MK 677 VS LGD 4033 – How Do They Compare?

Working on your muscle mass is a difficult task since it requires regular exercising and sticking to optimal nutrition. The good news is that there are compounds that could speed up the results, and those include ibutamoren and ligandrol. Our article offers the comparison of these two substances to see who wins the MK 677 VS LGD 4033 battle.

We consulted scientific resources and studies that discuss the potential results that these compounds could deliver. Keep reading to discover your favorite!

MK 677 – The Basic Overview

MK677 Molecule

MK 677 or ibutamoren is capable of boosting growth hormone production in people of all ages. It does that by mimicking ghrelin, which is what makes this compound the GH secretagogue.

The substance has been around for a long time now, and here is what scientific research says about its benefits.

Research Study 1 – Compensating for Diet-Induced Catabolism

Do you need to get rid of excess fat? If the answer is yes, you might choose nutrition that has a restrictive caloric intake. However, that could lead to losing muscle mass, too, and that is not something you want to happen.

A trial conducted in 1998 discusses that ibutamoren is capable of reversing catabolism induced by nutrition. [1] The research involved eight volunteers who were observed for a two-week period. All the participants agreed to a diet that involves calorie restriction. During the second week of treatment, a portion of participants received MK 677, and the other half a placebo.

According to the study results, ibutamoren was capable of improving nitrogen balance. The authors also indicate the compound was well-tolerated. The conclusion was that you could benefit from MK 677 treatment when dealing with catabolic conditions.

Research Study 2 – Recovering from Fractures and Injuries

Since ibutamoren contributes to growth hormone production, the scientists indicate it can promote wound healing and overall injury recovery. A clinical trial conducted in 2011 focused on analyzing patients with hip fracture and discovering how MK 677 can help the recovery process.

A total of 123 participants took part in the trial that lasted for 24 weeks. The results indicated that the group who received ibutamoren had a higher climbing power than the group who received placebo treatment. That indicated that MK 677 could boost recovery after fractures, which can be important for athletes and amateur fitness enthusiasts.

Research Study 3 – Performing Better During Exercises with MK 677

If you want faster progress, it is important to design the right training schedule and stick to it. It might be hard to push through all exercises, but ibutamoren is capable of improving workout performance. That was the conclusion of a study published in 2003.

Although the trial focused on animals, the results were encouraging. The researchers analyzed mice and administered them ibutamoren. They subjected the animals to swimming time tests and noted that those who received MK 677 put in a better performance. Additionally, their hemoglobin levels increased, and there was a slight weight gain, too.

What You Should Know About LGD 4033

LGD 4033 Molecule

You might also encounter LGD 4033 under the name of ligandrol. The substance is one of those that belongs to selective androgen receptor modulators. SARMs aim to work with particular tissues, such as muscles and bones, while having minimal interaction with testes and prostate.

Ligandrol has an elimination half-life that is longer than a day, and its primary purpose is to treat osteoporosis and muscle wasting. It is important to pinpoint that, although it is similar to anabolic steroids, this compound belongs to a totally different category of substances.

According to the information published by USADA, additional clinical studies are required to confirm that the compound is safe to use for humans. [4] Here is what the scientific evidence has to say regarding the use of ligandrol.

Research Study 1 – A Study Focused on LGD 4033

The Journals of Gerontology published an intriguing article in 2010 that focused on potential effects that ligandrol could have in healthy adults. [5]

The researchers gathered 76 male participants that were between 21 and 50 years old. The participants received either a placebo or different doses of ligandrol with the maximum set at one milligram daily. The study lasted three weeks, and the results were encouraging.

The authors indicate that the participants tolerated the drug well, which supports their assumption that LGD 4033 is safe. However, they noted adverse side effects, but they were similar in both groups. Administering ligandrol decreased testosterone levels at the highest dose administered to users. The participants maintained their fat mass, while their lean body mass noted a significant increase, which varied on the dose they were taking.

The conclusion was that LGD-4033 is capable of boosting muscle mass while remaining safe for short-term use.

Research Study 2 – Does LGD 4033 Cause Liver Injury?

According to the article published in ACG Case Reports Journal, ligandrol can lead to liver injury. [6] The authors presented the case of an adult male who had this problem after taking LGD 4033. They indicate they eliminated all possibilities of alternative reasons behind his liver injury.

Liver biopsy confirmed the injury and confirmed cholestatic hepatitis with fibrosis. Although this is a single case, it advises being cautious when resorting to ligandrol.

MK 677 VS LGD 4033 – Which Is Better for You?

Ligandrol is a component that aims at boosting lean muscle mass and stopping muscle wasting. Although some research confirms its potential benefits, other studies have worrying results.

Some cases indicate that LGD 4033 could lead to liver injury, and the scientists indicate that more research is necessary to confirm the safety of this compound. That explains the bigger popularity of MK 677 compared to ligandrol.

Ibutamoren is a safe and well-tolerated compound that has similar benefits to the growth hormone itself. That means it can accelerate injury healing, boost lean muscle mass, and improve bone density. It is an all-around effect that will help you to achieve fitness goals at an accelerated rate.

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