HGH for Weight Loss Works

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a naturally occurring hormone secreted by the pituitary gland. It is responsible for the growth in children and adolescents; it helps to regulate body composition, body fluids, muscle and bone growth, and sugar and fat metabolism. It plays a role in cell regeneration and cell reproduction. It also helps to maintain, build, and repair healthy tissue in the brain and other organs.

HGH production surges during childhood and adolescence and tapers off starting in our thirties. So, unfortunately, as we age, our available supply of HGH decreases. Growth Hormone secretions peak during adolescence, and by age fifty may have declined by 75% of that of a twenty-year-old. Later in life, the body still produces HGH; however, the aging pituitary does not release the hormone as effectively. This reduction of available HGH leads to a host of adverse effects or aging.

In this article, we will discuss how HGH works and will focus on the role of HGH in body composition and fat metabolism. We’ll follow a hypothetical Colleen as she struggles to lose weight and see how HGH supplementation, in the form of an HGH for weight loss transdermal patch, might aid her. We’ll visit other forms of HGH supplementation and explain why we prefer the improved absorption and bioavailability of the patch technology.

But how does HGH work?

How HGH Is Related to Weight Loss

Colleen is a 40-year-old woman with three children. She is active as much as possible, enjoys playing tennis and going for walks. She is conscientious about eating well and staying hydrated. Despite this, Colleen struggles to lose weight. Her BMI (Body Mass Index) will not budge, leaving her in the overweight category.

Colleen is perplexed about her continuing weight gain. Since she is active and eats well, she assumes she should be losing weight. She finally decides to schedule an appointment with her doctor.

Colleen’s doctor suspects that her inability to lose weight is hormonal. She runs preliminary tests and confirms that Colleen’s HGH levels are low.

People who fall into the obese category have a limited ability to respond to hormonal release on a physiological level. HGH is responsible for stimulating the lipolysis process, the process of breaking down fats. So, in some ways, this becomes an endless cycle. Obese individuals have a limited ability to respond to HGH, so HGH cannot effectively break down fat. The result? The excess weight remains.

Lower levels of HGH has also been linked to higher levels of insulin resistance. This is yet another factor that can lead to weight gain and obesity.

Fortunately, some studies have shown that supplementing HGH, in conjunction with a special diet, can be effective at stimulating weight loss.

How Are HGH Supplements Administered?

There are two methods of HGH therapy:

• First, hormone replacement therapy or (HRT). In HRT, the growth hormone is administered by injection, and only with a doctor’s prescription. It can be expensive, and synthetic GH has other health concerns. And, even when taken by prescription, there can be dramatic side effects.

• The second method is supplementation. There are various types of HGH supplements on the market, including pills, injections, creams, and our preferred method of HGH supplements for women, the transdermal patch. These products are sometimes referred to as secretagogues, as they stimulate the pituitary to secrete an increased amount of HGH into the bloodstream.

To date, HGH secretagogues do not have any known adverse side effects and have proven effective at raising HGH levels. Both HGH injections and supplements have proven to be effective in raising levels of HGH in the bloodstream. Different forms of HGH supplementation fit certain people better than others. Some individuals will not want the hassle of daily injections or do not like needles. Others may not want to add another pill or powder to their daily routine. These preferences are primarily left up to individual choice.

Colleen’s Solution

Since starting her HGH supplement regimen, Colleen feels better throughout the day. She has noticed that her weight has begun to decrease, and her exercise routine is less challenging. As she continues her regimen, her weigh approaches her personal goals. Colleen feels more confident and positive about life in general. When her friends ask how she managed to lose weight, she gladly tells them about her experience with HGH supplements.

Testosterone for Women’s Weight Loss

What you may not know is that testosterone, the so-called male sex hormone, has been linked to weight loss for women. Testosterone is present in women as well as men, although at much higher levels in males. As women age, their female hormone levels fluctuate, with estrogen becoming more dominant than progesterone, leading to weight gain. Couple this change with declining testosterone levels, and you have the compound effect of weight gain and the loss of lean muscle. (It is well documented that declining testosterone levels results in lost muscle mass).

To summarize, a natural weight gain due to hormonal changes and reduced muscle tissue means fewer calories burned and a slower metabolism. In this article, we’ve detailed the importance of HGH supplementation for women. It appears addressing declining testosterone in women needs to be considered as well.

AgeForce HGH PowerPatch

We promised to explain our preference for patch technology when it comes to supplementation for weight loss. Let us introduce the AgeForce HGH PowerPatch, which delivers 25 mg of HGH produced using recombinant DNA technology. AgeForce uses HGH sourced from FDA approved laboratories in the United States. This guarantees our product’s consistent quality. The PowerPatch eliminates the need for injections, powders, and pills. It is worn on the skin throughout the day to deliver the proper dosage effortlessly. AgeForce’s HGH PowerPatch is the most convenient way to raise your HGH levels, and you can use HGH for weight loss to achieve the results you want.

For those wishing to address lower testosterone levels, we also have AgeForce Testo100 Testosterone Booster transdermal patch. Testo 100 is the most effective testosterone supplement on the market to help raise your levels and alleviate the symptoms of low testosterone.



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