RC 1291 VS MK 677 – How These Growth Hormones Compare

If you take a look at the basics, RC 1291 and MK 677 seem like similar compounds. However, they have considerable differences, and we are focusing on them in this article. We will reveal more details about both substances, as well as their potential benefits. That way, it will be easier for you to pick the winner of RC 1291 VS MK 677 showdown, and determine whether each of these substances should be added to your nutrition regime.

What Is RC 1291?

RC 1291 Molecule

RC 1291 has an international nonproprietary name anamorelin. It belongs to the group of compounds that are agonists of the growth hormone and ghrelin receptors. Due to these properties, the substance can boost the production of the human growth hormone, but also IGF-1 (insulin-like growth factor 1).

It is interesting to note that the European Medicines Agency refused the authorization of a drug that contains RC 1291. That happened in 2017 when this agency offered their opinion that the potential benefits of this compound are not enough to cover the potential risks.

We checked out the scientific research, and these are the advantages that you might expect from anamorelin.

Research Study 1 – Increasing the Levels of Growth Hormone

The foundation of the working process of RC 1291 is that it can increase growth hormone production. That is why the study from 2008 focused on the activity of this compound. [2]

The researchers analyze the short-term working mechanism of anamorelin and whether it can affect the growth hormone. They gathered 32 volunteers that received various doses of this compound and included a placebo control group.

The conclusion was that RC 1291 is capable of increasing the levels of growth hormone significantly. It took up to six days of therapy to also increase IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 levels. The authors didn’t note any insulin resistance at doses of up to 50 milligrams. The authors also indicate that this compound could contribute to weight gain if used regularly. During the study, all participants tolerated the substance well.

Research Study 2 – Using RC 1291 to Treat Cachexia in Cancer Patients

Cachexia is a problem that involves muscle loss and deterioration that cannot be compensated with proper nutrition. It is a frequent occurrence in cancer patients, and a study published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology discusses the potential effectiveness of RC 1291. [3]

The researchers gathered 81 participants diagnosed with cancer who exhibited at least 5% of weight loss over the previous six months. They were administered either 50 milligrams of anamorelin daily or a placebo. The study lasted 12 weeks, and the results involved measuring body mass, scale weight, and handgrip strength.

The conclusion was that RC 1291 is capable of increasing lean and total body mass in patients dealing with cancer cachexia. After eight weeks, the handgrip strength was also notably improved in participants receiving anamorelin.

This study shows encouraging results that indicate everyone could benefit from lean and total body mass improvement from using RC 1291. The compound works on preventing muscle wasting, which means it could participate in boosting muscle building, which could be significant for bodybuilders.

What Is MK 677?

MK677 Molecule

MK 677 is also famous as ibutamoren, and it is a hormone booster. The compound works by mimicking ghrelin to support the production of the growth hormone and IGF-1. Thanks to the unique working process, the compound can keep IGF-1 increased for an entire day after consuming an optimal dose.

The alleged range of benefits provided by MK 677 includes promoting muscle growth, improving bone mineral density, and assisting with injury recovery. Here is what the research has to say regarding this compound.

Research Study 1 – Growth Hormone for Wound and Injury Healing

You can find multiple studies related to the growth hormone helping to recover from various injuries. The research published in the Annals of Surgery in 1994 focused on the effects of HGH on accelerating wound healing. [4]

The researchers focused on large cutaneous burns in children and gathered 46 participants that had at least 20% of body burned. They received growth hormone eight days from the date of injury.

The conclusion was that GH is capable of reducing donor site healing time, which indicates that this hormone is capable of accelerating wound healing. Since MK 677 boosts growth hormone production, it shows that this compound is capable of speeding up the process of injury recovery.

Research Study 2 – Improving Bone Mineral Density with MK 677

Another interesting study was published in 2001, and it focused on the properties of MK 677 to promote bone mineral density. [5] The researchers gathered 292 women who were going through the post-menopause process. They were divided into several groups, and one of them received only MK 677.

The results showed that MK 677 is capable of increasing the IGF-1, which could help with improving bone mineral density. Apart from this, ibutamoren also improved osteocalcin levels, which plays a role in the body’s metabolic regulation.

Research Study 3 – Increase Fat-Free Mass with Ibutamoren

The main reason why fitness enthusiasts exercise regularly is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve the desired appearance. The latter involves getting rid of excessive body fat and increasing lean body mass.

A study published in 2008 focused on seeing whether MK 677 can boost growth hormone production safely. [6] The researchers gathered 65 participants that were from 60 to 81 years old. They received 25 milligrams of ibutamoren daily for 12 months. The results showed that the compound boosted fat-free mass levels while remaining well-tolerated overall. 

RC 1291 VS MK 677 – How These Growth Hormones Compare

Both RC 1291 and MK 677 can boost growth hormone by interacting with ghrelin receptors, but that is where their similarities end. While MK 677 has been in use for years, RC 1291 is nowhere near as popular.

Among other things, that is because it wasn’t authorized by the European medicines Agency, which might be a little worrying. The medicine might be capable of helping patients with cachexia, but the experts do not seem to believe that the benefits are worth the risks.

On the other hand, ibutamoren has been used by bodybuilders and people of all ages. It is a safe and well-tolerated substance capable of delivering a wide range of potential benefits.

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The beautiful thing is that consuming ibutamoren this way is both pain-free and easy, which both beginners and experienced users will appreciate.




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