How to Get Prescribed HGH Quickly from Your Doctor

The initial use of the human growth hormone had the purpose of helping children who were lacking this hormone to develop properly. However, synthetic HGH formulas have become incredibly popular among adults recently. That is because this hormone can boost muscle size, and some even consider it the fountain of youth. [1]

Is it possible, and how easy it is to get HGH prescribed from your doctor? Yes, you can receive this hormone for medical purposes, and here is a guide that explains how to do that.

What Is an HGH Prescription?

As the word suggests, a prescription for the human growth hormone is a doctor’s recommendation to administer this hormone to the patient for various medical purposed. The most common reason why this hormone is prescribed is when a patient exhibits deficiency in its levels.

Stunted growth, but also decreased libido and energy, and mood swings are some reasons why doctors might prescribe HGH. The most frequent way of administering this hormone is via injections. Patients can pick whether to receive them in clinics, doctor’s offices, or at home.

How to Get a Medical Prescription for HGH?

Human growth hormone prescription work like any other prescription you might receive from your doctor. That means that your physician needs to conclude that you have a reasonable medical requirement for this therapy.

The majority of doctors will subject their patients to various tests first. These tests have the goal of confirming that your body lacks this hormone. If that is proven by the tests, and the doctor believes the treatment is the best way of getting these levels back to normal, you will receive an HGH prescription.

Be ready to discuss your medical history with your doctor during the physical exam. Since blood tests can confirm various hormone levels and help to establish the right diagnosis, your physician might order them. The doctors are usually very careful when deciding on the therapy for a patient, which is why comprehensive testing is their preferred way of confirming that you need HGH treatment.

Find a Hormone Specialist

You will probably start by discussing things with your physician. Although any medical professional can prescribe HGH, it might be in your interest to visit a hormone specialist. If you visit a doctor who focuses on hormone treatment, you increase the odds of receiving the right dose of HGH for your particular needs. These specialists have vast experience in hormone therapy, and they can decide on the right course of action to treat your medical issues.

Don’t hesitate to ask your primary physician for a recommendation on a hormone specialist. Alternatively, you can look for doctors and clinics in your area online. If you have friends who received hormone treatments in the past, feel free to ask them for advice, too.  It would be helpful if the doctor has additional certificates and training in hormone treatment, as well as previous experience with HGH. That is because customizing the treatment to a patient plays a crucial role in securing optimal benefits.

Once you receive a prescription, you will arrange the details of administering the injections. You might be required to come to the clinic or another location to receive treatment. Depending on the arrangement with your doctor and the prescribed therapy, you might be able to administer HGH to yourself at home. However, that involves being ready to inject yourself with this hormone. That is not something everyone is ready to do since it can be a painful process.

What Benefits Can You Expect from the Human Growth Hormone?

Before you require a prescription for HGH, is there a way to know if this hormone is the right thing for you? Here is what the science says about the potential benefits of GH, and why you should use it.

Research Study 1 – Increasing Muscle Strength and Size

HGH is quite common among bodybuilders because it is capable of boosting the strength of your muscle. That is why people who are looking to achieve their dream beach bodies are resorting to using this hormone.

The researchers published a study that focused on the potential benefits of HGH among bodybuilders. [2] The conclusion was that HGH could improve the results of the people who are training. The authors compared the responsiveness in leg press exercise and the effects of this workout in people who received HGH, and those who received a placebo. The first group showed better progress, which indicates the human growth hormone is capable of boosting muscle size and improving exercise results.

Research Study 2 – Boosting the Recovery Process After Injuries and Fractures

The researchers who revealed their study results in 2002 focused on rats who were dealing with bone fractures. [3] It was an animal study, but the results indicated that local administration of HGH could be better than injections of this hormone. The topical application was capable of accelerating the results when recovering from injuries and fractures. That could prove critical for athletes eager to speed up their recovery and to get back in the gym.

Research Study 3 – Human Growth Hormone and Penile Growth

According to the research published in 1983, HGH can be used in treating children who exhibit a lack of this hormone. [4] The idea of the study was to see if this therapy could boost penile and testicular growth.

The conclusion was that HGH deficiency could be related to the penile growth rate. Although growth is the biggest during puberty, some results might be noted in early adulthood, especially after using the human growth hormone.

Final Thoughts

Human growth hormone can have a wide range of potential benefits for the human body. While it is possible to get a prescription from your doctor, you can also use the unique HGH PowerPatch Formula developed by AgeForce. The company offers various skin patches formula with a gradual release to maximize potential benefits.

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Applying a patch to your skin is a safe and painless way of ensuring HGH reaches your organism. It will also ensure an increased absorption of this peptide. Make sure to check out this unique method of applying human growth hormones for optimal results!




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