How to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Sam is wondering how to boost testosterone naturally. He has been struggling to lose some excess weight and build more muscle. After visiting his doctor and having some blood tests, Sam discovers that his testosterone is below the normal range. Sam’s doctor does not think he needs testosterone replacement injections. Instead, he recommends trying natural methods of increasing his testosterone. He gives Sam some information on how to boost testosterone naturally by changing aspects of his daily life.

Testosterone is the most important sex hormone for men. Testosterone levels spike during adolescence and young adulthood, then decline as men age. But there are certain practices that can slow or even reverse declining testosterone.

Though it is a sex hormone, testosterone plays an important role in psychological and physical health. Low testosterone can impact body composition and weight gain, especially as you age. Low testosterone can also reduce sex drive, cause erectile dysfunction, and lead to infertility.

How to Boost Testosterone Naturally

Undoubtedly, there are many testosterone replacement therapies and supplements. But there are also natural ways to help increase your testosterone levels. These can often help resolve problems people experience managing weight or getting into shape. However, always consult a doctor if you believe you may be experiencing a medical condition.


Poor sleep can impact hormone levels that are vital to the body’s functioning. Testosterone is one of these hormones. A study done by the University of Chicago indicated that testosterone levels can drop in men with poor sleeping habits. Prioritizing a good night’s sleep can help keep testosterone levels from dropping as much as 15 percent. Most people should get between seven and eight hours per night. If, however, sleep is difficult for you, talk to your doctor.

Good Diet

A healthy diet is vital for keeping testosterone levels within normal ranges. One report showed that low testosterone and obesity could contribute to a range of inflammatory conditions. They could also contribute to impaired neurological function. Other research indicates that overeating and weight cycling disrupt normal hormone levels. Therefore, maintaining a balanced diet of whole foods can reduce these problems. A healthy, nutritious diet may help hormone levels stay within normal ranges.

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Lose Weight

Studies show that men who have excess weight tend to have lower testosterone levels. One study found that some obese men between 14 and 20 can have 50 percent less testosterone than those with healthier weights. Losing excess weight is good for overall health; now we know it is good for testosterone balance too.

Exercise on a Regular Basis

Research indicates that more active men have more testosterone in their bodies. A regular exercise routine is beneficial for raising testosterone levels. One study says that increased physical activity is better than losing weight for raising testosterone. But there is the possibility of too much of a good thing. Excess exercise can also have negative consequences on testosterone. The same study also found that long-distance runners can suffer from lower testosterone. This may be because of poor nutrition and inadequate energy.

Cut Out Stress

Everyone experiences some level of stress and this is normal. However, excess stress is something to avoid. This can be one of the most difficult lifestyle changes, but it is essential — not only to testosterone levels but your overall health as well. Long-term, chronic stress can be dangerous and cause life-threatening conditions. Stress increases the amount of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is a hormone used to manage immune response and metabolism. However, abnormal cortisol levels can lower testosterone. One study indicates that stressful situations help cause erratic testosterone changes in men.

There are many things you can do to relieve and reduce your stress. Meditation and other mindfulness practices are helpful to many people. Light exercise, like a long walk or leisure biking, can help many people unwind. If you are having trouble reducing stress or anxiety, talk to your doctor. They can help you figure out if your stress levels are caused by a medical condition.


One study indicated that vitamin D supplements might contribute to increased testosterone. Getting enough sun exposure on a daily basis is important for vitamin D production. Many foods are also high in vitamin D, including salmon, fatty fish, fortified milk, and cereal products.

Zinc and magnesium deficiency may also cause a drop in testosterone. These deficiencies can be rectified through diet and supplementation. Magnesium is found in whole grains. Both are found in dark leafy greens. Zinc is also found in pumpkin seeds and flax seeds.

Avoid Alcohol and Drug Abuse

Alcohol can cause low testosterone because it causes cell damage and hormonal reactions. Alcohol impacts the hormones and glands that manage men’s reproductive health. Abuse of various drugs can cause a myriad of health problems, including low testosterone.

In some cases, prescription medications can lower testosterone levels as a side effect. If you believe this is happening, do not stop taking any medications. Talk with your doctor, who can help figure out if this is the case and what to do about it.

Sam Was Able to Boost Testosterone Naturally

After making changes to his lifestyle and diet, Sam went back to his doctor. New blood tests confirm that Sam’s testosterone levels were rising. Sam’s doctor is pleased with his progress. He tells Sam to stick to the changes he has made and look for new ways to improve. Sam is feeling positive about his improvement. He feels like he has more energy and his mood has improved.

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