MK-677 Effects on Sleep, REM Sleep & Dreams

Are you having problems falling asleep at night? Are you waking up frequently, or you don’t feel rested in the morning?

There are various ways of how you can improve your sleep pattern. You should give your best to stick to your schedule, and always find enough time to sleep six to eight hours per night. A top-quality mattress is also beneficial, and if even that doesn’t help, how about turning to science?

You might have heard about a compound called MK-677 or ibutamoren. The substance belongs to secretagogues, which are a group of components that promote the secretion of particular compounds. Among the many potential benefits of MK-677, this substance is believed to promote optimal sleep patterns.

That is the topic we are focusing on in this article. Our idea is to explain the connection between MK-677 and REM sleep, as well as how this compound can affect your sleep quality and dreams.

MK677 Molecule

What Is MK-677 and What You Can Expect from It?

If we are going to see how MK-677 helps to boost REM sleep and dreams, it is important to learn a bit more about this compound. That is why we are starting with what it is and how it works.

MK-677 is also known as ibutamoren, and this compound is a secretagogue. [1] While it is hard to pronounce, it is easy to explain what this component is. It is a substance that promotes the secretion of another substance. Ibutamoren focuses on boosting the production of the growth hormone and IGF-1, which is an abbreviation for the insulin-like growth factor.

As for the working process, ibutamoren acts in the same way as ghrelin, which stimulates GH and IGF-1 production. The compound can interact with ghrelin receptors found in your body and supports the production and release of the growth hormone. That is important for two reasons – first, GH production decreases as you age, and this is a great way to compensate.

Also, enhancing the levels of your growth hormone can be crucial to achieving your fitness goals. That is why MK-677 is extremely popular among professional bodybuilders, but also amateurs who would like to look great and have a toned body.

Ibutamoren can be of great assistance during both cutting and bulking processes. If you choose to use this component, it can help you to get rid of extra pounds. However, its main benefit is that it enables efficient body re-composition. In other words, MK-677 will help you to get rid of extra fat on your body while assisting in getting lean muscle mass.

The way how that works is that ibutamoren helps your body to use calories as energy instead of storing them as fat cells. Physical activity is an integral part of succeeding in this process. However, MK-677 will utilize the calories you consume as energy, and then move to stored fat cells. A study conducted on 24 obese men confirms those results. [2] According to the research that focused on 24 men with obesity issues, those who took ibutamoren saw their basal metabolic rate accelerated. That is how the compound helped them to get rid of extra pounds and fat.

At the same time, it is important to note that MK-677 prevents any muscle wasting. [3] When you are on special diets that involve a restricted caloric intake, you might face a loss of pounds, but also loss of muscle. Ibutamoren is there to ensure that you keep and improve your muscle mass while getting rid of fat and unneeded pounds.

Some other potential benefits of ibutamoren include nootropic properties, boosting bone density, and promoting wound healing and tissue regeneration.

Is Sleeping Better Among the Benefits of MK-677?

This is the moment you waited for, and the answer is – yes! Furthermore, the scientists explain that MK-677 can be of great assistance if you are looking to sleep well and wake up rested.

Here is what the scientific evidence has to say about the connection of MK-677 and sleep quality. A study conducted in 1997 focused on adult males of various ages. [4] The research undoubtedly confirmed that ibutamoren could play an important role in extending the duration of REM sleep. Although REM sleep is only one of the five stages of sleep, it is crucial for you to get the desired rest.

What Is REM Sleep and How It is Different Than Non-REM Sleep?

Once you fall asleep, your brain goes through five different phases. [5] Here is an overview of those phases:

  • Phase 1 (non-REM) – it is either a light sleep or you are only falling sleep at this moment.
  • Phase 2 (nonREM) – your heart rate decelerates a bit, and your body temperature drops.
  • Phases 3 and 4 (non-REM) – these phases already put you in a deep sleep. The other name for this sleep is delta or slow-wave sleep, and many experts call it restorative. Your muscles start receiving more blood, but they are now very relaxed. Tissue regeneration starts, as well as cell repair throughout the body. Your organism also restores energy and releases hormones.
  • Phase 5 – this is the final stage of the sleeping cycle, and it is the only one characterized by REM sleep.

Why Is REM Sleep Phase Different Than the Other Stages?

REM is short for rapid eye movement, and that is how this phase got its name. Although that is the main characteristic of REM sleep, it also has other differences compared to non-REM stages.

Your body will go through various changes while you are in the REM phase of sleep. According to the experts, your breathing will become irregular and fast. [5] Also, your heart rate will go up, although it won’t reach the waking level. REM sleep might also cause an increase in blood pressure, face and limb twitching, as well as sexual arousal. The brain will consume more oxygen, and its activity will be intense.

REM sleep is the only sleeping stage when you experience dreaming. [6] The scientists still haven’t answered the question of why do we dream. They are not sure if our body is shooting random neurons, or our brain is using the time to place memories into compartments, or the different scenarios are just a way to prepare you for what might happen in the future. However, scientists do know that we are dreaming only during the REM phase of our sleep.

Another important difference between REM and non-REM sleep is in their duration. The phases of non-REM sleep typically last between five and 15 minutes and rarely go beyond that. However, the REM phase can last from ten to 60 minutes.

The scientists explain that you go through multiple sleep cycles per night. [5] The first REM stage rarely lasts longer than approximately ten minutes, but the duration increases with every next cycle. The REM stage in the final cycle, the one before you awake, can last for an hour.

Here lies the most important benefit of ensuring that you get enough total sleep every night. Since the duration of the REM phase increases with every next cycle, you will rest much better if you sleep at least six hours every night.

The Importance and Benefits of REM Sleep

If you are still wondering why REM sleep is important, you should know that there are multiple ways how it could affect your physical health and well-being.

Here is an overview of the crucial functions that REM sleep has for a human being:

  • Improves cognitive performance – the way how you will react to external stimuli, and read emotions of others could be affected by REM sleep. [7] If you are experiencing difficulties to fall into the REM sleep stage, or you are not getting enough REM sleep, it might be tricky to remember what you learned before you fell asleep. The effect that REM sleep has on learning and memory makes it particularly important for students.
  • CNS development – REM sleep is extremely important for infants, too. According to the experts, it is crucial to develop mature and strong neural connections. [8] That is why infants usually require the most REM sleep minutes from people of all ages.
  • No sleep deprivation issues – if you get enough sleep, especially REM one, your coping mechanisms, and the way you respond to situations your brain assesses as threats will improve.
  • Reduced risk of migraines – the experts from the National Sleep Foundation suggest that the lack of REM sleep can be a cause of migraines. [9] Although that is not the only reason why migraines might appear, REM sleep might help to reduce them.
  • Decreased risk of obesity – did you know that the lack of sleep might cause you to have an increased appetite? [10] That is not solely related to REM sleep, but also lack total sleep time. If you don’t give your body sufficient time to rest, that might be the reason why you gained those extra pounds.

Can It Help to Take MK-677 Before Bed?

Here is a short review – we now know more about REM sleep and its importance. If you are having any problems falling asleep, it is critical to find a way to resolve them. We also established that MK-677 could help in promoting an optimal sleep pattern, especially by promoting the duration of the REM stages of sleep.

The question that remains is whether it is helpful to take ibutamoren before heading to bed. The short answer to that question would be yes, but allow us to explain.

First, the half-life of MK-677 is 24 hours. That means that it takes an entire day for the body to get rid of 50% of the amount that you consumed. The fact that ibutamoren stays in your system for that long is an indicator that the time when you take your dose isn’t that important. In other words, you can take MK-677 in the morning, and still feel its effects in the evening when bedtime comes.

An important thing to mention is that ibutamoren might take several days or more to display its benefits. It takes a while to secure a steady base of the compound in your system, and that is an important requirement for seeing what it can do.

The reports from the users indicate that you should see an improvement in sleep quality in approximately seven days from your first dose. A week is a short time to notice results, especially if you have been dealing with a lack of sleep for a while.

However, different people might have different reactions to MK-677. Many users report that they experience tiredness and fatigue after taking every dose of ibutamoren. For those people, it is perfect for taking MK-677 in the evening. It can help them to fall asleep more quickly, and get the rest they deserve. If you notice that you react that way, taking MK-677 before bedtime can be a great move.

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What Is the Best Method of Administration for MK-677 and Its REM Sleep Benefits?

The next thing to consider is the method of administration. You can choose between different methods, including injections, capsules or tablets, powders, or skin patches. Now, you need a learning curve if you are going to inject yourself with any substance. You might be afraid of needles, or you don’t have the courage to poke yourself. Either way, the majority agrees this is the most inconvenient way of taking MK-677.

An alternative could be to try capsules or tablets. The problem is that oral administration might take an hour or two to show its effects. What if it is time to go to bed, and you need ibutamoren to act sooner so that you can fall asleep quickly?

All that makes transdermal patches the best way to administer MK-677. Think of it – the only thing that you should do is to place them on your body. If you choose a high-quality formula, such as the one designed by AgeForce, you will even enjoy a timed release. It is a way to maximize bioavailability, and enable that you experience maximum benefits of ibutamoren. Additionally, AgeForce added a compound called berberine to its formula. [11] It is a plant-based substance that can help to feel even more benefits from a single skin patch.

Does MK-677 Cause Vivid Dreams During REM Sleep?

We already established that REM sleep is the only phase of our sleep when dreams occur. [6] Now, if you are aware that MK-677 can extend the duration of REM sleep, it is only natural to assume that gives you plenty of more time to dream.

Although there is no direct scientific confirmation, spending more time in the REM sleep phase increases the chances of dreaming. It is interesting to note that some users connected particularly vivid dreams with using MK-677. According to them, their dreams were intense and very lifelike. However, that didn’t seem to be a problem in any way because they all agreed they woke up rested and ready for future challenges.

How to Take MK-677 to Improve REM Sleep Duration

If your goal is to improve your sleep quality, it is important to find an accurate dose of MK-677 for your organism. The requirements might vary from one person to another, but it is important to stay within the 50 milligrams per day limit. You might feel the effect at a dose that is as low as ten milligrams. That is why it might be wise to start with a low daily dose and increase if you are not satisfied with the effects. If you are an athlete or you work out regularly, you might consider adjusting the dose to your fitness goals.

Apart from the daily dose, you need to determine the length of the cycle. Ibutamoren is taken on a cycle basis, which means you consume it for a certain amount of time, and then you take a break. The cycle can vary from eight to 12 weeks or more, and the general rule is the lower the dosage, the longer the cycle, and vice versa.

Is It Safe to Use MK-677 to Improve Sleep Quality?

The crucial thing to know is that MK-677 isn’t a compound that can alter levels of any other hormones apart from IGF-1 and growth hormone. That ensures that the compound comes with minimal side effects, which makes it very safe to use.

Ibutamoren cannot affect levels of cortisol, and it doesn’t suppress or boost testosterone. That makes it suitable for both males and females, as long as they are healthy adults. It also indicates that MK-677 cannot cause gynecomastia, which might be something that worries men. The only thing that you will see from this compound is an improvement in your sleep quality. Whether you need optimal sleep because you have a sports competition or an important life event, or you simply want to rest properly, ibutamoren can be of great assistance.




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