How Much HGH Should Women Take to Lose Weight?

Do you have problems with extra pounds? Those that are dealing with obesity know that it is difficult to achieve optimal body weight and appearance. That is why they resort to trying various supplements and diets to speed up weight loss.

Can the human growth hormone help in the process of shedding extra pounds? Is that a suitable treatment for females, and how much HGH should women take to lose weight? That is what we are trying to answer in this article. Here is what we discovered!

Research Study 1 – HGH Can Reduce Body Fat in Obese Females

A study published in 1991 focused on the benefits that HGH can have on reducing body fat in obese females. [1] The researchers picked women based on crossing their ideal body weight by 38% to 126%. They picked 12 females who were divided into two groups. The first one received a placebo, and the other one methionyl HGH at the rate of 0.08 milligrams per kilogram.

The study lasted for four weeks, and the participants were asked to monitor their caloric intake. The results showed that the users who received met-HGH had considerably lower body fat than at the beginning of the study. The results were noticeably better than in the placebo group.

The conclusion is that calorie intake does not affect how efficient the growth hormone will be in reducing body fat. The authors confirmed that HGH is capable of adjusting body composition and helping users to achieve the desired appearance.

Research Study 2 – The Lipolytic Activity of the Human Growth Hormone

Another intriguing study was revealed in Japan in 2002. [2] The idea of the researchers was to consider if the human growth hormone has lipolytic properties, which means whether it can accelerate the process of breaking down and burning body fats.

The researchers focused on mice that had problems with obesity, and they used 20-kD HGH as treatment. The animals received injections for two weeks, and the results were measured at the end.

The conclusion was that HGH is capable of boosting lipolysis in adipocytes, while at the same time inhibiting LPL activity. Thanks to that, the compound is capable of reducing whole body lipids and the relative fat pad. The indication of this study is that body fat reduction is possible by utilizing the human growth hormone.

Research Study 3 – No Weight Gain from HGH

The International Journal of Obesity published an interesting study in 2001. [3] It is another animal study that focused on mice dealing with obesity issues. The idea was to observe how HGH can affect body weight, but also oxidation and energy in these animals.

The researchers administered HGH to mice for two weeks. The results clearly showed that the hormone accelerated lipolysis and contributed to fat oxidation.

The conclusion was that the human growth hormone is capable of reducing weight gain, which is among the primary requirements for losing additional pounds. Additionally, HGH was capable of boosting fat oxidation, which helped with body re-composition.

Research Study 4 – Dealing with Obesity by Using GH

Another study published in 1999 confirmed that the human growth hormone therapy could contribute to body fat loss at an accelerated rate. [4] It is interesting to note that the growth hormone exhibited anabolic properties, especially when combined with a diet.

Although the authors specify that restrictions in nutrition are the primary requirement for losing weight, the research confirms that GH treatment has both anabolic and lipolytic effects. The study involved 24 participants dealing with extra pounds, and 22 of them were females.

The authors designed a diet to achieve the ideal body weight, and they treated the first group with HGH, while the rest of the participants received placebo treatment. The results indicated that the growth hormone could lead to losing body mass, especially body fat. The researchers concluded that GH could be used in combination with caloric restrictions as a way of dealing with obesity.

How Much HGH Should a Woman Take to Lose Weight?

The experts agree that females require a significantly higher dose of the human growth hormone than males. It might be surprising, but that is what the statistics tell us. However, the ultimate conclusion is that the only suitable dose is the one that fits the needs of an individual.

According to the available information, the long-term effects of HGH can be visible even if you keep the dose to two IUs per day. However, you might need to be patient as it could take as much as six months to see noticeable benefits.

It is possible to increase the doses to up to 12IUs. Ultimately, this depends on your goal. Since HGH is capable of accelerating lipolysis, a higher dosage could be more beneficial, especially in the short term.

The experts recommend sticking to doses within 6IU per day for weight loss benefits. You might want to start with a lower dose and increase if you don’t see any noticeable benefits from this hormone. It is crucial to pinpoint that using this hormone in four-week cycles could be the most beneficial.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to the human growth hormone, it is important to note that it helps the weight loss process by speeding up the burning of body fat. If you are having problems with excessive fat, you can benefit from HGH.

While ensuring that you deal with extra pounds, the growth hormone will also work on recomposing your body. As long as you combine it with exercises, this hormone can boost muscle strength and help you achieve a beach body appearance.

It is up to you to choose the desired method of administering HGH. Although injections were the most common method, skin patches are the latest trend. AgeForce designed a unique HGH PowerPatch that you apply directly to the skin.

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It secures a transdermal release of the hormone right into your bloodstream, and this method should ensure improved absorption. Additionally, it is pain-free and easier to apply than injections. If you are looking to boost weight loss by adding HGH to your nutrition, make sure to try this method.




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