How to Inject Testosterone The Correct Way

There are many reasons why you may want to start taking a testosterone supplement. Maybe you are hoping to get a little more muscle tone. Maybe you want to optimize your workouts. Or maybe you have been noticing typical signs of low testosterone such as poor sleep, lost muscle tone, and low libido. No matter what your reason for taking a testosterone supplement, there are a few things you’ll need to think about before you do. For one, you will need to learn how to inject testosterone and ask yourself whether you are comfortable giving yourself daily testosterone injections or not. Because while some people are okay with this, others find it difficult to do so.

how to inject testosterone

What Are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

It is normal for testosterone levels to lower with age. In fact, this happens to both men and women. However, for some people, particularly men, low testosterone levels can have a debilitating effect on many aspects of their health.

For example, low testosterone is commonly associated with problems like hair loss, loss of muscle definition, and low libido. But it can actually have farther-reaching effects. In men, particularly, low testosterone can also cause skin discomfort, emotional upheaval, and problems with memory and focus. In women, on the other hand, drastically low testosterone can cause fertility issues as well as disruptions in the menstrual cycle and problems with bone density.

If lowered testosterone levels are becoming a problem and significantly affecting your life, it may be time to talk to your doctor about your options.

how to inject testosterone

Why Take a Testosterone Supplement?

Jerry is a 47-year-old man who works out three times a week. He has been concerned that as time goes on, he is experiencing less of a result from his exercise. Even though he lifts weights and does other strengthening exercises, he is losing muscle tone. Jerry is perplexed because he has not changed anything about his workout routine or his diet, but his results are vastly different. He is also noticing that he is having trouble sleeping, and his libido is much lower than usual.

Finally, Jerry’s wife suggests that he make an appointment with his doctor. After some routine tests, Jerry’s doctor tells him he’s suffering from low testosterone. He suggests supplementation.

The doctor tells Jerry he will have to learn how to inject testosterone and give himself an injection every day at home. He tells him there is a learning curve to giving yourself injections, but he will eventually get the hang of it. For the first few times, Jerry’s wife Liz gives him a hand so he can learn how to inject his testosterone supplement safely and properly.

how to inject testosterone

Prepare Yourself for the Injection

Learning how to inject testosterone safely may be intimidating at first. After all, most people are not used to giving themselves injections of any kind in their own home. However, with time, it often becomes a normal part of the daily routine for many people.

When you are prescribed testosterone injections, your doctor will give you instructions on what you need to do and how to keep your equipment clean. It is important to follow these instructions closely so that your injections are safe and effective.

Firstly, when preparing to give yourself a testosterone injection, make sure that your hands and all your equipment are clean and sterilized. You will also need to wipe the top of the bottle of testosterone with an alcohol wipe and let it dry before starting the injection process.

After that, you will need to draw the syringe back to pull air into the container until it is in line with the proper dosage. Dosages commonly range between 25 and 100 mg. This will largely depend on your existing testosterone levels and what your doctor recommends.

Once you have prepared the syringe, you can put the needle into the hormone vial. Push the plunger down to insert air into the bottle, then, without moving the needle, hold the vial up to allow the liquid to run to the top.

Then, pull the plunger back until the liquid runs into the syringe. Fill it to the correct line for your dosage needs. At this point, make sure that the syringe is clear of any air bubbles. Do this by tapping the side of the syringe with your finger, which will force air bubbles to rise to the surface of the liquid. Then, push the plunger just a bit to release the air through the needle.

How to Inject Testosterone

You will need to inject the liquid testosterone into a muscle. You can choose whether you would like to inject into your thigh, bicep, or buttocks. However, you will want to trade off sites daily to avoid causing excessive soreness or redness at the injection site.

Before you do the injection, wipe your skin with an alcohol wipe to clean it. First, insert the needle partially and gently pull on the plunger to see if blood rises into the syringe. If it does, you have hit a vein and should try again. If you have not hit a vein, inject the testosterone, dispose of the needle properly, and massage the injection site to help move the hormones.

What Are the Alternatives to Testosterone Injection?

Jerry tries the daily testosterone injections, but he finds that he does not respond to them well. He has frequent soreness at the injection sites, and it is a hassle to make sure his wife is there to help him. He asks his doctor about an alternative, and he recommends a skin patch.

Skin patches for testosterone supplementation are as effective as hormone injections. These are a solid alternative since they require no preparation and no cleanup. Users simply apply them to the skin like a Band-Aid.

AgeForce’s testosterone skin patches are the perfect choice for people needing testosterone supplementation without the extra hassle of daily injections. Our testosterone patches are safe, easy, and effective. If you want to find out more about hormone supplementation with skin patches, log on to our site to learn if it is right for you.



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