper doses can also be combined with these. There are several ways to take hormonal supplements.

Increasingly, however, bodybuilders are investigating the benefits of skin patches for supplements. These patches make pills and injections completely unnecessary. Instead, you apply them directly to the skin and absorb hormones into your system.

AgeForce offers hormone supplements in the form of skin patches. Both testosterone and human growth hormones supplements are available. AgeForce’s top-quality skin patches make it easy to supplement your exercise routine with a boost of the hormones your body already produces. Contact us today to find out how you can add our patch hormonal supplements to your bodybuilding regimen.



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