MK-677 & Bodybuilding, How It Works

MK-677 is a compound that is the latest hit among bodybuilders.

The great thing about it is that it is very versatile and suitable for different goals. You can try it for cutting and bulking, which means it doesn’t matter whether you want to focus on shedding fat or gaining pounds. The trick is in adjusting the right dosage and designing the right schedule of exercise and supplements for you.

In this article, we will focus on all details related to MK-677 and bodybuilding. Our goal is to show you how this compound can help with your results. We tried the cover the topic in-depth so that you would have all the necessary information about the substance.

MK677 Molecule

What Is MK-677 and How It Works?

The first thing we need to establish is what MK-677 is. You will find this substance under different names, but the two currently active are the MK-677 and ibutamoren. The industry used to call it Nutrobal, but nobody uses that name anymore.

Ibutamoren belongs to a category of secretagogue compounds. Secretagogues are substances that promote secretion and boost the production of other substances. As for MK-677, it is a growth hormone secretagogue. [1] That means that this compound can boost the production of growth hormone and increase its levels in your organism.

The next thing to consider is how ibutamoren delivers this effect. The working process of this secretagogue focuses on mimicking ghrelin, which is a peptide that plays a key role in growth hormone production. MK-677 ties to ghrelin receptors in your brain and interacts with them. That is how it manages to support the production of GH, which will result in an increase in the levels of this hormone in your body.

Another important thing to note is that ibutamoren doesn’t alter levels of other hormones in your organism. That is particularly important to pinpoint because you might be afraid of potential side-effects. However, since MK-677 only boosts the production of growth hormone, that minimizes any side-effects or contraindications from taking this compound.

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MK-677 and Healing Properties for Wounds and Accelerated Recovery

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced bodybuilder, if you are aiming for visible results, you probably designed intense training sessions. That is particularly true for professional athletes who participate in competitions and compete against others.

The problem with demanding training sessions lies in the fact that they lead to muscle pain, strains, and other issues. In some situations, you might even experience a minor injury, which requires you to stay away from the gym for a while.

That is why bodybuilders frequently look for a substance that could accelerate their recovery. Whether you pushed yourself over the limit during training, or you have an actual fracture or another serious injury, MK-677 might be able to help.

You can find multiple studies and reviews that support the connection between the growth hormone and wound healing. [2] The important thing to note is that MK-677 mimics the working process of ghrelin, which plays an important role in boosting GH production.

Ghrelin is a small peptide that is primarily located in your gut, but you can also find it in other parts of your body. It plays an important role in how we use our energy, and it can contribute to appetite regulation. The researchers confirmed that it can also affect metabolism and that it has anti-inflammatory properties.

That inspired the scientists to conduct research on whether ibutamoren can help in wound healing. One of the most important studies was conducted on children who suffered from burns. [3] The results showed that MK-677, as a growth hormone stimulator, plays a crucial role in accelerating the healing process.

The same is true for cuts, bruises, and other wounds you might have on your body. Ghrelin has a hemodynamic role and an anti-inflammatory effect. [2] It manages to inhibit the secretion of TNFa and IL-6 from T5 cells and monocytes. If this sounds too scientific, the thing that you want to know is that ghrelin can boost GH production to achieve sufficient levels to help to reduce the severity of the inflammation.

If you experience muscle pain after intense exercise, or your joints are suffering from wear and tear, this anti-inflammatory effect starts to play an important role. Ligaments and tendons often suffer from inflammation, and you might also have a chronic condition like osteoarthritis. [4] Unfortunately, joint health doesn’t get better with time. Instead, joints deteriorate due to wear and tear and aging, which might lead to limited movement, disability, and other problems.

Osteoarthritis is nothing that chronic inflammation of the joints. That is why MK-677 can play an important role in managing its symptoms. If you manage to find a formula that includes ibutamoren and also boosts collagen production, you can reduce the inflammation, improve movement, and reduce discomfort.

Another interesting study was conducted on mice in 2015. [5] The idea of the study was to focus on whether wound healing can be accelerated with ghrelin. The researchers already used radiation for treating wounds in mice, but adding ghrelin sped up the process significantly. The skin wounds healed more quickly and closed sooner than those who weren’t treated that way.

The researchers still have to discover the exact mechanism of why that happened, but the results were encouraging. That clearly indicates that growth hormone plays a part in wound healing, which can be important for bodybuilders. If you have any wound that is making it unavailable to exercise, this will speed up the process and help you to get back on track.

Using MK-677 can also help to speed up the recovery after intense training. It is an advantage that this compound brings, and bodybuilders and professional athletes love using it. Thanks to the shortened recovery time, you can achieve better results in a shorter timeframe. It is only one of the ways how MK-677 can help with your fitness goals.

MK-677 for Cutting

A cutting cycle for a bodybuilder is when they aim to lose fat from their body. That can mean shedding it completely and losing any extra pounds you might have. However, the cutting process often involves both getting rid of surplus fat and achieving the lean muscle mass and the body you always dream of in the summer.

The crucial component of the cutting process is fat loss, and you might be wondering how MK-677 can help you with that. If you consider that it helps with the recovery after exercise, that means ibutamoren can help you achieve the desired goals more quickly. That can boost fat loss, but it does not directly affect the process.

The good news is that MK-677 also affects fat loss directly. It does that by helping your body to use calories the right way. For starters, ibutamoren prevents the calories you consume from being stored as fat cells. Instead, it motivates your body to use them as energy.

The chances are that you will spend more calories than you consume if you are a bodybuilder focused on cutting. At least that’s something that should be your goal. Once you run out of consumed calories to spend, MK-677 will help your body to break down fat and utilize those fat cells you stored in the past. It is an efficient way to get rid of belly or thigh fat and achieve the desired look. [6]

Another important factor related to the fat loss process is that ibutamoren will work on preventing losing muscles. If you are on a diet that restricts the calories that you consume, but you would like to develop muscle mass, that makes MK-677 the right compound for you. The secret is that this compound allows you to shred fat while ensuring to boost lean tissue formation. That will enable you to keep and even build your muscles while enjoying the benefits of the cutting process.

Finally, if you are willing to add MK-677 to your cutting process, the experts recommend sticking to low doses. According to those who tested the substance, it would be best if you take 10-20 milligrams per day because that will allow you to extend the cycle. Instead of taking ibutamoren for several weeks, you can extend the cycle to several months.

The estimation is that it might take a couple of weeks before you see visible fat loss benefits from MK-677, but four weeks should be enough for the first results. The effects might be quicker if you combine this compound with other supplements and products. Please note that the specifics of your diet and your exercise plan might affect your fat loss progress.

MK-677 and Weight Gain

Did you know that ibutamoren can also play a significant role if you choose for a weight gain fitness program? Bodybuilders whose primary goal is bulking focus on two things, and those are increasing their weight and boosting their muscle mass.

MK-677 can accelerate your path to the desired muscle mass and secure weight gain while securing that gain isn’t fat. The main reason how ibutamoren can help is the primary benefit of this compound – increasing the levels of growth hormone in your organism.

Ibutamoren will also contribute to increasing the levels of IGF-1, which is the insulin-like growth factor. It is another hormone and a crucial one when it comes to muscle cell formation. The studies indicate that MK-677 can positively affect the production of this hormone in the human body. [7] The results indicate that the increase might be up to 89%, which is impressive.

IGF-1 is incredibly important in building muscle cells because it is the only hormone that can do that. That means it plays an integral role in your bulking process. Whether you are looking to add muscles for your next competition, or you are just preparing for the summer, MK-677 can accelerate the entire process.

When you are in the bulking process and using ibutamoren, you should expect to notice an improvement in the number of pounds quickly. After the initial gain of several pounds, the process will slow down a bit. However, you should still notice steady progress during the rest of the cycle.

The important thing to mention is that you won’t be seeing a body fat increase, at least not a significant one. MK-677 brings a pure muscle building benefit and weight gain. Please note that the exact results will also depend on your diet, other supplements, and the nutrition plan. Although ibutamoren can be a staple part of your bulking goals, it is important to come up with a schedule that integrates all other components, too.

As for the MK-677 in particular, the exact dosage will depend on your weight. However, the bigger, heavier, and stronger you are, the higher the dosage might need to be to experience visible effects. The experts recommend sticking between 10-50 milligrams per day. You can start with 10-20 milligrams at first, at least until you confirm how your body reacts to the process. If you believe that an increased dosage would bring more benefits, and your organism can handle it without any side effects, go for it. A high dosage of ibutamoren might accelerate the weight gain further, but make sure to stick within the recommended ranges.

MK-677 and Acne

You might be a young adult whose skin is sensitive, and you are prone to acne. Perhaps sweating during training sessions irritates your skin, and acne becomes a problem. After all, did you know that skin and brain age together? [8] It sounds logical – you notice a decrease in cognitive performance as you get older, and the same happens with aging signs when you check yourself out in the mirror.

But let’s return to skin sensitivity and acne first. If you have an acne problem, you might consider using MK-677 to help you. The cause of acne is skin inflammation, which means that you need a formula with anti-inflammatory properties. If you read carefully, you will know that ibutamoren has anti-inflammatory characteristics. [2] We mentioned that it is part of the reason why it can accelerate wound healing and speed up the recovery process after intense training.

The same anti-inflammatory characteristics can help in treating acne. Those properties might assist in preventing the acne problem from appearing in the first place, which is important if your skin is sensitive. And if you already have problems with acne, ibutamoren can help you.

You might think that this topic exceeds bodybuilders’ interests, but the truth is that professional athletes are not immune to acne. On the contrary, many factors make them particularly exposed to potential skin imperfections.

Apart from all other benefits important for your fitness goals, the right dose of MK-677 can also assist in combating acne. Although it depends on an individual, the recommendation is to go with up to 20 milligrams as a daily dosage of the compound. If you are dealing with hormonal cystic acne, you should see an improvement in as little as a day. Although there is no research available on the topic, the reports of the users indicate that up to 80% of your acne might reduce completely in only a week or so.

What Are Other Potential Benefits of MK-677 for Bodybuilders?

The most important benefits of MK-677 for bodybuilding include quick muscle gain and fat loss. That already makes the compound perfect for athletes, but what if we tell you that’s not all? Ibutamoren comes with other potential benefits that every user could experience, as long as they adjust the right dose of the compound.

Here is an overview of other benefits of MK-677:

  • Improves bone density – ibutamoren can help to boost bone turnover, which subsequently leads to enhancing bone density. [9] That can be particularly important for older adults because it might help to manage osteoporosis better and decrease the consequences of potential falls. The strength of the bones is also important in the gym because the risk of breaking or hurting your bones in an accident is decreased.
  • Promotes sleep – how many times have you had trouble falling asleep recently? Perhaps you woke up constantly because you were nervous about a competition? Maybe other private issues have been bothering you? Either way, MK-677 can help you to get the rest you deserve. A study confirmed the connection between sleep quality and ibutamoren. [10] The compound is particularly beneficial for the REM phase of sleep, which is particularly important for our CNS, as well as cognitive functions like memory and learning.
  • Nootropic effects – these are effects related to your cognitive performance. Once again, the crucial reason why MK-677 might have nootropic properties is that the compound stimulates IGF-1 production. [11] It seems to be particularly important for memory and learning, but it can also improve your focus. That can be important if you are in a competition because it will enable you to keep your eyes on the prize and put in maximum performance.

You might have already concluded yourself, but let’s mention it one more time. If you have any problems with a growth hormone deficiency, which might happen due to age or other factors, MK-677 can help. By boosting the production of this hormone, you can normalize its levels in a short timeframe.

Can You Combine Other Supplements with MK-677?

In theory, yes, it is possible to combine other supplements with MK-677. However, you should know that ibutamoren is quite powerful, which might make it the only compound that you will need during your cutting or bulking process.

For those looking to experience even more benefits, many manufacturers choose to combine other ingredients in the same formula with MK-677. That is what AgeForce did in their revolutionary MK-677 peptide formula.

Apart from ibutamoren, the formula also contains berberine. Berberine is an intriguing compound, especially since it is found in nature. You can find the component in multiple plants, including tree turmeric, Oregon grape, goldenseal, etc. [12] The important thing to mention is that traditional Chinese medicine has been using berberine for centuries.

Berberine works in a similar way as drugs because it interacts with “molecular targets” to adjust their function. Thanks to that, this compound is related to assisting in dealing with various metabolic and cardiovascular diseases. [13] Berberine might help to get your blood sugar levels under control and manage diabetes symptoms, and it also helps to optimize weight for those dealing with extra pounds. Other potential benefits include cardiovascular conditions like arrhythmia, stroke, and atherosclerosis.

The combination of MK-677 and berberine also secure other potential benefits for the consumer. The increase in HGH levels can help to build your muscles, and accelerate their recovery after exercise. At the same time, collagen restoration might benefit to joint repair and restoration. That means the formula will help to restore cartilage, ligaments, and tendon and help them to recover after intense exercise. It will make your joints more ready for the next training session.

Additionally, the boost of collagen production is important for your skin. If you are looking to keep or retrieve that radiance or youthful look that you used to have, collagen plays a role in hydrating your skin and making it more elastic.

Is PCT Required After Taking MK-677?

PCT stands short for post-cycle therapy. Bodybuilders are familiar with that term because anabolic steroids come with a required PCT. During the therapy, you take supplements as instructed to maintain your fitness results, and continue moving toward your goals. A post-cycle therapy helps the body to return to optimal balance without affecting your results.

The most common reason why you would require PCT is consuming a product that suppresses (or significantly increases) testosterone levels. The good news is that MK-677 won’t affect your levels of testosterone in any way. Furthermore, ibutamoren is a great option because it doesn’t affect the levels of any other hormone in your body.

That means that you won’t need a post-cycle therapy after using MK-677. It is one of the safest compounds out there, and many bodybuilders use it as a part of their PCT program. Since it shouldn’t have adverse side effects, and it can help to continue with muscle gain or fat loss, ibutamoren is an excellent choice if you are picking products for PCT.

Is It Safe for Women to Use MK-677?

Female bodybuilders can also use MK-677 safely. They shouldn’t worry about any masculinizing issues because ibutamoren doesn’t have any androgenic effects. The compound is not hormonal, and it only boosts levels of the growth hormone. That makes it suitable for females who are looking for quick results from their bodybuilding plans but don’t want any masculinizing effects.

Does MK-677 Cause Gynecomastia?

Men are often worried about the problem with enlarged breasts, which is also called gyno or gynecomastia. A hormonal imbalance causes gyno, but you don’t have anything to worry about when it comes to MK-677. It isn’t a hormonal product, which means it won’t affect the levels of any other hormone apart from the GH. Thanks to that, ibutamoren cannot lead to gynecomastia in men.

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What Is the Best Way to Take MK-677?

You have several options to take ibutamoren, and those include injections, oral administration, and transdermal patches. Now, injections are not for everyone. Apart from the fact that you need to poke yourself, it is a hassle that you can’t do it anywhere because you need a bit of privacy. As for oral administration, capsules might be hard to swallow, and the bioavailability of the compound might be limited. That is particularly true for berberine, which has a low oral bioavailability. [13]

The third alternative is to get a transdermal patch that you apply directly to your skin. That might be the best and the easiest way of taking MK-677.

Here is how this patch works – once you apply it to your skin, it starts breaching the epidermis’ protective layer. There is nothing to worry about because this process is pain-free, and you won’t feel a thing. The components of the formula get into your bloodstream in a matter of minutes. A single transdermal patch can have a high dose of MK-677, but its main benefit lies in the fact that it comes with a timed release.

That means not the entire dose will be released into your bloodstream at once. The patch will ensure to release the components gradually, which will improve the bioavailability of the ingredients. It is easy to conclude that means that the transdermal patch will ensure to use the most ibutamoren per dose, and maximize its potential benefits.

The best way to take MK-677 is in cycles. It is important that you don’t use it without taking an occasional break. The exact duration of the cycle and the time between cycles might vary. If you are not a professional, and cutting is your main fitness goal, you can stick to a low dosage and use the compound anywhere from eight to 12 weeks.

However, if you are a bodybuilder, or a professional athlete preparing for a competition, you want the most benefit for the event. That is why you can increase the dose, but reduce the cycle duration to eight weeks.




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