Injecting HGH for Bodybuilding

Injecting Human Growth Hormone in Fat or Muscle for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilders and athletes are always in search of ways to have a competitive advantage and yield results. Bodybuilders and athletes use human growth hormone because of the several benefits that the hormone brings to their muscles and physique. Bodybuilders can use human growth hormone in the right doses to minimize its side effects and enhance the positive aspects of this pituitary gland hormone. [6] But, it would be wise to talk to your physician before using human growth hormone and paying attention to the dosage.

What is Human Growth Hormone?

Human growth hormone (HGH) is popularly known as somatotropin. The anterior pituitary gland is responsible for the production of this peptide hormone. HGH is an anabolic hormone whose primary role is to repair and build tissues, such as muscle tissue and collagen in the body. The growth hormone-releasing hormone stimulates the secretion of human growth hormone, which is released after an exercise. Consequently, the pituitary hormone helps in building muscle mass, burn fat, and boost metabolism.

Human growth hormone is known for its benefits to the skin. It slows down the aging process and counteracts the symptoms of premature aging. [1] Human growth works perfectly in stimulating metabolic processes in body cells to activate metabolism. It encourages the liver to secrete an insulin-like protein that is responsible for the production of cartilage cells. That plays a vital role in the growth of organs and bone growth, and the synthesis of muscle protein.

While the body produces human growth hormone naturally, it is also available in synthetic forms. Bodybuilders, whose bodies don’t secrete enough human growth hormone, can opt for treatment and supplements to enjoy the benefits of the pituitary hormone in muscle and bone growth. HGH supplements assist individuals with growth hormone deficiency in reducing body fat, building muscle mass, increasing exercise capacity, and enhance bone density.

HGH for Bodybuilding

Besides its use in treating growth hormone in children, human growth hormone is popular in the sports field. Sportspeople, especially bodybuilders, use human growth hormone to increase muscle strength and maintain the right body weight. [2] Bodybuilders use human growth hormone supplements in the form of injections. Here are some of the reasons why human growth hormone is appropriate for bodybuilding:

  • Mild side effects
  • Enhancing cartilage quality
  • Muscle mass growth resulting from the acceleration of protein synthesis
  • Fat loss that coincides with muscle gain

Human growth hormone stimulates the secretion of insulin-like growth factor 1 that encourages anabolic effects within your body. Additionally, it facilitates your body’s response to exercise. The body periodically releases human growth hormone, such as with exercise, specific parts of the day, and particular stages of sleep. The periodic release of the human growth hormone, together with its positive metabolic and anabolic effects on your body makes HGH supplements ideal for improving exercise performance.

When you inject human growth hormone supplements, your lean body mass increases within the first weeks of administration. Much of the change after injecting the hormone supplement is within the water compartment, rather than in body cell mass. [4] For bodybuilders, physicians are unlikely to administer the human growth hormone as a single agent for maximum performance. It’s wise for bodybuilders to combine human growth hormone injections with resistance training for minimal gains in lean body mass, optimal voluntary strength, and muscle size as compared to resistance exercise alone.

Muscle growth for bodybuilders is fun with human growth hormone. HGH allows bodybuilders to workout with heavyweights for a long time. Besides helping in increasing workout time, human growth hormone enables bodybuilders to push heavy weights and maintaining physical fitness. Exercises for a long time allows bodybuilders to gain muscle mass, which is necessary for giving them a competitive edge.

HGH Bodybuilding Dosage

The extent of boost a bodybuilder gets from using human growth hormone is based on the dosage and other essential considerations like intense exercises. The maximum amount of HGH dosage is put in the range of 6 to 8 International Units (IU) per day. You should divide the dosage into two equal doses that you can take in intervals of five to seven hours. Your physician can advise you on the specific dosage for sufficient muscle growth, depending on an array of factors, such as your health status, medical history, and desirable goals.

The effects of human growth hormone are noticeable after two weeks of consistent use. However, bodybuilders will notice significant improvements in two months. [3] The optimal duration is often three to four months. The longer you take human growth supplements, the less dosage you require.

Some individuals may take higher dosages of HGH supplements than suggested to achieve more jaw-dropping and faster results. However, that is not a good idea because more heightened than usual HGH amounts put individuals at adverse health risks. What makes the difference for bodybuilders using HGH supplements is the constancy of use, rather than dosage amounts. For desirable results, bodybuilders should consume the recommended HGH dosage for a long time, as opposed to taking double the dosage for a short time.

When to Inject HGH

The growth hormone has the most substantial fat-burning effects when your body is producing low insulin and sugar levels. Therefore, the best time for bodybuilders to inject human growth hormone is in the morning and on an empty stomach. [5] It’s also the ideal time to run for intense workouts because the level of fatty acids in your blood will be high in the next few hours. Thus, your body can lose fat easier and build muscle mass. You can take the second dosage of HGH about 6 to 8 hours later because the IGF-1 and HGH levels are at their lowest at that time. You can also inject HGH before going to bed.

Diet When Using HGH for Bodybuilding

You can eat as much as you want when using HGH for bodybuilding because you can hardly gain weight. All the calories you consume will go into muscle building when using HGH. But, it’s wise to increase protein intake and eat more carbohydrates than before. Also, avoid abusing fast food when using HGH for bodybuilding. You can also take supplements to enhance your appetite.


Human growth hormone is becoming popular among bodybuilders and athletes. Bodybuilding process needs large HGH dosages. Therefore, make sure you choose a high-quality human growth hormone brand for optimal results. Don’t forget to watch your diet and consume more carbohydrates and proteins for muscle building.

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